Amazing and Powerful Crystals for Self-Love and Self-Acceptance

If you want to boost your spirituality practice, introducing crystals into your life might just do the trick.

Crystals for self-love are chosen for their powerful properties and have been known to help you develop trust and love in yourself.

The crystals have also been known to help balance your energy and emotional state, open your heart chakra, and assist in your healing journey.

Self-love is often associated with healing so to develop self-love, you need to first practice self-care, compassion, and forgiveness and self-love crystals can surely help.

Best Crystals for Self-Love

Rose Quartz

For many, rose quartz is one of the best stones for self-love as it is associated with unconditional love.

Its light pink color, along with the patterns make this stone truly stand out.

This stunning pink stone is also associated with love and the heart chakra.

That said, many believe that rose quartz is not only great for those who want to love themselves but also for those who want to call in love.


Also considered the stone of the compassionate heart, rhodochrosite is also the go-to for those who are practicing self-love as it has been known to assist in healing.

The healing focuses on having compassion and forgiving your inner child.

From there, you can allow yourself to feel a deep sense of worth, which is deemed related to self-love.

Rhodochrosite is also often associated with the solar plexus, heart chakras, and all the other chakras that are related to self-worth.


This stone is associated with self-love and the balancing of the body’s yin and yang energies.

Expect to feel a boost of self-confidence as you work through problems or decisions and you can do so without judgment.

Rhodonite is also associated with the heart and root chakras so you stay grounded and in love.


Citrine can be a great beginner crystal and is known to bring in happiness. 

What makes this a great stone for self-love is it connects you with your highest self and it does so through the crown chakra.

Apart from connecting you to your highest and truest self, citrine can help you release the low vibe and negative feelings you have been keeping inside.

Red Jasper

This bold and bright stone is associated with the base or root chakra and can be very helpful in keeping you grounded.

Also known as a crystal that nurtures, it has also been used as a protection stone for many years.

Feeling safe and staying grounded is crucial if you want to develop unconditional love for yourself.


This stone is a favorite of many because of its beautiful purple color.

Amethyst is associated with the crown chakra and the third eye.

Both chakras are known to help in spiritual enlightenment and exploration and can help you connect with your highest self.

Amethyst is also ideal for those who want to develop self-worth through spiritual self-love.

Once negative emotions and energies like worthlessness and shame fall away, you can grow spiritually and develop more self-love.


This gentle and soft stone holds the power of the feminine energy of the moon. 

Moonstone is also associated with the crown chakra and is known as the stone for those who are looking to create new beginnings.

Working with the crystal can also help you to be more compassionate.

In the process, you become more kind and more gentle with yourself.


Also connected with the heart chakra, this stone is ideal for those who want to develop feelings of wholeness or oneness. 

Using this stone is also believed to give you courage as you work through your emotions.


If you want to work on your self-esteem, carnelian would be a good option for you.

After all, working on your self-worth and self-esteem can help you develop love for yourself.

Carnelian is also a stunning red crystal that is connected to the sacral chakra.

Sacral chakra is a place where people hold onto past trauma and pain.

Carnelian has a fiery energy that can help boost your courage.

Over to You

If you want to help boost that love for yourself, there is no shame in adopting what others may consider “woo” spiritual practices. Many can attest to the magic and power crystals bring. It just might be what you also need to bring more joy, bliss, and forgiveness into your life.

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