How to Overcome Obstacles that are Blocking Your Success

If you struggle with anything, be it your career, past, relationships, etc., you are not alone. No one is immune to difficulties and hardships. However, everyone reacts to difficult situations differently. People have different ways of overcoming obstacles or challenges. One way to overcome obstacles is to focus on the task and not let distractions get in the way.

While some struggle to overcome life challenges, some are better at them compared to others. 

Ultimately, overcoming obstacles is something you alone can do.

You can turn life’s challenges into learning lessons or use them as an excuse to get bitter and angry.

Everything is up to you. 

Only you can change your circumstances.

Often the bigger challenge is choosing your battles.

Overcoming Difficulties: How to Overcome Obstacles in Life

In essence, obstacles are the stumbling blocks that hinder you from reaching your goals.

Obstacles also prevent you from achieving your desired dreams.

To move further in life, you have to overcome these obstacles.

It’s not enough that you set goals; you need to find ways to actualize them.

The point of execution is often the most challenging as unexpected obstacles and setbacks set in.

If you are struggling with anything, below are some of the effective ways you can overcome challenges and achieve success:

Determine What is Limiting You

Sit down and think about your limiting factors.

What obstacles and setbacks are standing between you and your goals?

Refrain from turning your list into a list of complaints as they will eventually turn into excuses.

For instance, if a lack of time hinders you from achieving your goals, reflect on what you spend your time and energy on.

Some limiting factors can include complacency, procrastination, and external events.

If you don’t have enough funds, figure out if it’s related to how you manage your priorities.

Your immediate challenge is likely a lack of time or motivation so you need to figure those things out first so you will know how to resolve them.

If you lack funds, you can also look into practical solutions like reducing expenses or finding ways to earn an extra income.

Review the Timeline of the Obstacle

Have you been dealing with an obstacle or challenge for a long time?

What habit or attitude is hindering you from overcoming your challenges or obstacles?

Knowing the answers to those questions can help you make the right changes.

For example, something about the new job might be challenging if you change your job. 

It is also likely that you need to cope with a new environment.

Reflect on the different obstacles in your life.

Take a cue from your experiences and apply the lessons you have learned when dealing with new obstacles and challenges.

Determine What is Beyond You

Some setbacks and challenges are beyond you.

They can be so overwhelming and daunting that you won’t know how to overcome them.

Perhaps, you become so overwhelmed and afraid that you can’t even move.

However, you should not feel like it’s the world’s end.

Take a deep breath and list down things you have control over, including:

  • How much energy will you exert?
  • Your habits
  • Your lifestyle—diet, relaxation, exercise (and other factors that can affect your personal disposition and mood)
  • Your decision (when you see an opportunity)

The main idea is to focus on what you can control and take it from there.

Break Your Goals Down

Taking a giant stride is all about having the boldness to pursue your goals even in the face of major opposition and setbacks.

It would be best to break your goals down into bits and figure out the obstacles hindering you from becoming successful.

For example, if you want to be a great copywriter, one thing you can do is find ways to hone your craft.

For starters, you can enroll in a copywriting class.

However, knowing that you need to enroll in a copywriting class is very different from enrolling.

That said, make sure you will take action. 

Otherwise, you won’t be able to move forward.

Make Sure You Have an Active Plan

Working with a to-do list is always ideal.

The night prior, make sure you have identified the important things you need to do and put your priorities for the day into writing.

Recognize that there will be distractions and obstacles that can throw you off.

It would also be best to list them down so you can figure out the best approach to fixing them.

Enhance Your Problem-Solving Skills

If you tend to make decisions based on your instincts, it would be a good idea to try to be more analytic.

If you need to make an important decision, here are some strategies you can look into:

  • Worst case scenario: Let’s go back to your goal of becoming a great copywriter. If you enroll for the copywriting course and fail, where would you end up? It would be best to have a backup plan so you won’t panic about what you should and need to do.
  • Cost-benefit analysis: Ask yourself what you will gain as soon as you complete the copywriting course. Assess if the benefits are worth your sacrifices and investment.

Track Your Progress

As you pursue your goals, it is recommended that you track your successes and the challenges you encountered along the way.

It would also be a good idea to create milestones and reward yourself once you have reached the milestones you have identified.

Tracking your progress can also help you stay motivated and inspired.


Challenges and obstacles give life meaning. You will encounter challenges and setbacks that can throw you off course at one point or another. The important thing is to change your perspective and face the obstacles with the right mindset. If anything, it is up to you if you will turn challenges into stumbling blocks or stepping stones.

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