The Four Elements and What They Say About Each of the Zodiac Signs

Each of the 12 zodiac signs in astrology is associated with four elements: water, earth, fire, and air.

When you think about your sign, it is crucial also to consider the four elements.

It is important to remember that the qualities of the elements will also directly relate to the qualities of the signs.

The Four Zodiac Elements

Let’s look at the four elements of the zodiac to see how they relate to each other in Love, Money, and Health. We will examine the Air, Fire, Water, and Earth signs, so let us look into the details.

1: Fire Signs (Sagittarius, Leo, Aries)

Fire energy is restless, active, and dynamic. 

Along with air, fire is also a “yang” element or masculine energy.

People under the fire sign are passionate, impulsive, and potentially temperamental.


Fire signs will go after their object of desire with much intensity.

They are also passionate lovers.

It is crucial for fire signs to take their time when it comes to love.

Otherwise, they can experience burnout.


When it comes to money, fire signs go with their gut.

If there’s something they see and want, they get it.

While fire signs are good with money, their impulsive nature can manifest when they go shopping.


Fire signs have a lot of energy.

That said, they need a lot of movement, variety, spontaneity, and physical activity.

They enjoy sports and can be very impatient and competitive.

2: Earth Signs (Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus)

Earth energy is sensual, tangible, and very physical.

Along with the water signs, the earth exudes the yin or feminine energy.

They like having a robust foundation.

They are considered the most grounded among the signs.


Earth signs are known to be very dependable when it comes to love.

Their senses typically drive their attraction.

Physical cues are essential to them.

When looking for their significant other, they consider physical attraction and shared values as well.


Earth signs love nice things and are known for their slightly materialistic streak.

However, while they love to splurge on luxury items, they are also great at saving, planning, and budgeting.

They always consider the long-term and ROI before spending.


Earth signs love routine.

They thrive with regimented sleep schedules and a high-quality mattress and bed.

Fitness-wise, it would be ideal for them to find one or two workouts they like and adhere to them.

They prefer activities that track their progress like running, weight lifting, and yoga.

3: Air Signs (Aquarius, Libra, Gemini)

While fire signs are physical and active, air signs are communicative, cerebral, and mental.

This is considered a different manifestation of the Yang energy.

Since they are a bit out there, they can be labeled airheads, but they are always great at keeping things interesting.


Since these signs love to communicate, they love stimulating conversation. 

In love, they need to connect with their significant others through mental connection, conversation, and a shared sense of humor.

They don’t like to be rushed into making decisions as they have a free-spirited approach to relationships.


These folks are tech-savvy, so they would do well using apps to help them manage their finances better.

Like the fire signs, they are also known to be impulse spenders.

However, they mostly spend on social things like meeting up with friends or going out.


Air signs thrive on being social and connected.

Their health is considered an integral factor in their personal relationships.

Any movement with some social component would be great, like having a workout partner or joining a fitness class.

Guided activities or workouts with friends can also help keep them motivated.

4: Water Signs (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer)

Water signs are known to be very attached and emotional.

They are also mysterious and super sensitive.

They are intuitive and deep people and are known to be the psychics of the signs.

They are also very family and home-oriented.


Since water signs tend to fall in love quickly, casual dating is not suitable for them.

They also tend to get anxiously attached and idealize people.

Their proclivity to being with family and staying at home makes them loving partners.


Water signs are particular about security, but they can be very anxious and emotional.

That said, they tend to self-soothe by spending.

They can use money or a life coach to keep their feelings in check at specific points.

They also need to get grounded. Otherwise, they can end up emotionally spending all their money.


The mind-body-spirit connection is vital to water signs.

They put great importance on their overall health and well-being.

They also prefer to feel secure and have a home that soothes them.

They would do well with yoga or any activity related to water.

Over to You

There’s always plenty more to discover and learn when it comes to astrology. However, knowing how the four elements relate to each zodiac sign can provide a great foundation.

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