Manifesting Your Desires While You Sleep the Neville Goddard Way

Do you want to manifest money? Or is it love that you would like to attract into your life?

Whatever it is that you want, there is a very straightforward technique that can help you bring all your desires to life.

This technique is taught by no less than Neville Goddard

If you have not heard of Neville Goddard, he was one of the most influential and important teachers of the New Thought movement.

His work influenced many of today’s spiritual thinkers including Carlos Castaneda and Joseph Murphy.

In a nutshell, Neville believed that imagination is God.

He also believed that the imaginal world is the real world and the physical world is just a shadow of the imaginal one.

He believed that when you create a mental image of what they desire, the imaginal image would have no choice but to become their physical reality.

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How to Manifest While You Sleep

If you want to give Neville’s powerful technique a try, you’d be delighted to know that it is very easy.

Here’s a step-by-step guide of what you need to do:

Step 01: Decide what it is that you want to manifest

For Neville’s technique to truly work, you need to know what it is that you want first and foremost.

It should be something that you yourself want and not what others expect you to want. It is also important that you are specific.

Don’t just think you want love or money. How much money do you want? What would your dream relationship be like?

Step 02: Create a mental image of your desire that implies that is has been fulfilled

Don’t create a static image. Rather, go for a short mental video of a scene that would take place if your desire has already manifested.

Let’s say you want a promotion at work.

Start by imagining your boss congratulating you or imagine a party that’s thrown in celebration of your promotion.

If you want to find that dream partner, then imagine admiring the wedding ring on your finger.

You can also imagine celebrating your anniversary as a married couple. The scene should be from a first person point of view.

In other words, you need to imagine as if you are personally experiencing it now rather than watching a movie of yourself.

Step 03: Put emotions into your visualisation

Once you have created a short mental scene that implies your desire has already manifested, you need to fuel the method by adding emotions to your visualisation.

For your visualisation to become powerful, it needs to evoke powerful emotions and physical sensations. 

Putting emotions into your visualisation can make it even more realistic.

Feel the joy and excitement of enjoying whatever it is that you have manifested.

If the mental scene you have created does not evoke feelings of joy, then consider creating another scene that will evoke the emotions you want.

Step 04: Play your short imaginary scene before you sleep

This method should be done when your conscious mind is completely relaxed and you have better access to your subconscious.

This state often occurs when you meditate. However, it also naturally happens when you are in bed at night, right before you fall asleep. 

Before you go to sleep, close your eyes and focus on the scene you have created in your mind.

Play the scene and feel all the powerful emotion it evokes. When your short scene is over, play it again from the beginning. 

Play the scene over and over as many times as you can.

Each time, always make sure you are feeling the emotions associated with your desires.

More importantly, feel the emotions associated as if your desire has already manifested.

Ideally, you should fall asleep while playing your scene in mind over and over again. 

Bonus Tip

As you go about your day, try to live life as if what you desire has already manifested.

Don’t worry about how long it’s going to manifest or why you haven’t manifested what you want yet.

Each time doubt enters your mind, replace it with the feelings of joy and ecstasy associated with your mental scene.