How to Use a Vision Box to Manifest Your Desires

The Law of Attraction is a powerful practice that can bring even your grandest dreams to life. However, for new practitioners, the Law of Attraction can be challenging (at least at first). Fortunately, there’s no shortage of amazing (and effective) tools you can use to manifest with ease.

What is a Vision Box?

Also known as manifestation box, wish box, or intention box, a vision box is a very powerful manifestation tool which can amplify your manifesting power. The premise is simple—with a vision box, you can channel positive energy towards your intention, making it more likely to manifest.

In essence, a vision box is similar to a vision board but in box form.

The Peerless Benefits of Using a Manifestation Box

Using a manifestation box has a long list of benefits, some of the most remarkable include:

  • It gives you a clearer vision. This process can help you truly tune into your vision and align yourself with whatever it is that you want from life.
  • It can help you manifest powerfully. When you create a vision box, you are pouring your soul and heart into your intention. Your vision box will show the universe that you are committed and you are ready to receive.
  • It allows you to tap into your creative energy. Creating a vision box is a creative process. It helps you tap into the creative energy that’s associated with your sacral chakra.

How to Create a Vision Box

To create a vision box, you’ll need the following:

  • Box
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Clear Intention

Creating Your Vision Box

  • Get yourself a plain box. Any box will do. Plain craft boxes and papier mache boxes are recommended since they are not only sturdy, they are also easy to decorate.
  • Decorate your box. This is one of the fun parts! How you want to decorate your box is up to you. You can paint it, put glitter on it, or place your favorite stickers. Do whatever feels right (and great) for you.

Using Your Vision Box

Using your manifestation box is easy and simple. Just follow the following 3 simple steps:

1. Set Your Intention. 

Just like any other method, setting the intention is the most important step. You need to dig deep into your soul and you have to ask yourself what it is that you would like to receive.

It is also crucial that you are not only passionate about your intention but that you also believe you can have it. 

2. Fill Your Vision Box with Things that Resonate.

What should you put into your manifestation box? Anything that resonates with you! Just like any creative process, there is no right or wrong answer. The bottom line is to connect with whatever feels “right” for you.

Below are some of the things you can put in your vision box:

Letters to the universe 

A superb way to connect to your intention is through writing letters to the universe. To fully embody the practice, imagine that you are talking to a friend. Always remember that the universe has your back. 

Make your letters positive, uplifting, and full of gratitude. You also need to stop talking from a place of desperation. For instance, don’t beg the universe to give you money because you are afraid you won’t have enough.

Instead, thank the universe for all it has done for you and for all the financial blessings you have received. This kind of positivity is a magnet for better things. Once you’re done writing your letter, put it in your vision box and let go. Know that it has been sent to the universe and it is only a matter of time until you get an answer.

Written affirmations

Affirmations are one of the most powerful tools you can use with your manifesting efforts. This can be attributed to the fact that affirmations can help you “act as if” and channel the required emotions needed to manifest your desires.

It is important that affirmations are written in a positive way. Don’t focus on the negative and always write them in the present tense. For instance, rather than saying “I won’t feel anxious,” you can instead write “I am capable and confident.”

Written affirmations put your intentions in permanent form and give them more power. How often you will write your affirmations is up to you—once or several times a day is okay. It’s all up to you. Just place them in your box and wait for them to work their magic.

Visual cut-outs

Visual cut-outs can make you feel very connected to your intention. Browse through magazines and look out for images that fill you with joy and excite you. You can search for great images online. Pinterest can also be a great place to look for images.

3. Trust and Let Go

As with any Law of Attraction practice, trusting and letting go is key. Avoid obsessing if your vision box is working. Trust and know deep inside that it is working and it would only be a matter of time until your desires will manifest.

Over to You

A vision box is one of the best tools you can use to manifest your desires. There are different ways you can work with your vision box. For instance:

  • You can leave the box alone and wait for it to work its magic until your vision comes to life.
  • Meditate on the contents of your vision box whenever you want to align with your intentions.
  • Keep adding things to your intention box as a daily practice.

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