Acting As If Technique to Manifest a Wonderful Life

The acting as if technique, I bet you are wondering how would we start to use this Law of Attraction technique. The best way to start is to dream of who you want to be, and our best life always starts with a dream. 

From there, the dream becomes your goal.

However, you can use one powerful technique to reach your goal: acting as if.

By acting as if you have already reached your goal, you will be guided to take inspired action.

Unfortunately, many people don’t get this part right.

Many people miss that if they don’t follow their goals and take the required steps, their ideal life will remain a dream.

Acting As If: How To Get This Technique Right

One of the biggest secrets of manifesting your dream life is to act as if you have already reached your goal.

You need to become that person living your ideal life first—your successful future self.

You will become that person by acting as if YOU are this person.

If you know what you want and why you want it to begin with, imagining what your life would be like should come easy for you.

As soon as you start acting as if you are halfway to living that life you have always wanted.

Learning from the Future to Change Your Present

Imagine being able to ask yourself how you got where you are now.

One of the best Law of Attraction exercises you can do is to look 5, 10, or more years ahead and imagine the life you want to have.

Imagine being exactly where you want to be, living the life of your dreams, and having already achieved the goals that are just dreams today.

How do you feel? 

How do you behave?

How do you dress and present yourself?

Who are the people with you?

Now think about what your everyday life is like.

What do you do when you wake up in the morning?

How do you spend the rest of your day?

Getting to Know Your Success Persona

The process of acting as if starts with creating your success persona.

Creating your success persona will require a clear understanding of who you are once you live your dream life. 

The process of creating your success persona can be an eye-opening experience.

You will get to know yourself better during the process.

Your success persona can act like your mentor or coach.

Ask Yourself What You Can Do Better

Not many people know this: everyone carries within them this hidden talent—the ability to coach themselves accordingly. 

Your success persona can play a massive role here.

Your future success persona can act as your mentor and tell you exactly where you want to go.

Your success persona can also guide you to improve and change your current life accordingly.

Expect Some Resistance

Living life from the perspective of your future successful self is not always easy.

At one point or another, expect to meet some form of resistance.

Come to think of it, changing is never easy. 

However, changing means moving forward to get closer to the life you have always wanted.

To make things easy for you, take baby steps and gradually expand past your comfort zone until you are completely that new person—your success persona.

Over to You

Acting as if is one of the best manifestation techniques, and with good reason. By acting as if you can convince your subconscious and yourself that you are already the best version of yourself. It also sends a powerful and clear signal to the universe that you want to be that person so it can conspire and make magic happen for you.

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