How to Use the Law of Attraction to Manifest Success

Since the book “The Secret” became a massive success, manifesting has become a buzzword. Motivational speakers, life coaches, and even celebrities like Oprah, Jim Carrey, and Will Smith have been teaching about one’s power to manifest success and the life they’ve always dreamt of.

So what does manifesting mean exactly?

Contrary to what some people believe, it is more than just a bunch of new-age fads.

The principle behind the law of attraction is simple. It states that your thoughts create an energy flow and that energy attracts its likeness. 

This is the reason why you end up with more things to be frustrated about each time you focus on negative things.

On the flip side, if you are in a great space and grateful and positive, you’ll attract more things to be grateful for.

One of the amazing things about the law of attraction is you can use it to create what you want.

You can use it to dramatically improve every area of your life you are not happy or satisfied with.

Want to enjoy perfect health, find a loving partner, or become financially independent, the law of attraction can help!

If you also want to experience career success, the law of attraction is your best bet.

Here’s how you can use the law of attraction to bring about the success you desire:

Get very clear

The importance of having very clear intentions can’t be stressed enough.

Let’s say you want a new job. Be very clear about what you want to manifest by asking yourself a few crucial questions.

For instance, what is it about the job that you like? Is it the office? Is it the lucrative pay? Or is it the job title?

Knowing what you want exactly can get the creation process off to a superb start.

It would also be a great idea to spend time writing things down as it makes it even more powerful.

Many researchers have indicated that you are likely to achieve your goals if you put them in writing.

More than anything, however, it is important that you focus on how the goal will ultimately make you feel.

The feelings and emotions that you put in your desires can make them even more powerful.

So, if you put a goal out there and act as if you’ve already achieved it, you’ll be able to manifest it faster.

Feel it and believe it

Once you are clear about your intentions, set aside time every day to cultivate the feeling of having already achieved whatever it is that you want.

Maybe it’s the first thing you’ll do each morning or the last thing you do each night. Just do whatever feels right for you.

The key thing is you make it a part of your day, where you visualize having already achieved whatever it is that you want. 

Be very vivid when visualising what you want. Don’t shy away from using all your senses.

The more you feel it and the more vivid you see it, the more you’ll believe it is only a matter of time until you are able to manifest it. 

Focus on feeling as though you’ve already achieved what you want.

Do a great job of convincing yourself while allowing the universe to do its job. 

Clear up your mental blocks

Even if you tell the universe what you want every waking hour, if you believe you don’t deserve it, you’ll stay stuck.

Hasten the manifestation of your desires by examining any limiting beliefs that are making you fearful or that are holding you back. 

Once you are able to figure out your limiting beliefs, you will be able to see them for what they truly are.

If anything, limiting beliefs are nothing more than stories you have been telling yourself about things you’ve learned from past experiences or failures.

As soon as you are able to clear out all the fears, doubts, and negativities, you will be able to allow yourself to receive whatever it is that you want.

Be patient

When you are certain about your ability to manifest your desires, it is easier for you to patiently wait for them to come true.

Forcing things and trying to manipulate them can get in the way of the universe bringing what you want to you. 

Work on taking action each day that will bring you closer to your desires. Have fun and be easy about it.

However, you also need to understand that nothing can be rushed. You will receive what you want when the time is right.

Trust in the timing of the universe.

It is always perfect.

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