Cleansing Ritual to Banish Negative Energy

People talk about feeling negativity in a particular place or about carrying negative energy.

Unfortunately, many people allow this negative energy to hold them back from becoming the best version of themselves.

This negative energy also hinders them from living the life they have always wanted.

The good news?

There are effective and easy ways to banish negative energy for good so you can live your dream life.

Ten Signs of Negative Energy

Negative energy can manifest in various ways. However, there are common themes that typically emerge. Signs that point to negative energy include the following:

  1. A feeling that you are blocked from achieving your desires. For instance, you can struggle with making money and encounter frequent obstacles that hinder your dream from manifesting.
  2. Feeling on the edge and angry most of the time. This persistent difficulty and irritation is often paired with increased levels of stress.
  3. Disliking others more than before. This also manifests when you avoid social situations. You also tend to be more critical towards your loved ones, friends, co-workers, and even people you don’t know.
  4. Irrational sense of impending doom. You tend to expect only bad things to happen to you. You might even find it difficult to daydream about happiness, success, good health, or abundance.
  5. A general lack of energy both mentally and physically. You might find getting out of bed difficult and experience other symptoms like low self-esteem and low mood. 
  6. Sleep is not restful. You can experience waking up multiple times at night or having frequent nightmares.
  7. Communicating has become difficult. You might notice that others can’t seem to understand you no matter how much you try to explain yourself.

Cleansing Ritual to Get Rid of Negative Energy for Good

If you see one or most of the red flags mentioned above, the following cleansing ritual can help. 

It’s a simple yet very effective way of addressing negative energy.

It will require minimal preparation and can be done as many times as you deem fit.

Cleansing Ritual #01: Prepare yourself and your surroundings

Cleansing rituals will require the right kind of surroundings, even if you assume your house has no buildup of negative energy.

In addition, you also need to have the right kind of mental space when doing a cleansing ritual.

Below are some of the ways you can get the most out of your cleansing ritual:

  • Play uplifting music. Playing your favorite uplifting songs will not only help you vibrate on a high frequency, it can also provide a great emotional catharsis.
  • Clean the entryways of your place. This holds a symbolic significance as energy is believed to enter your home the same way as the inhabitants.
  • Relax your mind and body through different mindfulness exercises or meditation sessions.
  • Lighting candles in the area where you want to hold your cleansing ritual. Positive candle colors include yellow and white.

Cleansing Ritual 2: Identify the Negativity

Getting rid of the negative energy will require that you identify it first. To identify the negativity, start by asking yourself the following:

When did the negativity start?

Where were you and what was happening?

Does the feeling get worse around certain places or around certain people?

You might find that negativity can be attributed to various sources such as negative people, negative places, or negative incidents.

Cleansing Ritual 3: Channel the Negativity

As you work on removing the negative energy from your mind and body, it would be best to determine where it sits inside you.

Can you associate the negative feeling with a strong sensation in any part of your body like your throat or chest?

Look inside yourself and find out how the feeling affects you and write all the information down.

Cleansing Ritual 4: Let It Go

This is the most pivotal part of learning how to get rid of negative energy in the body is learning how to allow it to leave your body. 

Close your eyes, sit quietly in a place you are comfortable in and visualise the process of letting go.

From there, imagine how it would feel like to have negativity and any toxic sensation leave your body.

Picture it leaving you.

Some people imagine it as a shadow of darkness leaving them.

Others imagine throwing the negativity over the cliff or putting it in a box.

From there, imagine a golden glow surrounding you.

The golden glow signifies purity of spirit and cleansing.

Over to You

This cleansing ritual can provide a deep sense of rejuvenation and closure and can help you feel a massive paradigm shift. More importantly, it can help banish negative energy for good, allowing you to manifest all that you desire, become the best version of yourself, and live the life you have always dreamt of.