What are Angel Symbols and Their Meanings?

If you believe in angels, it is likely that you have also heard or read many stories about them helping people and watching over them. 

Perhaps, like many others, you have felt the presence of these otherworldly entities in your own life. 

It is also possible that you have seen signs angels are communicating with you or maybe signs of an angel watching over you.

It is also likely that you have encountered or seen angelic symbols, angelic markings, or angel signs and symbols but are unsure how to interpret them or identify them.

If you don’t have any clue what angel symbols and their meanings are, this article is for you. 

This might not be common knowledge but it is common for angels to send signs that help people especially during trying times.

However, only very few are familiar with signs from angels or angel signs and symptoms and they end up missing the help and guidance sent their way.

If you are not familiar with angel symbols and their meanings, you will find it extremely hard to figure out what the angels are trying to tell you.

In this article, we will dive deep into angel signs and symbols and their meanings.

We will also cover what you can expect once you encounter angel messages and symbols and why angels choose to communicate at a certain time period.

In this article, we will also outline the most prevalent angel signs and symbols and provide clear examples so you can clearly and easily identify them once they are sent your way.

What are Angel Signs and Symbols?

At its core, an angel sign is a form of guidance that people receive from divine guardians.

There are various views when it comes to the nature of angels.

However, most of the accounts agree that angels are beings of pure love and light.

Angels also provide signs, symbols, and messages to us humans to guide us and help us find our true path in life.

Contrary to popular belief, angels won’t cause things to happen or influence your life directly or indirectly.

However, they provide the much needed help and guidance when you struggle to make a difficult decision or when you overcome a massive obstacle.

What makes angels even more amazing is they are believed to know what your heart’s true desires are as well as your most private thoughts.

As such, they can provide the type of guidance and help that even those closest to you will not be able to provide.

The good thing is asking for their help is not as difficult as many perceive it to be.

If you want to ask angels for assistance, you can start by simply focusing on a question and asking it out loud repeatedly or writing the question down.

The response or guidance can come in the forms of signs and symbols that will give you clues and ideas on how you can proceed. 

In some instances, angels who watch over you can make their presence known even if you don’t ask for guidance openly.

Keep in mind that angels can sense if you need support or if you are in the process of reaching an important moment in your life’s story.

Reasons You are Seeing Angel Signs

Although there are instances where angels provide the help and guidance you need even if you don’t ask, it is reassuring to know that you can also encourage angels to be there when you need them.

There are also certain circumstances that will elicit a response from angels.

Knowing this and keeping this in mind can help you become more aware of any angel signs and symbols that might appear.

Signs from angels and other spirit guides can typically manifest in your life when:

  • You are undergoing a spiritual awakening and in the process of developing a better understanding of yourself and the universe. When you are in a heightened vibration, angels and other spiritual beings will be drawn to you.
  • You are feeling isolated and alone and need to be reminded that you have an important role to play in the grand scheme of life.
  • You are pursuing something that you are destined to do. The universe wants to reinforce your self-belief. This is critical so you can move in the right direction.
  • You feel very vulnerable and you want to feel that you have access to the support you need.
  • You have spent time moving away from your true purpose and you are starting to align with your real purpose once again. In extreme cases and when you need it the most, angels will also provide the signs to let you know that you are moving in the right direction.
  • You have experienced trauma and have reached a point where you are ready to start the healing process.
  • An angel would like to give unconditional love to you and would like to help you reconnect with your love for the universe. This can also occur during times when you least expect it or when love is considered an integral theme in your personal development.

The primary message is you are more likely to see signs and symbols from angels when you are in the process of evolving and transforming into your most authentic self. 

They can also appear when you are experiencing hardships, setbacks, and difficulties and you need extra support and help.

Common Angel Signs and Symbols from the Universe

Angel signs and symbols can differ depending on individual circumstances and the angel or angels that you are attracting in your life. 

Some of these angel signs and symbols can be surprising and may not be what you expect or have in mind when you imagine being contacted by a spirit guide or angel. 

In line with this, it is important that you trust your intuition in times when an angel contact is expected or when an angel contact is needed.

Repeating Patterns and Angel Numbers

When it comes to angel signs and symbols, the most common are numerical patterns. 

When you keep seeing the same number patterns several times or if certain number patterns catch your attention, it could be a sign from your spirit guide or angel.

Angel numbers have specific meanings, including:

0 – Angels would like to provide you divine reassurance

1 – You need to stay focused on the positive things

2 – You are on the right path/course

4 – Angels are ready and would like to help you heal

5 – Change is good for you at this point in your life

6 – You are focusing too much on material concerns

7 – You are extra lucky so it would be a good time to take some calculated risks

8 – You are attracting prosperity and abundance

9 – You are at a point in your life where you should act on your dreams

11 – It is the best time to tune in to your intuition so you can make the right choice

13 – You are in a place of spiritual growth

22 – You need to be patient as success is coming

The more you see repeated numbers, the stronger the underlying message is. For instance, 777 indicates that you are extremely lucky. 

If you see the numbers 9999 repeatedly, it can be an indication that today is the right time to take that step or action that will lead you in the right direction.

Unexpected Success and Favors

It is also common for those who are recipients of angelic attention to receive instant and dramatic success. 

For instance, you might notice that people will provide more favors than usual.

Or perhaps you will be given an opportunity that you have waited years to get.

Alternatively, you might meet a new romantic partner at the same time when you get promoted at work.

In other words, when the stars seem to align for you, it is a clear indication that an angel or angels are supporting you to achieve your most important dreams and watching over you.

Daily Guidance From Your Angels

Another very common angel sign that your angel is communicating with you is the drastic influx of meaningful messages.

Case in point: you might be able to open a book at the right page and see the type of advice you are looking for and need at the time.

Or you might hear saying motivational or inspirational messages that can help you get going or notice helpful slogans or messages in commercials.

Angels can send these important messages to the fore to ensure that you can see, hear, and understand exactly what you need to move forward and head in the right direction.

You can also ask angels directly to send you messages when you struggle to make a decision or don’t know what to do at a certain point in your life.

Enhanced Intuition and Perception

One of the most powerful angel signs and symbols are sharpened intuitions and perceptual faculties.

When people feel angels around them, many report they also feel more alive—colors can appear brighter and the world can seem even more beautiful.

You can also feel like you can also easily pick up on the emotions of others. 

When you have enhanced perception and intuition, your gut instinct also becomes increasingly reliable gut feelings when it comes to the next step or move.

The presence of angels can also help strengthen some of the underlying skills you may have left suppressed.

They can also help you connect with your spiritual side in a practical and powerful way.

Animal Messengers

This might not be common knowledge but animals can also bring reminders and messages from angels and other beings.

Apart from dragonflies and butterflies, there is one specific animal that can appear repeatedly in your life.

For example, you can find a cat that visits your house daily or a bird that appears in your window daily.

At times, you might also notice or attract multiple iterations of the same animals.

For instance, you might find certain birds drawn towards you or maybe you will find butterflies or ladybugs on your clothing.

All of the experiences suggest that an angel might be watching over you and looking after your best interest.

You Have a Feeling That You are Not Alone

Unsurprisingly, one of the prevalent signs that you have an angel watching over you is that general feeling that you are not alone and that someone is watching over you.

Some people also notice that they are especially aware of the other presence at night that accompanies them as they sleep.

When you are dealing with stress, you also get the sense that someone is walking with you and constantly supporting you.

Angels are also especially likely to give you a sign when you feel misunderstood, isolated, or rejected.

Understandably, if you have a guardian angel in your life, you won’t ever feel like you are on your own.

The idea that you are not alone and that you have access to help and guidance when you need it the most is often enough to help people to continue with their journey.

White Feathers

One of the symbols that have long been linked to angels are white feathers so be mindful of the potential presence of white feathers regardless of where you are.

In general, white feathers symbolize protection from angles.

White feathers can also be a clear symbolism of the support and love angels are providing.

If you find white feathers, it can be a good idea to collect, revisit, and hold them if you are seeking the help and guidance of angels.

White feather symbols on buildings, objects, or clothing can also be a sign from angels so don’t limit your observation to physical feathers alone.

Flashes of Light

At times, angel symbols can come in the form of shimmering waves or flashes of light.

The lights can either be colored or bright white and you will typically see them out of the corner of your eye and not in the middle of your field of vision.

Some experts believe that the light color that appears to you can also indicate a message your angel or angels are trying to impart.

For instance, green is often associated with an increase in power.

Orange on the other hand can signify positivity or optimism.

Purple or blue can be a sign that you need to set aside time for relaxation.

Dragonflies and Butterflies

Many angel signs are associated with the natural world.

This also points to animal sightings.

If dragonflies or butterflies are attracted to you or you see them gathering in large groups, it is an indication that angels are nearby and actively looking out for you and your best interest.

If you want to get the attention of angels, collecting dragonfly and butterfly imagery would be a good place to start.

Dragonflies and butterflies are considered messenger creatures and they are considered intimately connected to the intentions and energy of angelic guardians.

Premonitions or Dreams

Angels will typically find it way easier to communicate with you during sleep or when your mind is very open and your subconscious is ready and open to receive messages.

Watch out for recurring dreams or even repeated images and themes in your dreams.

You might also experience waking premonitions.

Waking premonitions can make you feel as though you can vividly envision what will happen in your future.

At times, angels can use these signs to warn you of what’s important in your life.

Having and keeping a dream diary is also recommended as it can help you interpret angel signs and symbols.

Moreover, a dream diary can also help you easily notice important patterns that can be helpful in your life and the decisions you will make.

Sudden Chills

If you notice any goose pimples appear or if you have experienced a bodily shutter that’s inexplicable, it can be a clear indication that angels are nearby and are actively trying to communicate with you.

Just like any other signs, sudden chills should be a sign for you to give more attention and focus on what you are thinking or seeing.

Chills can also be an indicator that you are on the right path.

For instance, if you are looking and applying for a job and you get chills during a specific interview, perhaps it was the right job and company you are looking for.


When it comes to nature-based signs, rainbows rank high in the list.

If you notice the presence of a beautiful rainbow or if a rainbow suddenly appears in your line of site Or near your home, it can symbolize the presence of angels who are taking care of you and watching over you.

Rainbows are also often associated with the idea that you are loved and appreciated.

Often, rainbows also serve as a timely reminder that you will experience deeper interpersonal connections and a period of luck.

Ringing Ears

Hearing angels is different from hearing an actual voice speaking to you. 

Rather, it is more like noticing disruptions to your normal level of hearing.

Often, it can also come in the form of ringing.

If out of the blue you will hear a ringing sound in your ear, take notice of what is happening around you and notice what you are thinking about.

It could be that angels are trying to underline an idea or thought that you are having.

Of course, if you hear repeated ringing in your ears, it is also important that you have it checked by a doctor.

In some idiopathic cases, however, it can be another message from your angels.

Angel Shapes

On any angel symbols list, you can also find many pictures or symbols that convey important messages.

Seeing repeated shapes or particularly striking shapes can also be interpreted as your angels trying to tell you to focus your attention on something or change something in your life.

It is also common for many people to see or notice angel symbols in abstract form (i.e., in soap bubbles, tea leaves, or in the clouds).

You can also find these shapes anywhere. 

For instance, you might repeatedly see horseshoes in the snow or heart-shaped stones.

If you notice similar occurrences, it is recommended that you connect the symbolism with something that you have been wondering about or struggling with.


If you notice moments when unexpected things, people, or happenings come together in just the right way, it can be a symbol of angels watching over you.

For instance, let’s say there’s a book that you have been looking for that has been out of print for many months.

It could be that a friend or a family member will give you a copy of the book or it could be that you will find the book in the most unexpected of places.

While it’s easy to think and dismiss those things as coincidences, they could be the work of angels.


Angels can sometimes make their presence felt through aromas or smells like perfumes, flowers, or the smell of delicious food.

This is especially likely when the smell or fragrance fills the air from out of the blue and there is no rational explanation for its origin.

If the scent smells like the aftershave or the perfume of a deceased loved one, it is likely that the angel may be accompanied with that loved one.

When an unexpected (and familiar) smell or scent appears out of the blue, ask yourself what the scent reminds you of or what you were thinking about before the scent filled the air.


Now that you have a better understanding and knowledge of angel symbols and signs, you need to make this new awareness work for you. It would also help if you can master the Law of Attraction so you are able to make the most of the angelic messages, signs, and symbols that you receive. The knowledge and discipline you will learn can also help propel you forward and bring all your desires to life.

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