Cancer Zodiac Sign:  All You Need to Know About the Crab

The Cancer Zodiac sign, or the Crab, is nurturing, caring, comforting, and sensitive. They are also known to be profoundly empathic and fiercely protective. 

The epitome of the perfect softie, Cancer? Ariana Grande!

Other compassionate, deeply feeling, and endlessly entertaining crabs? 

Aside from Ariana Grande, we have Selena Gomez, Mindy Kaling, Margot Robbie, Lana Del Rey, and Kristen Bell.

In one or another, these celebrities have channeled their intense emotions into caring for others.

They have also uniquely understood the heart and the human condition.

Other adorable cancer traits? 

They are also fiercely loyal, intense, and stubborn.

Cancer Traits

The Cancer Zodiac Sign dates are June 21 to July 21; the crab represents this cardinal water sign.

Like Ariana Grande and other famous Cancer celebrities, those born under this sign are empathetic.

They can also easily perceive the moods and feelings of others.

Just as the moon mirrors the sun’s light, Cancer also reflects the energy of the world around them.

In astrology, the moon is also associated with the home—your roots, where you come from, and how you recharge.

For the typical Cancerians, feeling at home and having ample time for reflection and rest would be ideal.

This cardinal water sign is associated with womb waters, origins, and new beginnings. 

Crabs are also all about comfort, nourishment, and growth.

They are very particular about how they feel in their bodies, communities, and the universe.

Other typical Cancer Zodiac Sign traits include:

  • Nurturing
  • Caring
  • Homey
  • Emotional
  • Sensitive
  • Nourishing
  • Comforting

Opportunities for Growth and Challenges

While Cancers are very particular about their feelings and others, this sensitivity has a downside—they can quickly get hurt, wounded, and offended.

Criticism or teasing that might not be given any attention or taken seriously by other signs can send Cancers into an emotional crisis.

Ideally, the Cancer Zodiac Sign need to learn that if they want to preserve their mental health and energy, it is recommended that they don’t take things personally.

Just like the crab, Cancers have the urge to retreat into their shells rather than face the world.

For ultra-sensitive Cancer, there is massive room for growth once they learn how to express their feelings to others.

Most Cancers tend to avoid confrontations and drama. As a result, they can often come across as passive-aggressive. 

They often imply or drop hints that they are hurt rather than clarify their emotions.

Rather than always assuming people can read their minds and know why they are upset, this sensitive sign needs to learn how to communicate often, openly, and honestly.

Cancer in Sex and Love

For the crabs, love has to be rejuvenating and comfortable.

They want a significant other to spend quality time with and feel at home.

They also prefer someone who will make them feel at home.

Cancers seek secure and safe relationships and have ample room for emotional processing, alone time, and cuddling.

Typical Cancers look for mates for life.

Even if they date casually, Cancers find it challenging to keep things casual.

Cancer Zodiac Sign is not interested in quick fixes and transactions.

They are all about finding genuine and lasting love free from drama.

When you date a Cancer, you will feel seen and valued.

The Cancerian lover is very particular about receiving genuine nourishment and care.

Their intuitive nature can come in very handy in bed.

Cancers are known to read your mind and anticipate your needs.

While Cancers are known for their very generous nature, you must match their level of care. 

Remember that Cancers need to feel genuine love as much as they need to give it.

Friendship with Cancers

Cancers prefer only a few ride-or-die friends that are as solid as family.

Cancerians are the kind of people who will open their homes to others and create a friendly and welcoming environment for everyone they encounter.

Akin to the moon that orbits the earth, Cancers have a gift of tuning into other people and their environments.

They can also quickly see through a facade and perceive what the people in their circle feel.

Cancer Compatibility: Cancer Compatible Signs

Who is Cancer compatible with? 

Generally, the most compatible signs for Cancers in romantic relationships and friendships are Scorpio and Pisces’ fellow water signs.

Both zodiac signs get the emotional language that Cancers are known for.

Earth signs like Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo also hold the same space-holding energy.

Air (Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini) and fire (Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries) signs are incompatible with Cancer as they will have difficulty tending to their empathetic nature.

Their intensity can also easily offend and hurt Cancerians.

Here is everything you need to know about Cancer this Cardinal Water sign. Here are the Zodiac Love Signs based on your star sign to love or avoid, and last, here are the four elements and what they say about each love sign.

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