Everything You Need to Know About Virgo

When Sherlock Holmes works on a case, he starts by dissecting all the details he has gathered, even the tiny, seemingly trivial ones—a stain on the shirt, a crack on the mobile phone, hair from a West Highland terrier.

Utilising his supernatural deduction, Sherlock gets clear insights to crack the case.

One of Virgo’s ultimate superpowers is their ability to see the world through a magnifying glass.

Hands down, this is one of the distinct traits of the Virgo personality. 

While everything about Virgos is interesting, their attention to details is one of their outstanding traits.

Virgos are the first to notice crumbs on your floor or how you smile when you’re in love. 

August 23 Personality to 22 September Personality: Get to Know Virgos Better!

There are many things to know about Virgos and you will learn all there is to know about this amazing sign in this article.

Virgo Element

The earth grounds Virgos in the present moment and they transmute passing thoughts into concrete plans.

If you are wondering, “Are Virgos smart?”

The answer is a resounding yes!

Not only can they transmute passing thoughts into solid plans, they can also effectively follow through with those plans. 

Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus embodies the structure, reliability, and pragmatism of the earth element.

So if you need help filing your tax return or making a career switch, you can never go wrong if you seek Virgo’s advice and guidance.

Virgo Ruling Planet

Virgo’s ruling planet is Mercury.

Also known as the “messenger,” Mercury represents intellect and communication.

It refers to Mercury’s ability to exchange information, learn new concepts, and flex one’s mental agility.

That said, it is no surprise that brainy Virgos are conversation starters, little-known factoids, and a rich source of novel ideas.

Virgo Symbol

Virgo is symbolised by the maiden.

Traditionally, Virgo has been linked with the virgin or maiden figure.

It symbolises Virgo’s strong independence and pure intentions.

About Virgo Personality

Virgos are smart, witty, and analytical.

They are also known as the perfectionists of the zodiac.

Since they are perfectionists and they always aim for excellence, Virgos can be especially hard on themselves when they feel like their best is not good enough.

Virgos have a proactive approach to life and they are in their best element when they feel like they are in absolute control.

Among their best qualities include reliability, intelligence, and precision.

When it comes to weaknesses, Virgos can be cold, overly cautious, and critical.

The moral standards of Virgo are second to none and their priorities deserve a gold medal.

This earth sign is also associated with practicality and logic and they prefer a routine that is well organised, efficient, and structured.

As an earth sign, Virgos are typically associated with practicality and logic and they are often on an eternal quest to bring peace and order to the chaos around them.

Money and Career

Virgos are known to be highly methodical in the workplace and they excel in jobs that require top-notch organisation.

They also dominate professions with plenty of opportunities for promotion and a reliable career ladder. 

Virgos are also known as conscientious workers and they are the type to take their responsibilities rather seriously.

They don’t like distractions and would thrive in an environment where they can focus.

They are also drawn to service oriented tasks or jobs that require meticulous attention. 

With their desire to help humankind and their eye for detail, Virgos would make successful careers in graphic design, administration, medicine, journalism, and the healthcare industry.

Practical and mature in just about every aspect of life, Virgos are especially particular about money management. 

It is their nature to be very careful about their finances and they typically have a stash of savings available just in case.

However, they also have the tendency to humble brag every now and then.

Virgos take pride in their overall thrifty skills and their ability to find low-cost solutions to money problems.

While they can be accused of being frugal (or in worst case scenarios, stingy), they are simply good with money and they appreciate the value of each dollar.


When it comes to romance, Virgos tend to use their head more over their heart.

As such, they prefer to take their time when it comes to building a connection.

Virgos are also highly attracted to those with sharp minds and kind hearts.

In the bedroom, they are sensational lovers who love to please.

They are discerning about who they allow in their sacred space and they seek long-term commitments.

They typically express their love through subtle flirtation and thoughtful actions.

Their biggest problem is when their insecurities and doubts get the better of them.

They also tend to obsess about their physical flaws during the throes of passion and at times, this prevents them from climaxing.

Being confident and relaxed however can bring out their inner tiger/tigress.

Friendship and Family

Virgos are dedicated to their family and they are especially drawn to the elderly, children, and the sick.

They are regarded by family members as helpful, nurturing, and responsible.

Relatives also know that they can rely on Virgos when problems arise.

Virgos can be mistaken as judgmental when they offer their inputs.

However, many see them as the glue that holds the family together.

Friends on the other hand see them as the sensible one and they turn to their Virgo friends to solve difficult and sticky situations.

Throughout their lives, they have a small collection of small but intimate and cherished friends.

They are also not the kind to dive into new friendships fast and they take their time building established connections that can last for many decades.

Virgo Compatibility

Capricorn and Taurus can turn Virgos on since it belongs to their earth sign tribe.

Pisces can also be a great match for Virgos as they are kind and their sensitive nature makes for a harmonious relationship.

Sagittarians on the other hand will find Virgo’s borderline OCD and well-organised ways too much, while the devil-may-care attitude of archers can be too much for their liking.

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