Fun Law of Attraction Games You Can Play Indoors

If you are like most people, it is likely that you’re still working from home and spending a lot of time indoors. 

Rather than spending your free hours watching TV, now is the perfect time to use it for something that can help you live your best life.

Practicing your manifesting powers would be a good place to start.

Below are some fun Law of Attraction games you can use to engage your subconscious mind and manifest everything you want in life:

Fun LOA Game #01: Charging Your Water

Charging your water with intentions is one of the easiest manifesting games you can try.

This game is so simple you can effortlessly make a habit of this each time you drink water.

Before drinking your water, hold the glass with both hands and take a few seconds to envision bright light and positive energy in the water.

Send your positive intention to the water and then drink it up!

You can send any intention you want but it would be best if you keep it light and simple.

Fun LOA Game #02: Drawing Your Manifestations

If you have been practicing the Law of Attraction, then you’re most likely familiar with the scripting technique. For the uninitiated, scripting involves writing a letter to the universe describing what you want your future life to be like.

However, if you are feeling creative, you can also sketch, paint, and draw your intentions!

You don’t necessarily have to be a great artist.

It’s all about using your creativity and imagination and allowing your intentions to flow through your hands and body.

The primary requirements? 

Just have fun with it and enjoy the process!

Fun LOA Game #03: Manifest Something to Text You

Want to get a text from a specific person?

This game can be really fun and you can have your mind blown away once that person will reach out.

For this game, it would be ideal to pick someone you don’t speak to on a regular basis. 

It would help if you know the other party has a way to find or reach out to you.

If you can’t think of anyone, you can scroll through the contacts in your phone or browse through your list of friends on any of your social media channels.

Here’s how the process goes:

  • Think of the last time you spoke with the person you want to attract. Was it face-to-face, on the phone, or via text?
  • Visualize yourself communicating with them.
  • Every few hours, imagine yourself communicating with that person.

Try this game for a week but don’t obsess about it.

If you don’t hear from that specific person right away, be easy about it.

It may take a bit of time for the person to reach out but they eventually will!

One important thing: it is crucial that you don’t do anything to entice them to get in touch with you.

Fun LOA Game #04: Create a Gratitude Blitz

This is another great and simple exercise you can easily do indoors.

All you have to do is write down or say out loud as many things you are grateful for.

At the end, either write down or say “Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU! repeatedly.

Often, it’s impossible not to feel all excited when you do this exercise.

It would be best if you use a timer for this exercise.

Five minutes would suffice.

There’s so much to thank the universe for if you just take the time to think about the blessings you have in your life.

For instance, you can thank the universe that you are alive, you are breathing fresh air, all your senses are working well, you have an adorable dog, you have friends who love you. 

The list is endless!

Over to You

Try the manifesting games above the next time you have some free time to spare. It will not only help you become more confident in your ability to manifest, it will also help you manifest everything you want in record time

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