Learn How to use the Law of Attraction and Manifest the Life You Want

The principle behind the law of attraction is simple: you can attract into your life whatever it is you focus your attention and energy on, regardless of whether it’s negative or positive. While understanding the principle is easy, putting it into practice is a different story. Once you learn how to use the Law of attraction, your thoughts become important to you.

Let’s dive deeper into the LOA.

Most people who don’t know how to put the principles behind the law of attraction into practice end up dismissing it as nothing more than new-age mumbo jumbo.

However, those who have mastered this universal law can attest it works! Manifest your heart’s desires (and the life of your dreams) by keeping in mind the following tips:

Set a clear intention.

In other words, be crystal clear about what you truly want. Imagine planting a seed. If you plant an apple seed, it would be irrational to expect anything other than an apple tree to grow.

The same analogy applies to the seeds you plant in your mind.

Are you well aware of the seeds you are planting in your mind? Let’s say you want to work on financial abundance. Start by having a crystal clear idea of what financial abundance looks and feels like for you.

The thing is setting the right intention can be tricky for some people.

At times, people think they are sending out abundance vibrations to the universe and they are completely unaware that they are doing the exact opposite.

For instance, you might not be aware of it but each time you look at something and tell yourself you can’t afford it, you are planting seeds of lack and poverty.

So, how should you go about it? Start by telling yourself “I have all the money I want and need.” Amazingly, even something as simple can already help shift your vibrations and allow you to be more positive about your current state.

Eventually, it can help you generate the kind of results you are looking for.

In addition, be mindful of your thoughts and feelings and watch your words. Do you always think negative thoughts?

Are you constantly complaining about your financial state? Are you feeling negative emotions like sadness, anger, frustration, or despair?

You might not be aware of it but you are gifted with an emotional guidance system that’s designed to help you gauge if your vibration is in alignment with your desires.

If you are feeling negative emotions, that is your guidance system telling you that you are moving away from the wonderful things you want to manifest.

Shift your vibration by focusing only on positive thoughts, talk, and feelings.

Know and believe that what you want is already yours.

Once you can clearly determine what you want, focus on it. Give it the needed love and attention.

For example, focus on the thought that you have achieved your perfect weight rather than on your current state to lose excess weight.

When you believe that what you desire is not only possible for you but is also your birthright, you will be able to easily release any resistance. This allows whatever it is that you want to manifest fast. 

Do not micromanage things by telling the universe how you want your desires to come and when. Instead, leave the whens and hows to the universe.

Resistance in any way, shape, or form can either cause the manifestation of your desires to be delayed or not to manifest at all. 

When you become anxious about how your desires should come about or when, you can focus on the lack, on your desires not manifesting yet. In other words, you end up focusing on the negatives and offering resistance.

It is important to bear in mind that energy flows where your attention goes.

Instead of obsessing over the hows and whens, focus on your desired outcome. As long as you know and believe in your heart that it is already yours, it will only be a matter of time until it comes to pass.

Give your desires time to manifest.

Here’s something you need to understand and remember: your desires will not manifest instantaneously. Consider this: when you bake a cake, you must determine the kind of cake you want, right?

Once you have figured out the cake you want to make, your next task would be to purchase all the ingredients and put them together.

However, you won’t have your cake unless you place it in the oven and leave it there for a specific number of minutes to bake.

Staring and poking at the cake every now and then won’t make it bake sooner. Checking it constantly will leave you feeling anxious, tired, and frustrated.

If you want your desires to manifest using the law of attraction, you must do the same. You figure out what you want and trust that it will manifest when the time is right and it won’t be long until you are living the life of your dreams.

Putting the principles of the law of attraction to work can be tricky. However, it will get easy once you get the hang of it.

In addition, once you have mastered the principles, manifesting your desires will become second nature to you.

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