Happy Money: How to Become a Zen Millionaire

Ken Honda is a Japanese speaker, businessman, and best selling author.

He has written over 58 books and generated over 8 million copies in sales.

Most of his books focus on personal development and finance.

As a child, Ken grew up in a wealthy home.

However, his childhood lacked peace and happiness.

While his father was successful, he was stingy and frugal.

A distant and abusive man, his father also struggled with depression and alcoholism.

Growing up, Ken sought ways to heal his trauma and change his life for the better.

If you want to change your current financial standing, transform your perception of money and develop peace of mind, this article is for you.

Below are some of the ways you can become a zen millionaire:

Heal Your Money Wounds

Are you one of the many who thinks money is unfair?

Do you blame money for your unhappiness?

Do you think rich people only take advantage of others?

A 2013 study done by behavior experts at Cambridge University revealed that the beliefs you have about money is shaped by age seven.

As children, you often absorb what is taught to you and consider it gospel truth.

You then go out into the world and use the knowledge passed to you to shape your actions and decisions around money. 

Most people have the belief that money is filthy. That it is scarce and it corrupts. 

Most have the perception that it is a win-lose game.

You think others will experience lack when you have more.

What You Should Do

You have no control over what you saw, heard, and experienced in childhood. 

If you allow those beliefs to rule over you now, you are giving your power away.

Understand that no parent wants to hurt their children.

Know that many factors have also created their beliefs and decisions.

To take back your power, develop empathy for your caregivers.

It would be futile to wish for the past to be different.

Let go and release the hold said trauma has on you.

Once you have claimed the power back, you can then create the kind of relationship you should have with money.

Develop an Attitude of Gratitude Towards Your Bills

Do you complain each time you have to pay your bills?

Or do you give thanks for the services you have gotten?

Do you curse at work deadlines?

Or are you thankful for the opportunity to earn a living?

Do you hate the high cost of living?

Or do you love the freedom and luxuries you can enjoy?

Ken Honda recommends giving thanks for all your bills—from your mortgage down to your gas payments.

Each time you pay with gratitude, you will create a cycle of plenty for all the parties involved.

The good energy you send out will benefit everyone you meet.

You will not only create more good for yourself but for others as well.

What You Should Do

You have several reasons to be grateful for your bills.

For starters, it is an indicator that they have faith in your ability to pay.

Someone trusted you enough to provide a service to you.

The idea is to treat your bills as your friend and not your enemy.

The next time you need to pay your bills, try reciting this mantra “Money, money, money, money, go out and bless the world and come back with your friends.”

Wealth is an Attitude

What comes to your mind when you think about money?

Do you feel constantly ripped off, duped, or cheated?

Change your attitude and language towards money.

If you are filled with resentment and anger, you will become poor regardless of how much money you have.

There is no denying money is important.

It is an integral part of life.

It can give you options.

It allows you to make choices.

What You Should Do

Watch your language and attitude towards money.

Early experiences in childhood can shape your attitudes and ideas toward money.

Getting reprimanded for spending too much and being denied experiences can make you feel like you are not worth it.

One way to turn this would be to turn anxiety and fear into appreciation.

Learn how to be grateful for the blessings you have in your life.

This can change your money narrative significantly.

Each day, make a deliberate effort to rewire your thoughts.

The new thoughts will create different actions and will bring in different results.

Over to You

If you are not happy with your current financial situation, you’d be happy to know there is something you can do about it. You are not stuck. No matter where you are in life, there are things you can do to change your circumstances and live the healthy and abundant life you truly deserve.

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