How To Manifest Something Small First

Five words sums up the Law of Attraction, and they are: your thoughts create your reality

That means that every thought we think goes out into the universe and, at some point, becomes our reality.

Now that we know that every thought creates our reality, we can focus our thoughts on manifesting better lives for ourselves.

Have you ever tried manifesting, and it didn’t work? For example, were you trying to manifest something huge like a house, a car or even a million dollars? 

Most people try to manifest something massive and then just give up and say that manifesting or the Law of Attraction is nonsense.

Manifesting is easy when you know how to manifest something the right way. 

So to start with, why not manifest something small first to see how manifesting works.

You could try and manifest a parking space, a cup of coffee or even something that you have lost. Make manifesting fun, and you will enjoy the process and do it more and more. 

Manifesting anything can also be simplified into three steps—decide, align, and receive. 

Sounds easy, right?

However, if you are new to the practice, it is likely that you can get overwhelmed and won’t know where to start or how to go about it.

How to Manifest

Would you like to know how to manifest something small first?


Here’s how you can manifest small things first and see the power of this universal law for yourself.

Write your manifestations in a journal.

Before you start manifesting, write down your manifestations in a journal. By writing what you want to manifest, you make it more precise in your mind to manifest what you want. 

You can use any journal, including lined, dotted or plain paper.  

Use your favorite pen and feel the paper as you write. Enjoy the experience and feel good about yourself.

Write them down as if you would be speaking them, so make them easier to say in a sentence that you can remember. 

So, for example, let’s manifest three things using the three-step process. 

  • Decide
  • Align
  • Receive

Experiment No. 1: Manifesting a Parking Space

Now, let us apply the three basic steps: decide, align, and receive.

Before you start your journey, do the following:


A parking space close to where you are going.


Visualise yourself driving on your way to where you want to go and say thank you for the perfect parking space waiting for you. Then, visualize the spot you wish to be empty when you arrive.

Feel the excitement and joy of finding the perfect parking spot.

Start your journey, and as you drive, start receiving. 


As you drive to the parking area, be prepared to go to the exact spot you want and have an open space just waiting for you. Be grateful for already having the perfect parking spot before you get there. 

Enjoy the right parking space very close to where you want to go.

Experiment No. 2: Manifesting a Free Cup of Coffee

Let us apply the three steps.


A free cup of coffee


Visualise yourself enjoying a free cup of coffee courtesy of someone.

You don’t have to imagine or figure out who will give it to you. 

That’s the job of the universe.

Just imagine the act of receiving in general.

Feel grateful and happy for the free cup of coffee.

What does it smell like?

What does it taste like? 

How awesome does it feel to enjoy this free cup of coffee?

Bask in the feeling of joy and gratitude for your manifestation.


From there, forget about it and go about your day.

You will be able to see the power of the universe once you can manifest these minor things.

And as always, be sure to give thanks to the universe once you get your delicious cup of free coffee.

Experiment No. 3: Manifest Something You Have Lost


Finding something you lost


As you move around your home, visualize the delight and surprise of walking into your room and finding the lost item sitting there just waiting for you.

To further align with what it is that you would like to manifest, feel the happiness, relief, and gratitude you will feel at the thought of finding what you have lost. Then, imagine telling a friend how the lost article just appeared when you were least expecting it. Then, imagine you and your friend laughing about it. 


Be thankful for receiving the item that you have lost. 

This technique sends out lots of good vibrations into the universe. 

Lastly, don’t forget to say thank you once you have reunited with your lost item!

Negative Beliefs

Now would be a good time to check if you have any negative beliefs or thoughts that can completely mess up your manifestation.

Fight the urge to think your manifestation won’t come true. 

Conflicting thoughts will create resistance and can hinder the manifestation of your desires.

As a general rule of thumb, always pivot to your desired outcome.

When anything negative comes up, gently pivot your thoughts back to align with your desired outcome.

As soon as you manifest the item you want, be sure to say thank you for the manifestation coming true, as this can help raise your vibration higher.

Below are some posts that go into more depth about this topic.

Other Small Things You Can Manifest

For beginners, here’s a list of other small items you can experiment with:

Seeing a specific animal

Seeing a particular shape (diamond, heart, round, etc.)

Seeing a particular image (i.e., a peace sign, a red Tesla, etc.)

A seat at a coffee shop or restaurant

A particular food or beverage

A specific phrase or word

A manifesting book

A specific song

Use the three-step process as we discussed, so you don’t have to think about how to manifest something anymore. Instead, you can use the three-step process to choose what you want. Then, write it down in your journal to clarify what you want. 

Then align with the feeling of having the item or experience that you desire. Feel the feeling the same way you would be feeling if you were drinking coffee, hugging a loved one or even finding something that is lost. 

Be open to receiving your manifestation in any way it may come. The universe has a way of surprising you.  

Over to You

Here’s something not many people know: for the universe, the size of your desires won’t matter.

If anything, you are powerful enough to be able to manifest what you want, big or small.

Start manifesting small things first.

Manifesting anything regardless of size should come to you once you start seeing how the universe works.

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