Empaths: How to Turn Empathy Into a Superpower

There are various degrees of empathy, just like different types of empaths.

If you are an empath, you have likely experienced various degrees of empathy during different times in your life.

As such, many empaths develop what are known as super traits.

These include concern for social harmony, willingness to compromise, and agreeableness.

However, at times, no matter how hard empaths try to take care of themselves, they can still end up exhausted and sick.

The good news?

If you are an empath, there is no need for you to sacrifice your well-being.

There are many ways you can use your empathy and other traits as a superpower.

What Is An Empath

The following are some of the most common super traits empaths share:

1.  Highly sensitive. Empaths can get overwhelmed by smells, sounds, and low energy.

2.  Spiritually open. Empaths feel connected to a higher source.

3.  Attuned to the moods of others. Empaths absorb the emotions of others.

4.  Introverted. Empaths prefer small groups or 1:1 contact. 

5.  Intuitive. Empaths can easily sense when something is off.

6. Can easily get overwhelmed in intimate relationships. Empaths find too much togetherness difficult.

7. Easy Targets for Energy Vampires. Empaths are easy prey for drama queens, narcissists, and chronic talkers.

8.  Nourished by the natural world. Empaths like to seek refuge in nature.

09.  Huge hearts. They are good listeners and often give too much. They can also relieve the pain of others by taking it on and end up feeling drained.

Turning Empathetic Traits Into Superpowers

Some empaths feel cursed in a way. 

If anything, empathy is a gift.

What’s even better is you have the power within you to turn your empathy into a superpower.

Below are some of the many ways you can activate your empathic power:

Acknowledge and accept that you are an empath.

Empaths are well aware that compassion is their calling. 

They are hard-wired to anchor light into the world.

Acknowledging that it is what you came here to do is the first step to allowing your inner light to shine.

Trust your intuition.

As mentioned earlier, empaths are highly sensitive. 

Whether they can receive psychic images, pick up on smells, or sense a feeling in your gut, trusting yourself and your intuition can help you avoid energy vampires and build healthy and positive relationships.

Set boundaries.

Once you recognize the energy vampires that drain you and your energy, you can limit your time in their company. 

Observe how you feel when you are with them and afterwards.

Soon, it becomes easier for you to walk away so you can retain your energy.

This will give you more time to do something you love with the people who make you feel good.

Don’t play the victim.

While unfortunate to note, some empaths lack self-worth.

In some cases, their need to be loved can turn into a victim mentality.

This is common among spiritual relationships where the guru gets all the resources and the followers or devotees are drained of money, self-esteem, and many more.

Take time to meditate.

Empaths need time to recharge.

Meditation is a powerful tool empaths can use and will only take a few minutes.

If you are an empath, meditation can be a great way to feel centered and take back your power after a sensory overload.

However, don’t limit your meditations to just sitting in a corner.

You can also spend time in nature to meditate.

Also, visualize yourself in a protective bubble where dark energy cannot reach you but light can get through.

Do this as many times as you like during the day.


Incorporate a breath practice in your day where you sit and consciously breathe. 

As you breathe in, think about power and clarity.

As you exhale, think about breathing out negative energy. 

You can say, “I am breathing in power to make the exercise even more potent. I am breathing out negativity and stress.”

Repeat this practice several times each day when you feel any stress build up in your body.

Transmute negative energy.

Since empaths take on a lot of energy, they must be able to transmute negative energy in real-time.

For instance, some empaths bring plants into their workplace to help absorb any negative energy.

Finding humor in a situation is another good way to transmute negative energy.

Starting each day with a gratitude affirmation is also recommended.

Love yourself.

As an empath, your life’s mission should also include taking good care of yourself.

Taking care of yourself and listening to your emotions and thoughts is a form of self-empathy.

Make sure you take the time to embrace your sensitivities and honor your feelings.

Know that you can be strong and vulnerable at the same time.

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Over to You

Once you can fully accept and embrace your empathic nature, you will be able to experience fulfillment and joy. You will also be able to see the big picture more clearly and deeply. You will also be able to refill your energy cup and turn your attractive inner traits into superpowers.

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