Law Of Attraction For Relationships

We, humans, are social beings that thrive on connection, intimacy, and strong emotional interaction with fellow human beings. Relationships are the source of positive emotions and support, which are critical for our satisfaction of life. Research indicates that relationships improve your odds of survival by 50 percent— it may be because, from an evolutionary perspective, isolation threatens survival.

Our mental well-being and happiness are inextricably related to meaningful and intimate relationships. Whether you’re in an unhappy relationship, want to transform your existing mediocre relationship into a great one or attract someone special into your life, the power of attraction is on hand— as it has always been, to help you out.

Deep Questions To Ask Yourself

A healthy and happy relationship is priceless. If you want to accomplish your relationship goal using the law of attraction, the first thing you need to do is to understand yourself.

Spend some time alone with yourself and ask yourself some revealing questions: What makes you happy? What is more important to you— your career or your family? 

Who makes you feel inspired and who makes you feel exhausted? What are you avoiding (are you avoiding your responsibilities?)?

Analyzing the answers will help you to identify some important aspects of your life that need improvement.

Ask yourself: Do I often do things I love doing? Do I treat myself with the love and respect I think I deserve?

If your answer to any of these questions is no, then you have to work on increasing self-love. If you love yourself and do things that make you happy, you’ll attract others to do the same.

Ask yourself, “Do I enjoy spending time with myself?” If you don’t enjoy your own company, how can you expect others to enjoy your company?

People, who are unlucky in love, develop an attachment to seeing themselves in a negative light. They start to believe that they don’t deserve to be loved. By having no love for themselves, they unwittingly block the way for others to express their love for them.

As a result, they struggle to maintain a relationship or fail to find the right partner. They constantly think that they are lonely and all alone in this world and attract more loneliness.

Self-care vs. Putting Yourself Last 

Although self-care can have a different meaning for different people, in simple terms, self-care is about taking care of your needs, your health and happiness. If we constantly neglect self-care by trying to meet the need of others before taking care of ourselves, it can harm our self-esteem.

However, when you’re in a relationship, sometimes it’s ok to put yourself last. But if you routinely take care of others’ needs before your own, you’ll attract more of the same— others putting you last. If you believe that you don’t need extra care, your mindset can sabotage your relationship success.

The Importance of Gratitude

Sometimes all you need to heal a broken relationship is a little gratitude. How often do we really stop to think how truly grateful we are to those people who make our life worthwhile?

If you feel appreciative to your partner, you’ll discover new positive qualities in him/her, which will provide a booster shot for your relationship.

Gratitude is one of the most important tools to manifest the love of your life.

Make a list of what you like about your partner and feel grateful for having him/her into your life. Also, a make a list of your positive qualities and feel grateful for having them.

If you’re feeling lonely in your relationship, think back to what brought you together in the beginning. Remember some of the happy moments you shared together and write them down.

While practicing this gratitude exercise, avoid paying attention to anything negative happening at this moment in your relationship. Remember, if you keep focusing on the negative aspects of your relationship, you’re unconsciously asking the universe to add more negativity to your relationship.

On the other hand, when you’re focusing on gratitude, the universe will give you more reasons to feel grateful about.

Manifesting Your Soulmate 

Get into a comfortable position— sit or lie down and take a few deep breaths. As you exhale, say the word “relax” and give your body, your mind and your heart a chance to relax. Close your eyes.

Now imagine yourself on the “perfect date”. You’re feeling relaxed and at ease with yourself, and the person you’re with. Visualize yourself having fun and being fully engaged with that person. Vividly picture your partner and envision presenting the best version of yourself.

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Feel the touch, the smell. Feel the wind, the sunshine, and the strong romantic chemistry. Allow the positive romantic energy to fill every molecule of your body. Spend some time imagining the joyful moments with your partner. Take a few deep breathes before opening your eyes.

Wrap Up

You are the master of your love life. Manifesting the desired relationship is as easy as manifesting anything else in life. However, sometimes the road to finding true love can be a long one. But if you believe in yourself, the universe will guide you down that road; provide you support and direction to the fulfilment of love.

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