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Law of Attraction And Relationships

Law Of Attraction For Relationships

If you ever wanted the best relationship advice on the planet, all you have to do is to look at the principles and teachings from the Law of Attraction and relationships and apply them to your life.

Whether you want to improve a relationship that you are currently in, or create a new one, your understanding the principles of the law of attraction are paramount to creating the best relationships possible – whether that be with a spouse, family members, friends, business partners, co-workers or others.

In this article on the Law of Attraction and relationships, you are going to discover why self-care is so important, why it’s it’s best to be relaxed and easy about relationships, why an attitude of gratitude is so important and why unconditional love is the real answer to everything in relationships.

Relationship With Yourself

When you understand the deeper principles and teachings from the Law of Attraction, you start to understand just how vitally important you are to the Universe. For example, with every desire that you have, you help expand the Universe. You are a powerful, spiritual being having a human existence. And being a part of source energy, there is nothing wrong with putting yourself first. As matter of fact, if everybody simply put themselves first, everyone would be a lot happier!

Self-care is really about self-love – it’s about fully loving yourself before even attempting to get into an intimate relationship or even just creating new friends, or a new social life. Whatever kind of relationship that you want to have, when you understand the Law of Attraction, you can attract the perfect relationship for yourself.

Self Care

It all starts with self-love. It all starts with valuing yourself. It all starts with you.

The ironic thing about intimate and actually all relationships is that the more that you highly value yourself, the more attractive that you become. To someone interested romantically the thinking from the observing person’s perspective is that more that you take care of yourself, the more you would take care of your partner.

It makes sense, right? So the concept of wanting or needing to bend over backwards for others is counter-intuitive and highly unattractive in the eyes of others anyway, so why do it? Why do it if there is no point?

And regardless if others would value you more or less, that shouldn’t even matter. The point is to first take good care of yourself. You deserve it. You are just as important as anyone else on earth. Taking steps at self-care is the first step to attracting any type of a good, healthy, strong relationship.

Relax and Be Easy

One of the things that the Law of Attraction teaches is how important it is to feel good, to not get uptight about anything, and to relax into well-being. Have you ever noticed how those who seem to be the most confident and attractive in life are the most relaxed, easy-going and fun-loving? Their timing is right, their sense of humor is great and they don’t seem to stress out about anything.

You’ve known those kind of people right? If not, just watch any late night TV show and watch how famous people act. They are poised, confident, funny, usually witty and sometimes even humble!

Why do you think they have so many fans? It’s because of their own ability to relax and be easy about any stressful event such as auditioning for a part or performing in front of thousands.

Relationships and Law Of Attraction

The same relaxed, confident attitude is best to develop for anyone who wants to attract a new relationship or improve an existing one. If you are attracted to someone and you’re afraid to speak to them or say something, you’re not relaxed.

A relaxed person wouldn’t care so much about whether or not they were rejected by someone they were interested in because they have enough self confidence to carry them through. Plus, they know that there are roughly 7 billion other people on the planet!

When you understand how the Universe works, what you realize is that you never have to try to force a relationship – you can let the Law of Attraction bring them to you. When you force it, it rarely works. But when you allow it, then the right person will come to you.

This is why it’s best to focus on yourself at first – enough to the point where you are so happy with yourself and being by yourself that it almost doesn’t even matter if your partner comes or not. When you get to that good feeling place, then via the Law of Attraction, your partner will come.

Gratitude Attitude

One of the highest vibrational feelings that you can have is gratitude. Appreciation is a little bit higher but let’s stick with gratitude for right now. When you have an attitude of gratitude, when you vibrate at this high vibrational place, you will attract everything you want into your life – the right people, the right circumstances and even the right events that you want into your life.

From the Law of Attraction perspective, you attract more of what you think and FEEL about. So, the more gratitude you express, the more things you will have to express more gratitude towards.

It will have a snowball effect. And when it comes to relationships, you’ll attract a partner who matches the gratitude vibration – and that’s a good thing!

Unconditional Love

WARNING: The following information is not for the faint of heart!You’ve been warned…

Let’s consider a thought provoking question…

Let’s say that you had an amazing, wonderful, just “out of this world” partner already. They just couldn’t get any better than they are. And then let’s say that one day, they sat you down and told you the following:

“Honey, I love you so much! And I appreciate you so much for so many reasons, I just can’t even list them all. I truly love you unconditionally. Really, I mean that. I love you no matter what you say or do and I give you complete and absolute freedom to be, do and have whatever you want.”

How would that make you feel?

Great, right?


In a super healthy relationship like this, you wouldn’t think anything but wonderful thoughts of how much you love your partner back for offering you this total and absolute unconditional love on all levels.

It feels great, right?

So then, why not be the first to say that to your own partner? Why not?

Most of us would think, “Well, if I give (him or her) that much freedom, I’d worry that they’d take advantage of it! I’d worry that we wouldn’t be monogamous anymore and I may not even ever find out about it!”

That’s how most of us would think. That’s how most people who didn’t understand the Law of Attraction would think. That’s how scarcity minded people think.

That’s how worrisome people think. And that’s how controlling people think

Unconditional Love For Yourself And Others

But not you! Not any more! Now, you know too much. You know how the Law of Attraction would attract to you the perfect partner who would love you back unconditionally too.

Abraham, one of the best Law of Attraction teachers on the planet says that the perfect wedding vows are, “I like you now, let’s see how it goes!” It’s not to say that you shouldn’t desire or want a one person, long time relationship.

To the contrary – because you are so light and easy about it, instead, whatever relationship you do attract has a better potential long term than if you were to get and be uptight and worried about it.

When you understand the Law of Attraction and Relationships, you realize that your unconditional love is one of your greatest gifts you can give to anyone – especially to our spouses and our children. Love them no matter what. Love them no matter how. Love them no matter when. Love them, love them, love them.

You know you’d want that kind of love too. So, when you offer it first, and it will be reciprocated.


Whether you want to improve a relationship that you are currently in or whether you want to attract a new relationship, applying the principles of the Law of Attraction to any relationship is the best thing that you can do. But it has to start off with self care first. There is no point in devaluing yourself in service to others if it makes you feel worse about yourself or resentful towards others.

And if you can relax and be easy and have an attitude of gratitude about all of your relationships, you will emit a very attractive vibration that others will not be able to resist.

But the absolute game-changer of all things you can do is to show your partner, your children and others too, the amazing gift of unconditional love.

After all, you know you’d love to be shown it too!



I started using the Law of Attraction to make a better life for myself and my family. I tried many methods that did not work. Luckily I stumbled upon a technique which changed my life for the better. I taught me family, friends and decided to teach everyone who is interested in manifesting a new life for themselves. Knowledge is Power.

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