Here’s How to Find Unconditional Love This 2023

For many people, finding unconditional love this 2023 is a wonderful thing. However, can you unconditionally love someone freely without any strings attached? For many, finding unconditional love is more complex and challenging than it seems.

In essence, unconditional love is the selfless act of loving a person fully without expecting anything in return.

Unconditional love can be equated to parents’ love for their children and vice versa.

Wanting unconditional love is a great desire that you might be seeking yourself.

But is it something that can be attained easily?

Or does unconditional love only happen in movies?

Having a better understanding and insight into unconditional love can help you effectively find that special connection in your life.

What is Unconditional Love?

Unconditional love occurs when you love a person without expecting anything in return — no expectations of repayment.

This means you love the other party for who they are, no strings attached.

According to a 2009 research, this straightforward act of loving someone without any regard or concern for how you can benefit from the relationship can activate the parts of the brain that lights up when a person sows maternal or romantic love.

Signs of Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is the simple act of loving another person and doing things to make them happy without expecting anything in return.

This means you care for and love someone from your heart through all of life’s phases — sickness, health, riches, and moments of scarcity. 

True unconditional love means you accept the other person just as they are.

This means you also embrace their imperfections and flaws and do not expect them to change for you.

“I do so many things for you, but what do I get in return?”

“I have planned so many things and would have wanted to spend the entire day with you and your friends have ruined it all.”

“I am unhappy and frustrated with how you have shown me love these past few years.”

Do you notice a common thread among the sentences above?

If you notice they are loaded with expectations, then you are right.

The statements above also show that you are setting limits in your relationship.

This means the commitment and efforts shown are contingent on what the person has received in return.

The above statements are classic examples of conditional love.

Is Unconditional Love Real and Attainable?

In many ways, the idea of unconditional love and the expectation that go with it can seem complex. 

If the idea of giving unconditional love forces you to do things that are not natural to you, you should pause and take a step back.

Loving without any expectations does not mean your relationship will be perfect.

It does not mean you should have unrealistic expectations from your partner or yourself.

Loving someone unconditionally involves being selfless and loving the other person with all their heart.

It also involves being selfless in how you choose to express your love.

This means you show affection and love to your partner sincerely and not love them so they can give something back to you or love you back the way you love them.

Understandably, everyone has a different way of loving others.

Unconditional love requires understanding the vulnerabilities and going beyond them.

It involves offering kindness, safety, warmth, and kindness to the other party.

Amazingly, genuine and unconditional love is possible, given that your understanding of it is in the right place.

Is Unconditional Love Healthy?

If you are like many people, you are likely asking yourself if loving providing unconditional love is a weakness or a vulnerability.

In a way, loving with no holds barred is healthy.

If you love someone with all your heart, you have chosen to accept them just as they are.

On the contrary, if you love with expectations, it means you want to control the other person’s actions.

That said, unconditional love is considered healthy, given mutual respect, kindness, and safety exists.

What does this mean?

It means you love the other person with all you have but never at the cost of your honor, dignity, or integrity.

Loving someone unconditionally does not mean compromising with the other party if you are being disrespected or violated.

You must be able to determine what is acceptable and what is not.

In other words, you must accurately identify or determine what unconditional love looks like.

The Telltale Signs of Unconditional Love

If you ever begin doubting if the love you have for each other is unconditional or not, look for the following signs that indicate there is unconditional love present:

1. Your needs are given preference

Does your significant other agree or support most of your decisions?

You don’t necessarily have to consider big decisions or moments to find your answer.

Small decisions and choices matter, and they count.

Case in point: does your partner support where you want to eat or what shows you would like to binge-watch on Netflix?

No matter how small, gestures can tell if your significant other is willing to adjust and compromise to keep you happy.

Of course, they can also offer suggestions and recommendations.

If there is unconditional love and if the love is pure and sincere, the person would always take into consideration your preferences and do whatever it takes to keep you happy.

2. Your dreams are supported

Anyone who loves you unconditionally is secure in their place and will provide unwavering support and love so you can follow your dreams.

The person will understand and appreciate that you have goals, dreams, and aspirations that are different from theirs and they provide unwavering support to ensure you can achieve your goals and objectives, whatever they may be.

More importantly, someone who loves you unconditionally will be a constant voice that will provide clarity in your moments of doubt.

They will also encourage you to spread your wings, soar high, and fly and will find a way to provide support and help you find a way to work things out.

3. You are respected

One of the essential tenets of unconditional love is respect.

Respect goes beyond having your partner open doors for you or pulling your chair at the restaurant.

More importantly, respect is shown and given when your beliefs are respected and you are treated right, regardless of where you are — in public or in private.

Also, when you are respected, it’s easier for you to love the other person wholeheartedly.

This is why relationships based on respect have a robust foundation compared to others where respect is absent.

When you and your partner have high regard and respect for each other and you are both secure in yourselves, it is way more accessible for you to love each other freely.

4. They look after you when you are sick

When your health takes a downturn, someone who loves you unconditionally will be concerned and worried.

However, more than that, they would also look after you, nurse you back to health, and ensure you can get back on your feet.

They will also get out of their way to ensure you feel better emotionally, not just physically.

They can send text messages at work or check in on you before or after returning home from work.

They will also send flowers or care packages to lighten your day and make you feel better.

Someone who loves you unconditionally will also not leave your side until you are back on your feet and feeling like your usual and healthy self again.

5. They are proud of you and will show it

When someone loves you unconditionally, they are proud of you and your achievements.

They will never get jealous or feel insecure that you are way ahead of them or that you are accomplishing your goals.

Instead, they will be there to celebrate your victories with you.

They will also be your rock if you don’t get what you deserve. 

They will motivate and push you to be better by telling you they are proud of you even if you experience major or temporary setbacks.

They will also encourage you to move forward and support you every step of the way.

6. They will provide emotional support

Life is full of ups and downs, and everyone goes through their share of miseries and sorrows.

Understandably, in times of crisis, sadness, or challenges, that’s when you can feel the most vulnerable.

In a similar state, you can start doubting things and you can spiral uncontrollably and be consumed by your negative and intrusive thoughts and feelings.

If you are loved unconditionally, your partner will be there with you through it all.

They are sensitive to your needs and help you cope with whatever it is that you will deal with emotionally until you feel better about life and yourself again.

Similar situations are not always easy to manage and can affect your mental health.

However, a partner who loves you unconditionally will never leave your side and will always be with you through it all.

7. You can see their vulnerable side

It’s never easy for people to open up about themselves or their past bad experiences and traumas and relive the hardships they have experienced.

However, if someone shows you unconditional love, they would like to know every little detail about your bad experiences or traumas.

They want a safe space where you can freely express your thoughts without judgment.

Trust issues make many people unable to give 100% in a relationship.

For instance, they might have been mistreated or cheated on by previous partners, and that pain has taken solid hold of their minds.

That said, if a person lets their guard down and shares their past with you, it clearly indicates that their love is not only genuine, it is also unconditional.

8. They don’t let fights linger

Fights and arguments are part and parcel of any relationship. 

Everyone is different, so it makes sense that each has their preferences and choices.

In many couples, these differences in opinions can quickly turn into arguments and fights.

However, if you or the other party works on ensuring arguments and conflicts are resolved at the soonest possible time, you have found yourself a keeper.

Someone who loves you unconditionally will look past your differences and instead find solutions to ensure you can meet halfway and resolve any conflicts as soon as possible.

They also ensure you have a safe space, and you are made to feel like you can work out any disagreements or resentments as soon as possible.

9. You are forgiven easily

If someone has unconditional love for you, they can forgive you quickly.

They won’t hold any grudges against you, especially regarding past issues and problems.

This can be attributed to the fact that they accept your flaws and can’t be mad at you for long.

However, this should not be a sign for you to abuse the other person or misbehave.

If the relationship turns toxic and there is no respect, you must reevaluate if you should still pursue it.

If cheating is involved, it would be best to opt out rather than subject yourself to further abuse and misery.

How to find Unconditional Love This 2023

If you are looking for unconditional love this 2023, here are some practical tips to keep in mind:

Start with yourself

Loving someone unconditionally requires growth and maturity.

Understandably, this can take time and will require plenty of time for pause and reflection.

This might not be common knowledge, but attracting and finding true love requires starting with one crucial thing — loving yourself unconditionally.

Of course, you know yourself more than anyone else, and you are well aware of who you are — your flaws and all.

Only when you can show yourself some genuine and unconditional love will you be able to move past your imperfections, embrace them, and do the same thing for others.

Communicate with others openly and freely

To provide unconditional love, you need to be able to let your guard down.

You need to have a place to share your deepest insecurities and fears.

You also need to be able to communicate and show your significant others through your actions that you are listening to them and you hear them.

Begin with an unconditional act daily

This step requires that you can condition your mind.

This also involves accepting the other party as they are and doing something that can make them happy.

Developing this thought process will take time and require you to perform one selfless and unconditional act daily.

This only sometimes involves asking for grand gestures.

Even asking the other person how their day went would suffice.

Learn to forgive

A huge part of loving someone unconditionally is moving past your differences and looking at the bigger picture.

Do you tend to cling to your disagreements and arguments?

Do you find moving on complicated?

If you answered yes, then you won’t be able to provide unconditional love to your partner.

Allowing yourself to forgive will help you be able to provide unconditional love.

Keep in mind that no two individuals are the same, and the differences will show up eventually as you pursue the relationship.

However, when there is unconditional love, those disagreements and differences should not hinder you from forming an unbreakable bond.

Always see the positive side of things

If you want to provide unconditional love, you need to choose to see the positive side of things.

Of course, this is easier said than done, but toxic people and negative experiences will not help you move forward and will hinder you from providing true unconditional love.

You must also be able to identify if the other person is keeping you stuck and not helping you in any way, shape, or form.

In similar cases, it would be best to move on and not pursue the relationship any further.


Without a doubt, finding (and giving) unconditional love is easier said than done. However, it is reassuring to know that it is possible if you know what unconditional love looks like and you know how to give and receive it.

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