How to Overcome Adversity Through the Law of Attraction

At the most basic level, facing adversity can be likened to being in a situation where the odds seem to not be stacked in your favor. 

At times, the challenges can feel manageable.

Passing a tough job interview or getting fit are great examples of overcoming adversity.

For most people, facing adversity can mean they are facing a really tough problem like unemployment, sickness, or divorce.

Understandably, if you face a lot of tough (and painful) challenges, you can end up feeling hopeless at one point or another.

One key to overcoming adversity is rejecting the victim mentality and seeing yourself as an empowered person who can overcome any adversity thrown your way.

Overcoming Adversity: Powerful Tips to Keep in Mind

How should you act when you encounter a major challenge? Below are powerful steps you can take:

Step 1: Determine the Problem at Hand

Overcoming adversity can be overwhelming.

It might even send you into a negative mental loop.

When it happens, take a deep breath and analyse the problem at hand.

It is also recommended that you put things in writing.

The following questions can help you clarify the situation you are facing.

Get to the bottom of the problem by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What is the problem?
  • What are my options?
  • How am I feeling?
  • What am I worrying about?

Step 2: Think About the Worst Possible Outcome

Adversity is often blown out of proportion because most people turn it into an unbeatable monster in their heads.

One of the best things you can do when facing a difficult problem would be to contemplate the worst possible outcome deliberately.

Case in point: Let’s say you are stressed about a promotion at work because you don’t want to take on extra responsibilities.

Ask yourself, “What’s the worst thing that can happen in this situation?”

The worst that can happen is you won’t get promoted.

But then again, it does not mean you won’t have the chance to be promoted once you are ready to take on more responsibilities.

The main goal of the exercise is to make the problem manageable.

If you know you can deal with the worst possible outcome, you won’t see it as something you can’t manage.

This trick is especially helpful if you have anxiety.

It can help you de-escalate your emotions and reconnect with reality at the same time.

Step 3: Use the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction (and a positive mindset) can be powerful weapons that can help you overcome adversity.

It can also help you manifest positive situations even when dealing with a tough situation.

Using powerful tools like visualisations and affirmations can also help you turn the situation around dramatically.

The positive images and statements that you envision during visualisations and affirmations can also help you attract more positivity in your life.

Through the Law of Attraction, the universe can also bring people, circumstances, and opportunities into your life that can help you turn your life around. 

Over to You

At times, adversities are not as big as we perceive them to be. Fortunately, there is no shortage of ways you can use the Law of Attraction to turn a seemingly massive situation into something you can easily manage. 

You can also find so many tools in this blog that can help you overcome problems and live the life you want. When you use the tools, you will begin to see adversity for what it really is, just a bump in the road rather than a massive disaster.

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