Common Libra Traits and Tendencies

If you know someone who is a Libra, you’re probably wondering what are the common Libra trait, what are they are known for, and what Libra is like.

You’ll find the answers to those questions and more in this article, so continue reading!

What is a Libra? 

Libras are those people born between September 23 and October 22. 

Libras are known to be well-balanced, charming, and beautiful.

They are all about making everything as orderly and visually appealing as possible.

Libras are also very generous and equally self-indulgent.

They are also known for their tendency to crave balance.

The lions are kings and queens of compromise and love to make peace with others.

These Libra tendencies make them exceptional partners, friends, and leaders. 

These amazing Libra traits are also evident in their personal and professional lives.

Libra Personality Traits: Get to Know What Makes them Tick

Libras are fascinating people to be around. Understandably, not all of them are the same but below are some of the most prevalent Libra personality traits Libras are known for:

Desirable Libra Personality Traits

  • Libras are fair. The lions have a strong sense of justice. They are all about ensuring everyone has a voice and gets heard. They are also passionate about the balance of things. This is especially true when it comes to group events.
  • Libras are idealistic. Libras will always choose to look at the bright side. They also prefer to see the best in people. No wonder they always think the best of everything, regardless if it’s people or ideas. Libras always have high hopes for learning new things and starting new projects.
  • Libras are diplomatic. Libras are known to be natural peacemakers and have mastered the art of being diplomatic and tactful in their relationships and groups. They are also the type of people who will choose their words carefully. The lions always seek common ground with as many people as possible.
  • Libras are social. Libras are highly extroverted. They love meeting new people and being with people. They also thrive in companionship, and you can find them surrounding themselves with interesting folks that can teach them new things. Being social and extroverted is one of the basic elements of the Libra personality.
  • Libras are clever. Libras are known to be excellent, smart, and witty conversationalists. They are quick on their feet and are admired for their active imaginations. These traits make them great problem solvers and fun people to be with.

Undesirable Libra Traits

  • Libras are indecisive. Libras are the type to spend hours weighing the pros and cons of even the smallest of decisions. Their tendency to want to please everyone makes it hard to commit to something, even if it’s inconsequential.
  • Libras are non-confrontational. By nature, Libras are peacemakers. They are excellent at making compromises regardless of the setting. However, this means they also have difficulty dealing with their problems and will avoid uncomfortable and challenging discussions for as long as possible.
  • Libras are self-pitying. One of the downfalls of Libra is they are self-absorbed. That means when things don’t go how they want, they would feel like it’s the end of the world and everyone is against them. Libras also have difficulty seeing the bigger picture in times of difficulty. During difficult times, they tend to focus primarily on themselves.
  • Libras are unreliable. Another undesirable trait that is commonly associated with Libras is being flighty. While they are a blast to be around, they can’t always be relied on. Most Libras are loyal and wonderful friends, but you can’t always expect them to attend gatherings and events on time.
  • Libras are vain. Libras are fascinated by beautiful things, including themselves. It’s not surprising to find Libras taking selfies wherever they go. They also tend to spend time and money on anything that can approve their appearance. Libras are also the type to be reluctant to spend time with people they find less attractive.

Libra Traits in Relationships

  • Libras are romantic. One of the traits Libras are known for is their love of love. Coupled with their tendency to gravitate towards anything that’s beautiful and exciting, they can easily get love drunk. However, while they have a penchant for flings and love to be in the company of romantic partners, they take committed relationships seriously.
  • Libras are platonic. When you are with a Libra, you are guaranteed to have a great time. Aside from being fun to be around, Libras are always the first to try new things thanks to their open-minded nature. They also focus on ensuring the people they have in their lives and circle achieve balance as well. Fortunately, their idealism and outgoing nature can easily rub off on their family and friends.
  • Libras are professional. Leadership is an innate Libra trait. As such, they can be unstoppable when they can use their creativity and leadership skills to the fullest. Libras are at their best when left alone to develop, run, and manage projects. Unfortunately, Libras are not great at following through, so they must be surrounded by great people who take directions and make things happen.

Libra Personality Secrets You Probably Don’t Know

Libras will forgive you, but they won’t forget.

Libras don’t want to waste time holding on to unnecessary grudges. 

When you mess up, they often forgive you enough to give you a second chance.

However, Libras quickly learn from their mistakes and will remember what you did so they won’t make the same mistake twice.

Libras prefer more meaningful and long-term relationships.

Libras are hardwired to seek more meaningful and long-term relationships instead of fleeting and shorter flings.

They are also very patient and will wait for the right person to come along rather than just settling for the first person who shows interest in them.

Libras are balanced and fair.

Libras are known to be strong advocates of justice and truth and are the first to go out of their way to ensure everyone is getting fair treatment.

They are also not afraid to stand up for those treated poorly.

They are always the first to admit their mistakes rather than pass the blame to other people.

Libras are extremely “switched on” and are very clever.

The intelligence of Libras should not be underestimated as they are considered the most “switched on” and clever people in the zodiac.

They are also known as highly critical thinkers who often defend their ideas with reason and logic.

Libras won’t believe until they see things for themselves.

Libras tend to be very skeptical, and they would opt to analyze things objectively instead of jumping to conclusions right away.

Essentially, Libras prefer seeing things for themselves before they believe something to be true.

Libras are smooth negotiators.

When a situation is about to break into chaos, you can trust Libras to mediate and talk sense to everyone involved.

Libras are also extremely persuasive and highly diplomatic.

They can effortlessly resolve conflicts and situations in a way that will make all the parties involved feel satisfied.

Libras are very observant.

Libras constantly observe the world around them and always take mental notes of what they see.

They are also the type to pick up on things easily.

What’s even more impressive is their uncanny ability to read the intentions and thoughts of others even if they don’t say a word.

Libras can’t stand inconsiderate and selfish people.

If there is one thing that can aggravate Libras, it’s people who are inconsiderate and selfish.

They don’t like it when people benefit while stepping on other people’s toes.

You can expect Libras to ignore you if you are the know-it-all and arrogant type who does not listen to what everyone else says or thinks.

Libras have a laid-back and chill approach to life.

One of the main traits Libras are famous for is their laid-back approach to life.

They are not the type to stress over the small things or blow things out of proportion.

You can expect Libras to stay level-headed and calm even in chaotic and very stressful situations.

Libras are ridiculously persuasive.

When you talk to a Libra, one of the first things you will notice is they make a lot of sense.

Their wit and way of words make them one of the most persuasive people on the planet.

Libras are also very charismatic and it’s hard to say no to them.

Libras go after what they want.

One of Libra’s traits is not the type to sit around all day listening to criticism from others.

They are action-takers who believe in going after what they want.

Their persistence and will is evident because they go after what they want regardless of what everyone else says.

Libras are massive flirts.

When Libras like someone, they instinctively turn on their charms and allow their flirty and friendly nature to take over.

This makes Libras extremely attractive to others.

Libras are also known to be very seductive, even if they are not always aware of it. 

They have mastered the art of flirting and seduction without even knowing it.

Wise Advice for Libras

  • Career-wise, make sure you are constantly challenging yourself. Don’t be afraid to change things up now and then. It would also be wise to channel your energy into creating new concepts and ideas to benefit everyone.
  • Do not think twice about showing your true colors. Be the loyal and great friend you are known for and don’t waste your time on those who judge you for your idealism and compassion.
  • You have the tendency to manipulate when you are bored so make sure you don’t get to the point where you feel restless. It would also help if you channel your energy into volunteer work or creative projects.

How to Relate to the Libras in Your Life

  • One of Libras traits is they love compliments. These extroverts won’t be able to resist compliments and other outward signs of affection. Compliments will not only keep the spark alive, but they can also help win their affection and favor.
  • Libras don’t like confrontations, so it is ideal to be upfront and open. Speak to them as equals.
  • Libras like taking on leadership roles, and they excel at it. Don’t be surprised if they come up with a thousand and one ideas for activities or group projects. Just help them pick them up, and you’re good to go.
  • If you are a fan of beautiful things and art, you can get along really well with Libras. If you want to strengthen your bond with a Libra, you can never go wrong if you visit art galleries, explore nature, or do something creative and artistic together.

Over to You

If you are a Libra, you are in exceptional company. Julie Andrews, Susan Sarandon, Will Smith, and Serena Williams are classic examples of Libras who exemplify fun, creativity, and work ethic. Now that you know more about the Libra personality, you can handle yourself better if you are a Libra. You can also effortlessly get along with the Libras you come in contact with. 

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