Journey to Self-Love: Important Questions to Ask Yourself

As you journey to self-love, you need to answer a few crucial questions to gauge where you are in your journey. 

It is also important that you be real with yourself and provide honest answers so you know what you need to work on.  

Throughout life, you build relationships with others.

But do you have a relationship with yourself?

Without that relationship and a clear understanding of yourself—what you want and what you represent—it would be difficult for you to truly love yourself.

Below are critical questions you should ask so you can clearly define who you are and what you want so you can start your journey to self-love on the right footing.

Question 1: Are my goals really mine? Or are they imposed on me by society?

How often have you had the same goals year after year, giving promises of 100% fulfillment? 

However, suddenly, December arrives and you realize everything you vowed to achieve has remained on paper.

You scold, reproach, and berate yourself because you don’t understand why you are so lazy and cannot keep your promises.

Take time to sit down and talk to yourself.

Define what self-true truly means for you.

Define goals that will make you joyful, satisfied, happy, and at peace.

Question 2: Can I rely on myself?

Do you trust yourself?

Do you think you are capable of creating that life you want?

Self-love involves putting your life in your hands.

Learn to support yourself and rely on yourself.

Question 3: Do I practice mass or conscious consumption?

Thinking through and planning your purchases is one of the best ways you can avoid clutter in your life.

Today, we are enticed to purchase so many products, clothing, and services that were not available many decades ago. 

Succumbing to trends and purchasing “burning goods” can eventually make you lose your individuality.

You also lose your capacity to truly love yourself because you become so engrossed with keeping up with the latest products and services that are marketed.

Question 4: Figure out what happiness means to you.

The answer to this question will give you a clear insight and understanding into what it is that you want to strive for. 

Whatever it is that you do, it should bring you happiness and joy.

That is self-love.

Find out what makes you happy.

Find out what gives you joy.

And do more of those.

Create goals with those end results in mind.

Question 5: How can I simplify my life and focus and what is really important?

Your everyday life can be full of unnecessary meetings, routine business, and empty pastime on social networks.

All those will take your time, make you tired, and add to the illusion that you do not have enough time.

Unload and avoid those tasks, chores, and pastimes that do nothing for you.

Filter your social networks.

Spend less time online and more time doing things that you enjoy.

Find hobbies that make you feel fulfilled.

You will notice how easier it is to fulfill your goals when you are not wasting your time on worthless pursuits that will do nothing for you.

Over to You

Above are just 5 of the key questions you can ask yourself to create a solid foundation for your relationship with yourself. As you go on your self-love journey, you will discover some more questions along the way. Answer them with all honesty and you will move a step forward in your journey to self-love.

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