2022: All You Need to Know About the Year of the Water Tiger

The 2022 New Year’s day for the Chinese is celebrated on the first of February, 2022.

According to the Chinese horoscope, the year is governed by the zodiac animal tiger.

The year of the water tiger is considered a very energetic and hectic period when the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac will be working to accomplish varied and multiple objectives.

The Year of the Water Tiger: The Year of Will and Movement

The year of the water tiger symbolises novelty, spontaneity, and determination.

It is a period that will draw growth and strength from enthusiasm and dynamism despite adversities that will be encountered.

For the 12 Chinese zodiac signs, 2022 is the time to give their best to improve their current living conditions.

This year is also considered the best time to forget the past, heal the wounds, and find their legitimate place in society.

For others, it will be a time to postpone secondary projects to focus on the important ones.

The period governed by the water tiger is expected to be petulant and expansive.

That said, it is expected that love will be a little less intense and relationships will be less playful and more distant.

However, relationships will gain objectivity, transparency, and depth.

The year of the water tiger will also highlight willpower and action and a better capability to step back and not give in to the emotions of the moment.

Balance, moderation, and calmness are some of the primary qualities that should be developed and cultivated this year.

Lucky Colors for the Year 2022

The year of the water tiger has four lucky colors: blue, green, red, and yellow.

It is recommended that each of the lucky colors are used based on the area where you want your success to be optimised.

Blue is ideal for communication, job interviews, and negotiations.

Green is ideal if you want to find a new job, a new place to live in, or want to start anew.

Red is for romantic meetings and when anticipating the birth of a baby girl or boy.

Lastly, yellow is for the transmission of wealth or the acquisition of real estate.

For those who are deficient or weak in the water element, gold and white can be used to ward off bad luck.

Health and Lifestyle

The 2022 health horoscope advises that the 12 astrological signs avoid urinary tract infections and the health of their kidneys.

In line with this, it would be best to drink fresh water over other options.

If you want to move to a tropical area, adhere to the local health regulations first and give yourself time to adjust before adopting the eating habits of the locals.

Fortune, Money, and Career

The year of the water tiger is considered the best time to revive a neglected project or breathe new life into a vacillating structure.

Considered the year of controlled temerity, the year of the water tiger is where original and new ideas are more likely to materialise successfully. 

When it comes to money and finances, it is recommended that you become parsimonious and careful.

Those who don’t know how to practice discernment and prudence in money matters can see their situation reversed in an instant.

However, it is also the year when the poorest can make a massive fortune on a stroke of good luck. 

Over to You

Are you excited about the year of the water tiger? What are you looking forward to? While there are really no absolutes, we hope the article above can serve as your guide so you can navigate this brand new year better.

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