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Developing A Powerful Vision Board

Developing A Powerful Vision Board

In the movie “The Secret,” one of the Law of Attraction teachers John Assaraf told the story of how one day, while sitting in his office, his 5-year-old son was sitting on some boxes that had been in storage for years. His son asked his dad, John, what was in the box. John said it was a vision board. His son said, “A vision what?” 

John opened the box and found his vision board from 5 years prior. John looked at his vision board and started to see that most everything that he had on it, he indeed had manifested. Upon closer look at the dream home on his vision board, to his ultimate surprise and delight, he realized that he had actually bought that exact same house!

In this article, we are going to cover what a vision board is and how to create your own powerful vision board. 

What is a Vision Board? 

Basically, a vision board is something that allows you to put all of your dreams and goals all into one place that you can look at on a daily basis. The actual board can be a white board or a cork board, or you could even use a door, the back of a door, or a wall. 

Regarding the pictures to use, you don’t necessarily need to put the exact object of your desire on your board as in the case of John Assaraf. Instead, what you want to do is to put pictures up that help to represent what it is that you want – something that will create the reminder of the feeling that you want to manifest when you have the desired object or experience. 

In other words, if you want a beach-front property house, find a similar picture of it that represents the feeling of having what you want. It doesn’t have to be exact. 

Also, make sure that you include a picture of yourself on the board so that it is clear that this is you and your life, not someone else! If you wanted to get really fancy, you could photo-shop your pictures with you in them. Whatever feels best to you is great…

Remember to look at your vision board daily and imagine that what is on that board is already true. It’s best to look at your board once in the morning when you get up, and just before you go to bed. Another thing you can do is to review your vision board right before you visualize or meditate

Vision boards are even sold on Amazon. But they are easy to create on your own. A vision board is a very good way to raise your vibration and align yourself with everything that you want. And then via the Law of Attraction, everything on your board will start making it’s way to you. 

It is recommended that you make a new, powerful vision board once a year. Your goals and dreams are going to change over time, and once a year is the perfect time to do it. 

Also, it is nice to keep your yearly vision boards so that you can see your progress. 

Why a Vision Board?

The advantage to using a vision board is that it is a constant reminder of what it is that you want to manifest. It is an empowering tool to use because it can help you to focus on what you want, and it will leave an indelible message on your subconscious mind of what to work on to bring into reality. 

Also, if you have trouble visualizing what you want, a vision board can help you to get and keep the picture of what you want in your mind. 

Goal-Setting With A Vision Board

If you want to achieve your goals, the best way to do it is to remind yourself about them. That’s where a vision board comes in. It’s the best solution in order to keep your dreams and goals before you as a constant reminder. 

When you are constantly reminded of your dreams and goals, you will find yourself doing little things to move yourself towards your goal in a more effortless way. You subconscious mind will constantly work in order to attain your goals, if you do one thing…

What is that one thing? 

You have to feel like what is on your board is already true – it’s already real…

The creative process works like this – first, you experience contrast in your life which helps you to be clear as to what it is that you do not want. Knowing what you don’t want helps you to clarify what you do want. But also, you can desire to have things just because – just because you want to have them or experience certain feelings like freedom, passion, excitement and fun. 

Next in the creative process, what you want is created in the non-physical, vibrational realm. That’s not your job. That’s source energy’s job.  And all you have to do for the next step is to line yourself up with that feeling – the feeling that matches what it is that you want. 

So, if a new car makes you feel powerful, secure, happy and valued, then you must create those feelings within yourself in order manifest the car into physical reality. Feel powerful, secure, happy and valued BEFORE it comes, and then it has to. And also, imagine having the car already.

This is how the Law of Attraction works – feel it first, and then it will manifest.

Most of us think that we won’t or can’t be happy until we have what we want. But feeling unhappy until you get what you want will constantly keep you in a state of unhappiness. And if you are unhappy, you cannot attract what you want. 

You can be, do and have whatever you want! But you have to know how it works…

A powerful vision board will help you to manifest whatever you want, but it won’t do one bit of good if you don’t feel the feeling of having everything on your board FIRST – before you actually have it…

Creating A Powerful Vision Board

The first thing you will need is a board. You can use a white board, a cork board, or any kind of a board where you can tape up or pin up pictures of what you want. But also, you could just use a door or a wall. 

Another option is to create your vision board on your computer. The only problem with creating a digital vision board is that space is limited and you won’t be able to view it as much as an actual, physical board. You could even create a video representation of your vision board. But an actual, physical vision board is better.

After you get your vision board, think about what it is that you want. What are your goals, your dreams, your aspirations? How do you want to feel more of the time? What kind of a life do you want to create? 

Next, get magazines that have pictures of what you want. If you don’t have any, ask your friends. If they don’t have any, you may be able to buy some old magazines for cheap somewhere. Another option is to search on the internet for the pictures you want and print them out. 

The next step is to find pictures that represent the experiences that you want to have, the feelings that you want to feel, the possessions you want to manifest and the life you want to live. This is the fun part. Have fun with it. Perhaps get your family involved too and make it a party where everyone creates their vision boards together.

You should include a photo of yourself, inspirational thoughts, sayings, quotations from famous people perhaps, and affirmations that resonate with you. 


A powerful vision board is one of the best, empowering tools you can use in order to manifest what you want in your life. Your subconscious mind and even your conscious mind will be reminded of what they are working on together. The secret to getting it to work, however, is to feel as if what you put on the board already is – already exists. When you feel the feeling first, then it will manifest. 

It’s the law. It’s the Law of Attraction…



I started using the Law of Attraction to make a better life for myself and my family. I tried many methods that did not work. Luckily I stumbled upon a technique which changed my life for the better. I taught me family, friends and decided to teach everyone who is interested in manifesting a new life for themselves. Knowledge is Power.

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