Renew Your Spirit, Life, and Happiness with These 7 Ancient Rituals

Many people love a fresh start—a clean slate.

They want an opportunity to right old wrongs, cleanse past mistakes, and move forward in life without their unhealthy habits or bad memories. 

It’s safe to assume most people want to bring in positive change in their lives, a lifestyle change, and a fresh perspective.

They want to get rid of old beliefs, giving birth to something new.

This is the reason why many are drawn to specific dates like the new week, their birthday, the first day of the month or the New Year.

Most people use that time—that stroke of midnight time—to hit the reset button in their lives.

This might not be common knowledge but your spirit needs a clean slate too so you are able to manifest what you want better and faster.

If you are looking to renewing your life, boosting your happiness, and creating a sense of purpose and fresh perspective, below are some of the rituals that can help:

1. Create a Lararium

A lararium is a household family shrine situated near the entrance of your home. 

It is created to bless the comings and goings of family members and also serves as a visual reminder that the home is where the heart is.

You can create a modern or classical lararium, depending on what you want.

You also have the option to create a lararium that blends with the rest of your home or stands out from it.

Your lararium should include sentimental items and family mementos, whether it’s a vacation souvenir or your child’s art.

Many people like to include fresh flowers, greenery, and even a small herb garden on their larariums.

The idea is to have a lararium that reflects your personality and style.

More importantly, you need to have one that reflects the things that are most valuable to you.

In addition, your lararium should also remind you of safety, joy, comfort, and well-being.

2.  Wear Symbolic Jewelry

If you have studied the Law of Attraction, it is likely that you have read or heard about connecting with a certain item or finding a spirit object that represents the goals and things you want to manifest.

You can do the same thing with jewelry.

For instance, if you intend to renew your connection with joy and love, you can get a ring with a rose quartz stone.

Or if you want to bring in more strength, positivity, and love or abundance into your life, you can use a necklace that represents those things.

The idea is to find the right jewelry that can help you connect with your life’s purpose and increase your self-knowledge.

3.  Conduct a Fire Ceremony

Fire ceremonies symbolize letting go of old things that no longer serve you and making way and giving birth to something new.

For instance, you can burn a piece of paper where you have listed down the beliefs that no longer serve you or any negative and toxic fixations you want to let go (i.e., former relationships, etc.). 

When you place those items in the fire, you honor and acknowledge that they have taught you a lesson and you want to move on with the wisdom and knowledge they have provided.

4.  Stargazing

Stargazing is a straightforward yet very powerful ritual that gives you an insight into the incredible scope and majesty of the universe.

Stargazing is also a great way to embrace the wonders of the natural world.

This activity is also an effective way to rejuvenate your spirit as well as your reverence for life. 

Find time to sit outside on a dark night and bring wine, tea, or hot chocolate with you, whichever you prefer.

Allow yourself to focus and dwell on your reverence and respect for life.

Stargazing is also a wonderful ritual you can share with a loved one or a close friend.

5.  Compassion

Determine one lifestyle change that can help you renew your spirit and life and encourage you to take a fresh perspective. 

Specifically, think about how you can be more compassionate towards others—both humans and animals alike.

Also, think if there is a more humane choice when it comes to food and go for that.

There are various ways you can show your compassion.

Volunteering your time to a good cause, giving more to charity, and fostering a needy animal are just some of the ways you can be actively compassionate.

Showing compassion can also give you a new sense of purpose and can help create an inner vibration of positivity that allows you to manifest what you want and attract more good into your life.

6.  Honor Your Relatives

A person’s family history was held sacred in ancient times and rightly so as their ancestors are believed to helped shape their identity as they grow up.

In modern times, it has become less common to pay attention and honor one’s heritage.

However, you have a lot to gain from honoring your long lineage and appreciating the roles your great-grandparents and grandparents played in your current life today.

Thinking about how your relatives have directly and indirectly influenced the person you have become can have a rejuvenating impact on your spirit.

Honoring and appreciating your relatives and what they have done for you can also give you this great sense of connection with the world around you.

7.  Light Reflection

At its core, light meditation is a ritual that allows you to focus your energy on a candle.

First, pick a candle with a color or scent that relates to the goals you want to manifest.

Alternatively, the candle can also be used to represent your personality in some way.

Sit in a dark room with the candle in front of you.

Focus on the light of the candle and pay attention to the small cracking sounds that occur every now and then.

This unique technique has been known to enhance your mental clarity and can make you feel grateful and calm.


Have you tried any of the rituals stated above? What has been your experience so far? If you want to renew your life, spirit, and happiness, the rituals we have listed above would be a good place to start. However, it is reassuring to know that there is no shortage of other powerful rituals you can look into. As you do more Law of Attraction and spiritual work, you can rest assured that you will encounter other techniques and rituals along the way.