8 Self-Care Practices You Should Incorporate in Your Daily Life

One of the core values for those who want to practice the Law of Attraction is positivity. However, it can be easy to forget that positivity is more than just being good to others. Positivity also requires taking good care of yourself and nurturing a positive self-image.

It also involves acknowledging that you are deserving of great things. One of the best ways to be good to yourself and to instil in your subconscious mind that you deserve all the best things in life is to practice self-care diligently. 

If you would like to incorporate self-care into your life, below are eight self-care practices you should consider:

1: Be Thankful for Your Body

It can be easy to focus on the aspects of your appearance that you would like to change or you are not happy with.

However, focusing on the things you don’t like won’t do you any good.

So rather than focusing on the things you don’t like about yourself and your body, focus on the things that you do like.

Start by writing down the attributes that you constantly get compliments for.

For instance, you might get compliments for your blue eyes or your long legs. 

Or maybe you often get complimented for your kindness or sense of humor.

2: Know That It Is Okay to Say No

The Law of Attraction is an effective tool that requires a level of willingness to tackle new opportunities and be more open-minded.

While it is recommended that you take on as much as you can, it should not be done at the expense of your well-being.

If you are taking on so many commitments that you are left very exhausted, take that as your cue to start prioritizing. 

Whether it’s declining an invitation or taking a rain check, don’t hesitate to say no if that is what your body needs.

3: Take a Break

If you are passionate about your job or business, the idea of taking a vacation can seem counterproductive.

However, if you don’t take a break from what you are doing, you are not only neglecting self-care, you are also undermining your performance at work or in your business.

Set aside time for a trip out of town or to another place even if it’s just for a day or two and avoid thinking and doing anything related to your work or business while you are away.

Your body and mind will thank you.

4: Make Time for Your Passions

Leading a hectic life can also lead you to believe that you can just let your passions slide.

However, if you want to be happy and vibrant, you need to make way for the things you are passionate about. 

Setting aside at least an hour a week for your hobby you are passionate about can do wonders for your mind and life.

5: Keep a Journal

If you lead a busy life, self-reflection will often take a backseat. 

However, if you don’t spend time thinking about how you are feeling, you risk losing in touch with what it is that you truly want from life.

Set aside 10-15 minutes of your free time each day to keep a journal.

You don’t have to write really long entries.

A concise review of the important things that occurred during the day would suffice. 

Also, writing down your thoughts and feelings can also help you better understand what is going on in your life and how you can change the narrative.

6: Respond to Your Environment

One of the best ways to practice self-care is to shift and evolve with the season.

For instance, if you feel tense and cold in the winter months, the perfect antidote would be to read by a warm fire or take a long bubble bath.

During the warm summer months, you might want to focus on spending more time in nature or having a dip in the pool.

As a general rule of thumb, check the temperature and weather in your current location and figure out what you need to do to respond to the current conditions.

7: Attune Your Focus to the Present

If you know the Law of Attraction, it is likely that you are constantly making an effort to integrate some form of mindfulness into your life.

For instance, it is likely that you have used basic breathing exercises to get your mind in a good place for creative visualization.

However, you need more than just meditative activities to help you appreciate and tune into the present.

Spend time listening to your favorite music and keeping up with hobbies that can help you become fully in tune with your body like cycling or swimming.

8: Laugh

Never underestimate the peerless and beneficial benefits of laughter.

It helps boost your mood and encourages you to relax as it releases a flood of feel-good endorphins.

Consequently, another key part of taking care of yourself is seeking out things that amuse you and bring you joy. 

For instance, you can hang out with hilarious friends, watch great comedies, and talk about memories that make you chuckle.

Over to You

While integrating a self-care practise into your daily life can take some work, it is crucial if you want to truly live a life filled with fulfilment, abundance, and joy.

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