Developing A Powerful Vision Board

If you have some understanding of the law of attraction, you know that thoughts become things. Everything that’s coming into your life, you’re attracting into your life through your thoughts.

But in order for the thoughts to become reality, you have to think something consciously and subconsciously over and over and empower them with your belief.

Simply thinking about something is not enough— you also have to believe in it. Practicing visualization is one way to develop the belief. And one way to take your visualization practice beyond the confines of your head is by creating a vision board.

Think about the images that symbolically represent your desired goal, the quotes that motivate you to keep going, the affirmations that keep you focused on reaching the finish line— a vision board takes these elements and compiles them into a smorgasbord of dreams.

This amazing tool can help you to harness your mental energy and encourage you to put more effort into achieving the goal at hand. Here is how to create an empowering vision board.

Creating Your First Vision Board / Dream Board

There are no hard and fast rules for creating a vision board and everyone has a personal way of designing it. Although you can buy vision boards from professional suppliers, making physical boards out of poster-board, corkboard or any material is a popular idea.

You can also use whiteboards and your own drawings.

If you prefer a digital version, you can also do it by creating a private file on your computer. You can even turn your fridge door into a vision board with enough magnets and pictures.

Design your vision board on your own terms.

Start With Planning

Spend some time thinking about what do you want your vision board to look like and which life goals do you want to reflect on your vision board.

You can pick any future goal, which may include personal growth, health, career, finances, relationships, education, social life, and spiritual growth.

Once you pick the goal, envision what you want each of the areas to look like. You may create one big board— you may also prefer to make several small boards that represent several goals.

Placement is very important. There no use of placing your vision board somewhere you never go. I recommend that you hang up the board somewhere in your bedroom, where you can see it from your bed. In this way, you can prompt yourself to visualize your goal on a regular basis.

The Small Ritual You Should Follow

To craft a powerful vision board, follow a mini ritual. Schedule a couple of stress-free hours one evening or weekend to put your board together. Make sure you won’t be disturbed during that time.

Create a relaxing atmosphere when you are working on your dream board. Turn on some soothing music and light a candle if you like.

If you experience negative thoughts clouding your mind, take some deep breaths and allow your mind to settle down.

Then start putting your stuff on the board.

Putting the Board Together

Find some old magazines and cut out some pictures that symbolize the experiences, feelings, and possessions you want to attract into your life.

You may include photos of cars you want to drive, travel destinations you want to visit, the house you want to live in. Use scissors, tape, pins or glue sticks to put your board together.

Feel free to get creative. You can cut images or quotes from magazines. You may also use fun markers, stickers or any other stuff you think to deck out your board.

Include a couple of photos of your memorable past events like vacations, marriage ceremonies, convocation and so forth. But make sure to pick the pictures that make you feel proud.

Anything that inspires you, add in your board. You can add inspiring quotes and positive affirmations. You may also include how you want to feel on a daily basis— such as “enthusiastic”, “motivated”, “joyful”, “fearless”, “loving”, “healthy” and “strong”. Don’t make the board too much wordy— keep it neat. Avoid creating a chaotic board— you don’t want to attract chaos in your life.

 Update your board whenever it feels right.

Wrap Up

Spend 5 minutes every day looking at your vision board— and with your whole heart feel yourself in the future you’ve designed.

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