Bucket List Ideas: Awesome Things You Can Add to Your List

If you are all about living life to the fullest, it is likely that you are constantly adding bucket list ideas to your checklist. 

But what exactly is a bucket list? 

Essentially, it is a set of experiences that you want to experience before you “kick the bucket.”

While it can seem a bit morbid, bucket list goals will not only help you live more fully, they can also help you get some clarity about what you want to accomplish.

As if not enough, the best bucket list ideas can also go a long way towards motivating you to broaden your horizons and push your limits. 

While dreaming about the things you would like to accomplish is important, writing them down is even more powerful as it makes your bucket list ideas tangible and real.

More importantly, writing down the bucket list activities you would like to tackle holds you accountable.

If you need some help building up your bucket list, we have you covered!

Below are some of the amazing experiences and things to put on your bucket list:

Best Travel Bucket List Ideas

Undoubtedly, visiting another country and learning and experiencing their culture first-hand can be a powerful and life-changing experience. 

If you have kids, giving them the opportunity to travel and see the world is one of the best gifts you can provide.

It will not only allow them to discover and appreciate the world outside their own, it can also help them gain a better understanding of what they have in common with others.

Below are some of the top bucket list items that should make your travel bucket list ideas:

  1. Go and experience a wildlife safari
  2. Hike through and explore the Himalayas
  3. Visit and dive at the Great Barrier Reef
  4. See the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights
  5. Do a week-long cruise
  6. Swim in the four major oceans
  7. Visit all the seven wonders of the world
  8. Visit the Grand Canyon
  9. Go on a road trip across the United States
  10. Visit all the seven continents
  11. Hop around the magnificent island of Greece
  12. Go on a Euro trip
  13. Camp off the grid for a week
  14. Spend at least a week in major global cities (Paris, London, Tokyo, and New York)
  15. Visit the Eiffel Tower
  16. Visit the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam
  17. Visit the great pyramids in Egypt
  18. Visit the Great Wall of China
  19. Check out the ruins of Petra in Jordan
  20. Visit the Colosseum in Rome
  21. Visit the Machu Picchu in Peru
  22. Check out the Taj Mahal in India
  23. Check out Christ the Redeemer in Brazil
  24. Explore the vineyards in Tuscany
  25. Fly in a hot air balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey

Best Financial Bucket List Ideas

The importance of having a financial-focused bucket list cannot be overstated.

For starters, you will not only be able to get your finances in order, you can also easily cross off other items on your list that require money.

Below are some of the most sound financial bucket list ideas that should make your list:

  1. Read 25 books on healthy finances
  2. Learn how to compute and manage your own taxes
  3. Start a college fund for your kids
  4. Start a rainy day or emergency fund
  5. Create a family vacation fund
  6. Aim for a great credit score
  7. Pay off all your debts
  8. Pay off all your credit cards
  9. Max out your contribution to the IRA
  10. Purchase your own home
  11. Get a masters or PhD
  12. Start your own business
  13. Host and fund an event for charity
  14. Become a multimillionaire
  15. Start a scholarship fund in your name
  16. Take out a life insurance policy
  17. Create and strictly follow a budget
  18. Invest in a startup but promising company
  19. Teach your kids the value of money and proper money management at an early age
  20. Save money by going green

Best Career Bucket List Ideas

A recent study revealed that the average person spends around 13 years of their life at work. 

That said, it is very important that you also have bucket list items when it comes to your career.

Below are some of the popular bucket list items that are career-focused:

  1. Become an expert in your field
  2. Become a mentor to a less experienced or younger colleague
  3. Master new work-related skills each year
  4. Become a speaker at an industry event or conference
  5. Create a healthy life-work balance
  6. Take a month-long holiday
  7. Start a side hustle or business related to something you are passionate about
  8. Maintain a positive work attitude everyday
  9. Aim to be promoted as many times as possible
  10. Spearhead a massive project through successful implementation
  11. Find a job you love and enjoy
  12. Negotiate a raise
  13. Write a book about your career expertise
  14. Write someone a note about how much they have inspired you
  15. Teach a workshop on your job expertise at your local community center
  16. Complete industry certifications
  17. Take a job that allows you to travel
  18. Complete all the certifications offered in your industry
  19. Retire early
  20. Master how to negotiate workplace conflicts
  21. Learn new things about your industry daily
  22. Try out of the box ideas and take more career risks
  23. Identify your strengths and weaknesses
  24. Learn how to embrace constructive criticism
  25. Take pride in what you have accomplished in your career and value your contributions

Best Health and Wellness Bucket List Ideas

Setting goals related to personal wellness is important to living well. 

People won’t bother to exercise, meditate, or eat healthy if they don’t care about their future.

Understandably, each person is different and has a different background so wellness goals can vary from one person to another.

Below are common bucket list items that should be included in your health and wellness list:

  1. Go vegan for a month
  2. Cook your own meals
  3. Meditate each morning when you wake up and at night before going to bed
  4. Schedule regular appointments with your mental health counselor
  5. Compliment yourself in the mirror daily
  6. Visit the gym 5 times each week
  7. Floss every night
  8. Tell your loved ones you love them every day (pets and yourself included)
  9. Look for a fitness routine that you love and stick to it
  10. Stretch each morning
  11. Do yoga
  12. Stand up and stretch every hour during work
  13. Remove processed foods from your diet
  14. Wear sunscreen when you go out
  15. Visit your physician for an annual checkup yearly
  16. Reach and maintain your ideal weight
  17. Get at least 8 hours of quality sleep each night
  18. Incorporate a new type of exercise in your routine (weight lifting, cycling, swimming, etc.)
  19. Let go of your worries, regrets, and resentments
  20. Ensure you have a good laugh each day
  21. Take time to appreciate nature daily
  22. Schedule a regular “me” time everyday
  23. Declutter and organize your home and workspace
  24. Try acupuncture, reiki, yoga, and other types of relaxing therapy
  25. Keep a gratitude journal

Miscellaneous Bucket List Ideas

Below is a list of random and interesting bucket list ideas you can add to your list:

  1. Learn to speak several languages fluently
  2. Learn how to code
  3. Learn archery
  4. Take up crocheting or knitting
  5. Learn how to play several instruments
  6. Learn a martial art
  7. Learn the American sign language
  8. Wake up early and watch the sunrise each day
  9. Adopt a rescue animal
  10. Go bungee jumping
  11. Ride a hot air balloon
  12. Visit a sanctuary for elephants
  13. Watch the Olympics
  14. Ride a mechanical bull
  15. Go skinny dipping
  16. Run a marathon
  17. Learn how to cook
  18. Write a book
  19. Learn how to paint
  20. Take a two week vacation alone

Bonus: Unique Bucket List Ideas You Can Add to Your List This 2022

  1. Live, Work, or Study Abroad.

For many, this bucket list idea is surely life-changing. 

Living, working, or studying in a foreign country will not only provide tremendous growth opportunities, it can also push you outside your comfort zone.

Traveling and living in another country can also spark your passion to travel and learn about other cultures.

Understandably, you will encounter challenges when living abroad (i.e., learning the language or understanding the traditions and culture) but it will be worth it.

If anything, living in another country will often change your life for the better.

2.  See the Pyramids in Egypt.

Hands down, Egypt’s pyramids are one of the most fascinating wonders of the ancient world.

Nowadays, the Egyptian pyramids are considered a UNESCO World Heritage site and should rank high in your list if you love ancient history.

3.   See the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

Witnessing the Aurora Borealis can be an otherworldly and unforgettable experience.

In the United States, the best places to catch the Northern Lights include Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Maine, and Alaska.

Outside the United States, you are likely to see the Northern Lights in Norway, Finland, Russia, and Sweden.

4. Go on a Safari Tour

Consider this a must if you love wildlife and animals.

During a safari trip, be sure to check out the big five—lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, and buffalos. 

The best safari destinations in Africa include Tanzania, South Africa, Masai Mara in Kenya, and Serengeti.

You will also likely encounter hyenas, hippos, crocodiles, cheetahs, and other wildlife.

5. Learn How to Surf in Hawaii

While there are countless places in the world where you can go surfing, Hawaii is one of the best places to go.

One of the best places in Hawaii to surf is Oahu.

It is known for its friendly people and perfect waves.

If you are a beginner, Waikiki Beach would be a great spot to visit.

If you are an advanced surfer, you can head over to Oahu’s North Shore.

There you will find many of the world’s best surfers.

So if you get intimidated by the waves, you can at least watch those who have learned how to master the waves.

6. Hug a Giant Sequoia Tree

Are you a tree hugger?

If the answer is yes, you should add the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range to your bucket list.

In California, you will find the biggest tree in the world, the Giant Sequoia.

The giant sequoia is typically around 160-280 feet tall with a trunk diameter of around 20-26 feet.

With just around 80,000 trees remaining, they are now considered endangered.

7. Float in the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is considered one of the most unique attractions on earth.

It is located between Jordan and Israel.

Contrary to popular belief, the Dead Sea is a lake and not a sea.

It is made up of 30% salt, making it almost 10 times saltier than typical sea water.

The Dead Sea is also known for its healing properties.

It has been known to treat skin conditions like psoriasis.

The Dead Sea is hailed one of the best free spas on the planet and it’s easy to see why.

8. Go Stargazing in the Desert

This is one of the most magical things you can add to your bucket list.

The good news is there are several stargazing spots you can look into: Atacama Desert in Northern Chile, Wadi Rum in Jordan, and Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California.

Try this one and you can surely attest there’s nothing quite like it.

9.  Take a Train Ride Through the Swiss Alps

There’s no denying Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places on Earth and the best way to take in its breathtaking beauty is by train.

If you love crystal clear lakes, dramatic mountains, and verdant scenery, this unique experience should be included in your list.

When you take a panoramic train ride through the Swiss Alps, you can see the most breathtaking landscapes imaginable.

10. Create Several Passive Income Sources 

If you are like most people, one of the goals you can include in your bucket list is transitioning from worker to business owner.

Creating income through affiliate marketing, rent income, travel blog, etc. will not only help you become financially free, it also makes it easier for you to turn your other bucket list ideas into reality.


Now that you have plenty of amazing bucket list ideas to add to your list, don’t waste time and start working on them. Before long, you would be checking off one list after another!

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