Feeling Anxious and Overwhelmed? Do a Brain Dump!

In today’s trying times, it’s easy to feel anxious, restless, and overwhelmed.

At times, the mind can feel like a tangled web of thoughts and emotions and it can seem impossible to sort things out at times.

In a similar state, it can be incredibly difficult to sleep or even perform your everyday routine.

So what can you do to effectively alleviate your mental overload?

Do a brain dump.

Brain Dump in a Nutshell

A brain dump is a tool you can use to declutter your mind.

Simply put, brain dump is the process of dumping out the contents of your mind onto a sheet of paper.

You can liken brain dump to purging your home.

If anything, you would feel a lot better once you are able to sort everything out and get rid of anything that won’t do you any good.

How to Do a Brain Dump

A brain dump is straightforward.

All you need is a pen and blank paper and you’re good to go.

Start the brain dump by creating a list and writing down whatever it is that is bothering you.

Don’t stop until you feel the restlessness inside begin to settle.

This can take a few minutes or longer. 

Don’t stop until your mind stops.

Brain Dump Examples

The following categories often keep most people up at night.

To-Do List

Write down anything you want to do in the coming days, weeks, or months. 

All of those obligations that are taking space in your head should all go to paper.

Examples include

  • Call a client
  • Complete a project
  • Take the pet to the vet
  • Clean the room
  • Visit the dentist
  • Sign up for an online class

Common Stressors and Worries

Write down anything that is causing you to worry and giving you even the slightest amount of stress.

Examples include

  • Fight with a significant other
  • Negative news
  • Finances
  • Health issues
  • Relationships
  • Job security

You can also create different categories for your mind dump. For instance:

  • Me
  • House
  • Work
  • Kids

In essence, opt for a way of organising your thoughts that you are comfortable with.

What to Do After a Brain Dump

After writing everything down, evaluate your list.

Is there a thing in your list that can cause you to spiral?

Is there a thing in your list that you feel you can’t deal with?

Take note of those.

Then write down your thoughts and feelings on those things.

If you are feeling negative about certain things, a brain dump can be extremely therapeutic.

Contrary to popular belief, a brain dump is not an activity you can only do at night before you sleep.

You can also do a brain dump in the morning.

It can be a great way to clear your mind for the day ahead.

Brain dumps have been known to help with productivity and focus.

Take a few minutes to clear out your mind before starting your day.

When you get all those nagging thoughts out of your head, you will feel so much better.

Over to You

Have you tried doing a brain dump? When you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious, a brain dump can be a powerful tool that can help get you back and track and ready to take on the world again.

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