How to Send a Clear Message to the Universe

If you are like most people, you’ve probably sent a message to the universe but still ended up not getting what you asked for. There are various reasons why you did not get what you want.

Aside from offering resistance, it is highly probable that the message you are sending to the universe is not clear enough.

Ensure the universe hears you loud and clear each and every time by keeping the following basics in mind:

Send a clear message.

If you don’t have a crystal clear idea of whatever it is that you want, you will end up sending a very vague message. Understandably, if you are sending out a sketchy message, you can’t expect to receive a response that is congruent with the vision you have in mind. 

In line with this, work on gaining clarity first in terms of the results you want to achieve or the things, people, or circumstances you want to manifest. Ideally, you need to be as granular about it as you possibly can. 

For instance, if you want a new car, be specific about the car that you want. Do you want a brand new car? What’s the color of the car? Black? Red? Yellow? Is it a Lamborghini or a Tesla? The more specific you are, telling the universe what you want, the better!

Telling the universe what you want.

If you want the universe to get what you want clearly, it is recommended that you give your desires a laser-like focus. See vividly in your mind whatever it is that you would like to manifest. Make your focus even more powerful by using all your senses when you visualize. 

Use your sense of feel, taste, touch, and hearing when you visualize the ideal outcome. Using our first example, imagine what it feels like to touch your car.

What does touching its interiors feel like?

What about the smell? How does it feel driving your dream car?

The more vivid you are, the clearer your message to the universe will be.

Practice the art of letting go.

Once you have sent a message to the universe, it is recommended that you avoid offering resistance by releasing it to the universe. How? By not thinking about how it’s going to come about or when. 

That is the job of the universe. Your job is to identify as clearly as possible whatever it is that you would like to manifest. Be very clear about whatever things, people, or results you want to manifest.

The universe will take care of the rest.

Also, it is ideal that you believe in your heart that it is already yours and when the time is right, it will materialize.

In addition, it would also help if you clear your energy bank by getting rid of limiting thought patterns and banishing negative thoughts for good.

Expect a message from the universe.

When you purchase something online, you don’t think twice if you’ll receive it or not, right? Let’s say you ordered your favorite shoes online. Once you send out the order and pay for the item, you just sit back and relax knowing you will receive the shoes at the time specified.

You don’t have any doubts whether the shoes will be delivered to you or not. While waiting for the shoes to arrive, you’re most likely already creating a space for them in your shoe rack.

Sending out a message to the universe is no different. 

In the same way, you should be making space in your life for whatever it is that you asked from the universe. How? Let’s say you are asking the universe for money.

Rather than just sitting at home and waiting for the universe to deliver money magically to your doorstep, go out there and network with people.

Make it very easy for the universe to manifest your desires for you by going out of your way to help the universe out.

Also, don’t be stiff about it. Have fun and you will find the person you asked for before you know it.

Direct your energy accordingly.

This might not be common knowledge but directing your energy can have a massive influence on whether your desires get delivered to you or not at all.

For instance, if you are trying to manifest love and prosperity but you keep talking to your friends about not having a loving partner, then you are offering resistance even without you knowing it.

If anything, you are sending the universe a conflicting message and not a clear one. Make your message to the universe very clear by speaking, thinking, and acting as if you are already prosperous and abundant.

And it will only be a matter of time until you will be!

Live your life with a grateful heart.

How do you show the universe that you are sure your desires will manifest? By giving thanks to them!

Even if the things, people, or results you want have not been delivered yet, if you know in your heart and believe that it is already yours, then you can manifest them faster. 

Know and trust that the message you sent out is always received. However, you can delay its manifestation or you can cause it to not manifest at all when you’re giving out unclear or contradictory requests and messages.

Other times, you also fail to recognise the opportunities the universe has presented which could have led to the manifestation of your desires.

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Over to You

The importance of sending a clear message to the universe cannot be overstated. After all, it can be a huge factor if your desires come to fruition or not.

Fortunately, if you follow the basics that are laid out above, you will not only be sending a loud message to the universe but also a crystal clear one!

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