How to Master the Law of Attraction: Remember These Three Tips

The concept behind the Law of Attraction is simple: you attract into your life whatever it is that you focus your energy and attention on—regardless if it’s positive or negative. 

While the principle is easy to understand, many people find it very challenging to use.

In most instances, when people claim the Law of Attraction does not work, the truth is they just have not mastered how to utilize this reliable and powerful universal law.

Below are three simple steps you can use to master the Law of Attraction and become happier, healthier, and more abundant:

Step 01: Set Your Intention

Simply put, be clear about what it is that you want.

Imagine yourself planting a seed.

If you planted a mango seed, it won’t make sense if you expect anything other than a mango tree to grow.

The same is true when you want to be clear about the seeds you are planting.

For instance, if you want financial abundance, be very specific and clear about what it means and feels like for you.

At times, you might think you are sending out vibrations of abundance when in fact you are sending the exact opposite. 

Each time you say you cannot afford something, you are planting seeds of lack.

Mind your thoughts and watch your words.

If you want to buy something but think you can’t afford it just yet, say something like, “I have all the money I need but I choose not to spend money on this specific thing right now.

This can help shift your vibration and bring forth an energy of control and optimism rather than a feeling of being a victim.

Step 02: Focus Your Attention

Focus on what it is that you truly want.

Then give it all the attention and love.

Let’s say you have set your heart on getting a promotion at work, start believing that it is possible.

Not only that, you also need to believe that it is your birthright.

You need to release resistance so you can allow your desire to flow easily to you.

Sometimes, problems occur when you unconsciously focus on not having whatever it is that you want to manifest.

It is important to keep in mind that energy flows where attention goes.

Be mindful of how you are focusing your attention by taking inventory of what is currently going on in your life.

If your current situation is less than desirable, look within if you have been focusing more on the negative rather than the positive aspects.

Step 03: Release the Tension

Give your manifestation ample time.

And make sure you are ready to give.

For instance, if you want to bake a cake, you start by thinking of the kind of cake you want to bake.

From there, you can pick the ingredients so you can put them all together. 

However, even if you have put all the ingredients together, it won’t become a cake if you don’t leave it alone. 

Poking or staring at the cake won’t make it bake any quicker.

You will just end up getting frustrated.

The same analogy applies to manifesting.

Let the cake bake in the oven, certain that it will be ready when the time is right.

Go about your life and know that your desires will manifest at the best time.

That said, be easy about it.

Hold yourself in a calm and uplifted manner.

Release all resistance that can prevent you from manifesting your desires.

And you’ll be able to manifest with the utmost ease.

Over to You

In summary, to master the Law of Attraction, you need to keep in mind the following takeaways:

  • Step 01: Set your intention and clarify your desire.
  • Step 02: Focus your attention on the achievement of your desire.
  • Step 03: Release your resistance about the situation and allow your desires to manifest easily.

As soon as you start seeing proof that the Law of Attraction works, it becomes easier to put it into practice. Be light about it and have fun with it and notice how feeling good brings in more amazing things into your world.

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