Activate the Law of Attraction with This Powerful Meditation Guide

Wouldn’t it be great if you could become financially abundant or attract that soulmate you want to spend the rest of your life with? 

What if there is a way for you to deliberately create anything you want and live a life full of purpose filled with fun, joy, and happiness? 

Learning to manifest what your heart desires is something you can master through the Law of Attraction with this powerful meditation guide.

However, activating the Law of Attraction will require more than having an active imagination, inherent desire, or creating a vision board. 

Reciting positive affirmations won’t suffice, either.

In other words, if you are broke, you will not manifest your rent by sitting at home and repeatedly reciting positive affirmations.

If anything, what occurs in the depths of your subconscious mind activates the Law of Attraction.

How the Law of Attraction Works

Various components work together to activate the Law of Attraction

A basic understanding of how things work can go a long way toward helping you manifest the desires of your heart.

It is time to look inside if you constantly attract situations, scenarios, and people you don’t want.

When these recurring patterns and themes appear, it is time to shift your attention and look within.

Recognizing Your Thoughts and Actions

Your thoughts and actions can create a result.

Everything you think, say, and do will have an effect.

When things aren’t going well, you must pay attention to the Law of Attraction.

You need to know that anything you attract reflects what is happening inside you. 

In essence, what is going on outside is a barometer for how things are on the inside. 

This is the right time to focus on what you attract and create a pattern interrupt.

Guided Meditation to Help You Manifest Easily

If there is something you need to let go of, you need first to start releasing the negative emotions and thoughts or release the limiting belief that attracts the situation, person, or scenario.

Start a pattern interrupt and make the Law of Attraction work for you by doing this guided meditation.

  1. Find a comfortable place you can meditate. Once you have settled in, close your eyes and take a few slow and deep inhalations and exhalations.
  2. Think of any recurring patterns and bring them to your awareness.
  3. Notice any negative thoughts or limiting beliefs you hold that are perpetuating the recurring themes.
  4. Ask your higher self to help you see how you attract your current circumstances.
  5. Think of one major pattern. Remember all the times in your life the theme has been present.
  6. What were the predominant beliefs and thoughts that were running through your mind?
  7. From there, clear out old wounds and beliefs from the past. Let go of whatever it is that is no longer serving you.
  8. Imagine bringing down the spirit, source, God, or the universe (or whatever else you may call it) and asking that it fills you up and heals you.
  9. Once you are filled with this healing energy, invite forward a visual representation of the belief, pattern, or belief you want to eliminate. Imagine transferring the healing energy from your heart to the representation and imagining that it is also healed.
  10. Say what needs to be said to bring the energy to completion. Ask guidance from your higher self and imagine cutting the energy cord that connects you and the person or situation lovingly. 
  11. Bring your awareness to whatever it is that you would like to manifest or bring into your life. 
  12. Visualize what you want to manifest in the most colorful, exciting, bright, and joy-filled way and imagine it as if it has already happened. Notice how happy you are, vividly imagine who the people there are with you. Feel the positive emotions running through you and say thank you for the gift of your manifestation.
  13. Once you feel the image is as powerful and real as possible, take a deep breath. As you exhale, imagine energizing the visual representation of what you want to manifest. Breathe life into it and give it power.
  14. Sit for a few more moments and observe the internal shift within you. Allow the integration to occur. Once ready, open your eyes slowly and return to the room.

Over to You

Use this powerful meditation every day. Keep in mind that Rome was not built overnight. Practicing this meditation daily can help anchor you to the magical aspects of who you are and help you manifest your desires and eventually your dream life more effortlessly.

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