How to Become a Manifesting Magnet and Invite More Magic Into Your Life

At times, doesn’t it seem like some people are just living truly magical lives?

Things seem to always go their way, like they have a natural knack for manifesting.

It’s easy to believe those people are just plain lucky. 

Or the most common tendency would be to think they have something you don’t.

However, it is reassuring to know that with some knowledge and a little bit of work, you too can become a manifesting magnet and invite more magic into your life.

Here’s something not many people know: living magically is a choice. It is an attitude and an outlook.

You get to decide how you see the world, whether it’s good or bad.

It is up to you to decide if you are powerful or not.

Since you have that choice, wouldn’t you want to live a magical life—the life you have always dreamt of?

Live a Magical Life: How to Become a Manifesting Magnet

Tip#01: Keep Your Vibe Up

You’ve probably heard the saying “your vibe attracts your tribe.”

There’s definitely truth to this.

Your energy will affect and create the world around you.

That said, always keep in mind that your energy matters.

Your life is a direct reflection of the beliefs and feelings you have.

It’s a tough pill to swallow when things are not going your way or if you have created things and circumstances you don’t want.

However, the sooner you take responsibility for what you have created, the better it will be for you.

For instance, if you intend to only see the worst in the world, you will ultimately find more negativity.

However, if you put out good vibes, you will also attract good things in return.

Never forget that magic is in your hands.

If you want more good things, send out more positive energy.

Otherwise, you can send up creating and attracting more of whatever it is that you do not want.

Tip#02: Aim For Alignment

Time to be honest with yourself: are your actions in alignment with your feelings, thoughts, and desires?

For many people, alignment can be a tricky thing.

The tendency for most is to think and say one thing while doing the exact opposite.

Human beings are complex creatures.

While there is this craving for change, most also cling to the safety of the world they are familiar with.

While the conscious mind has grand ideas, the subconscious mind might still prefer the safety of the past.

This is one of the reasons most people tend to live their lives on unintentional autopilot.

However, all levels of thoughts and actions create your energy.

That said, if you are not in alignment with your desires, you will create a disconnect.

The universe will pick up on your mixed signals and will give you back mixed results.

Staying in alignment will require lots of discipline and true self-awareness.

So don’t be too hard on yourself.

You won’t be able to magically transform your life overnight.

Just do the best you can each time.

So if you get 1% better each day, you are still making progress.

Tip#03: Stay Grateful

Have you given a gift to someone that was not appreciated?

Undeniably, that unappreciative behavior will not make you want to give that person a gift ever again.

Consider this: the universe is giving you amazing gifts all the time.

How are you receiving them?

While it is crucial to focus on what you want to manifest and receive, it is equally as important to be thankful for what you have.

It does not matter what your current status in life is.

Even if life is currently not to your liking, there is always something to be grateful for.

Clean water, access to healthy food, vibrant health, a cozy house, just a few things you have going for you. 

If anything, there is no shortage of things to be thankful for.

So make sure you show the universe you are thankful for the gifts.

The universe will give you more things to be thankful for.

Tip#03: Release Control

When it comes to manifesting, being controlling is a no-no.


For starters, micromanaging the universe suggests a lack of faith in its magical powers.

The dynamics of manifesting is no different than what’s at work in the real world.

Case in point: the more your superior micromanages your work, the less you’ll likely to turn in your best.

When you are pushed to do something, your likely reaction is to resist.

That said, avoid the need to control when you are manifesting.

Set your intentions. Do your work.

However, at the end of the day, you need to have complete faith that it is only a matter of time until what you want will manifest.

The universe is way more clever than people give it credit for.

Do your share of the work and trust the universe to work its magic.

Over to You

Creating a magical life and flexing those manifesting muscles is actually way easier than most people think.

The tips mentioned above pretty much covers all you need to do to manifest what you want.

However, be open to finding additional techniques along your manifesting journey.

If you are still starting out, start with the basics we have outlined above and take it from there.

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