Manifest with Ease: 7 Law of Attraction Tips from Abraham Hicks

Ideally, manifesting should come easy. However, manifesting can become difficult if you offer resistance. If you are still trying to find your way around the manifestation process, you can make it quick and easy by keeping in mind the 7 law of attraction tips taught by Abraham Hicks.

For starters:

1. Negative thoughts can be good

One thing Abraham teaches is the idea of “contrast.” Here’s how you can make contrast work for you: when you see something you don’t want, it’s also easy for you to figure out what you do want. Contrast can also help you determine what you should focus on. 

According to Abraham, when you encounter something you don’t like, you can launch rockets of desire towards what you want and place whatever it is that you desire in the “vortex.”

Note: The concept of the vortex is from Abraham. If you have been following Esther Hicks, it’s safe to assume this is something you are familiar with. Otherwise, leave a comment if you would like a quick explanation.

The takeaway: Each time you encounter a negative thought, focus on the opposite—what you do want. Once you see the contrast, it’s easier for you to keep your attention on the positives.

2. Attract instead of asserting

Some people try way too hard to make things happen that it becomes counterproductive. They end up offering resistance. This is especially true among Type-A personalities. Rather than relaxing and releasing their desires to the universe, they go all out to bring their desires to life.

For Abraham, you are manipulating and asserting. However, you cannot manipulate or assert a manifestation into happening. Instead, what you need to do is sit back and attract whatever it is that you want. You don’t have to script heavily to manifest whatever it is that you want.

Abraham teaches that what you do want is already in the vortex. Your job is simple: you just have to allow it. You can attract and allow the manifestations to happen by feeling good. When you feel good, you align with the frequency needed to bring things to life.

The takeaway: Keep in mind that you cannot manipulate manifestations. What you should do instead is to attract what you want by getting into energetic alignment with it.

3. Abraham hicks calibration

Abraham noted that humans often have the tendency to calibrate unstable things. Unfortunately, most calibrate other people rather than calibrating to their inner being. Most people also allow other people to lower their vibrations as well, but do you know how to calibrate?

Let us look at an example of the Abraham hicks calibration process. For instance, you started your day right. You feel aligned and you are feeling good. Then you run into a friend or a loved one who’s out of alignment and having a bad day. Next thing you know, you have matched their frequency and become out of alignment as a result.

The takeaway: Always focus on calibrating to your inner being and ensure your vibration around others is strong. This is important so you don’t allow them to drain your energy, pull you out of alignment, and bring you down.

4. Be excited about the manifestation process coming together

When you only get excited about your manifestation as soon as it arrives, you miss out on life’s fun. Abraham encourages people to be thrilled as the manifestation process is coming together. Observe closely how the different “cooperative components” are coming together.

In other words, be thrilled about the journey and the process, not just the actual manifestation. It’s way more enjoyable to have fun with the whole process from setting the intention down to the actual manifestation. 

The takeaway: Find ways to enjoy the manifestation process and how your desires are coming together. Get happy and excited when you notice little pieces are coming together. 

5. Ensure you understand your vibration

For Abraham, there are two ways you can understand your vibration:

  1. How you feel
  2. How things are turning out for you

When you are aligned with your inner being, your vibration is high. Your inner being is pure, positive energy and it makes you feel “frisky.” If you feel otherwise, it means you are not aligned with what you want and your vibration is low. 

Unless you do something about it, you will be offering resistance to the universe. Offering resistance can either delay the manifestation of your desires or cause them to not to manifest at all.

The takeaway: If you are also not aligned with your inner being, things can go wrong. That’s another way for you to gauge that you are not in alignment with that which you desire. Work on understanding your vibration so you can allow the universe to do its work.

6. You have to learn how to calibrate

Abraham also teaches a calibrating method not many people are familiar with. Here’s how it is done:

This is something you should use if someone or something makes you feel bad. In other words, this is something you should look into when you are being thrown off your vibe.

  • Grab a notebook.
  • On the left side, write down whatever it is that is currently bothering you. Also include how it makes you feel.
  • On the right side,  write down things that can help you calibrate back and be in alignment with your desires and your inner being.

Here’s an example of how it’s done:

Let’s say you made someone upset by something you said. Now you feel like a bad person.

  • On the left side, you can write down: “My friend is upset because of what I said.”
  • To include how the whole thing makes you feel, you can write “I feel like a bad person and friend,” “I feel bad about the whole thing,” etc.
  • On the right side, you can write down how you truly feel about yourself. You can also use “or” questions when needed. For instance, “Am I a bad or a good friend?” Write down “I’m a good friend!” Am I a bad person or a good person? “Good person!” Keep calibrating and don’t stop until you feel like you start to feel good and calibrating back to the inner being which is pure and positive energy.

The takeaway: Each time you are being taken out of alignment and you feel low, use the calibration technique above to bring you back into alignment.

7. Meditate and follow your bliss

For Abraham, meditation is a great way to connect to your inner being and source energy. No wonder, meditation is something Abraham has recommended countless times! So if you already have a meditation practice, keep going. You are doing something that can help you bring your manifestations to life.

Abraham also stressed the importance of doing things you are passionate about and making you feel good. In other words, Abraham emphasized the significance of following your bliss. Following your bliss can also help warrant you feel good consistently so you can attract only good and amazing things.

Key takeaway: Don’t shy away from anything that can help you stay in alignment and manifest things faster.