How to Communicate With Your Spirit Guides

In one of our articles, we covered the six different kinds of spirit guides. In this article, we will cover some of the top ways how you can start communicating with your spirit guides.

Below are some of the ways you can connect with your spirit guides and recognise their synchronicities and guidance:

1: Spiritual guidance

Getting guidance from your spirit guides will require the ability to recognise the messages they are sending.

Often, the messages sent to you are lost because your life or your mind is busy.

Action Step:

Make space in your schedule or remove some tasks off your plate so you are more present and aware of any guidance from your spirit guides

When you are not rushing around, you will become more aware of messages from your spirit guides.

You can also quiet your mind by incorporating a spirit guide meditation practice into your schedule.

This also helps you become better at creating more space in between your ideas and thoughts.

2: Spirit guide signs.

The more you watch out for signs, the more you will be able to recognise the signs your spirit guides are sending you.

This allows something magical to happen as well—as you become more aware of the signs and the helpful messages, you are likely to start receiving messages from spirit guides.

Action Step: 

Remind yourself as much as possible that your guides are sending you messages. 

If you are in the process of making a huge and important decision or you are going through some massive challenges or changes, expect more guidance to come your way to help you navigate the situation.

3: Get a spirit guide journal.

Get yourself a journal and devote it entirely to increasing communication between yourself and your guides.

Treat it as your sacred place where you can write letters to your guides, especially if you need assistance and help.

While your spirit guides know you well, it can be very powerful to willingly ask for their guidance and help.

You can also use the journal to document any important signs and messages you get from them.

Action Step:

Write a letter for your guides at the start of each week and express gratitude about anything and everything they have helped you with.

You can also write about the help and guidance you need on specific issues or problems that are bothering you.

For the rest of the week, be on the lookout for any synchronicities and messages from your spirit guides.

4: How to ask your spirit guides for help.

When a situation or problem frustrates you and you are confused about the next best step or you feel like everything is out of your control, surrender it over to your guides.

Doing this will not only lighten your load, it can also give you fresh insights and give your spirit guides more opportunity to do their thing and help you out.

Action Step:

Practice releasing any issues to your spirit guides. Quiet your mind rather than strategising and worrying.

Use a mantra such as “I am surrendering this problem over to my guides and allowing them to help me.”

5: How to talk to spirit guides.

This is the easiest and quickest way to connect with your spirit guides. And it really works!

You can also say a formal prayer or blessing or you can just tell them about what you need with a brief sentence.

Action Step:

Ask your spirit guide through your thoughts about something you are worried about and need help with. Also, don’t shy away from asking help from others, be it a loved one, expert, co-worker, or even healthcare professional.

You deserve all the help and support you need!

Over to You

There are various ways you can connect with your spirit guides.

Try one or all of them and watch how your relationship with your spirit guides improve.

You can also find other ways to connect with your spirit guides as you go along.

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