How to Manifest Your Desires Using the Sacred Geometry

Are you working on setting your intentions for this year? You can amplify the power of your intentions and manifest them faster by using sacred geometry.

To make things simple, let’s start the process of using sacred geometry by asking yourself these three crucial questions:

  1. What is it that you want to HAVE in your life?
  2. To get what you want, who do you have to BE?
  3. Lastly, what do you need to DO differently?

If you do a quick Google search, you will find the following as the most popular New Year’s resolutions:

  • Get healthy
  • Live life to the fullest
  • Learn new hobbies
  • Get organized
  • Spend less
  • Save more
  • Read more
  • Travel more

You see, the intention is there. People know what they want to work on.

However, many often forget about their resolutions before the first month of the year ends.

Why is this so? While setting your intentions can go a long way, it won’t suffice on its own. 

Here’s a secret sauce many often miss: they don’t use the three keys of manifestation: have, be, and do.

Making it Happen: How to Use the Sacred Geometry to Manifest Your Desires

Here’s a straightforward way to use sacred geometry to turn your intentions into reality.

Draw an equilateral triangle on a piece of paper.

Each of the angles of an equilateral triangle is 60 degrees.

This is a key factor as it highlights something very important—what you need to BE and DO is just as important as what you HAVE.

In other words, each is just as important as the other.

In sacred geometry, the triangle is seen as the most stable of forms.

It represents where consciousness and matter connect with the higher realms.

Sacred geometry allows you to create the right balance between your knowledge, action, and will.

More than anything, sacred geometry helps you become unstoppable as you are able to balance your thinking, doing, and being.

What this means is you won’t be able to manifest whatever it is that you want to HAVE unless you make all the changes necessary to BE and DO.

Here’s how the technique works:

  1. At the base of your triangle, write whatever it is that you want to HAVE.
  2. On the right side, write down what you would have to BE in order to manifest what you want. What do you need to do differently?
  3. On the left side, write down what you need to DO. What actions do you need to take to bring your desires to life?

For you to understand the sacred geometry concept better, here’s a more concrete example:

Let’s say you want to get healthy.

1. On the base of the triangle, write what you want to HAVE.

  • What will health look like for you?
  • How will you feel?
  • What will you look like?
  • What activities will you be doing?

2. On the right side, write down how you need to BE to achieve great health.

  • What changes will other people see in you?

3. On the left side, list out what you need to DO.

  • Action is the catalyst that can help bring your desires to you.

As you go about your manifestation triangle, continue to brainstorm ideas until everything gets crystal clear for you.

Once you have done your part, release your desire to the universe, get out of your own way, and allow the universe to bring your desires to life!

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