Mindfulness Body Scans: How It Can Help You Manifest

Whether you are just starting your manifestation journey or you have been manifesting for years, there is a powerful technique you can add to your manifesting arsenal: guided mindfulness body scans.

A mindfulness body scan will only take ten minutes but its benefits can be so powerful.

In essence, a mindfulness body scan is about turning your attention to each part of you. 

Make no mistake about it, how you conduct your mindfulness body can have a massive impact on the outcome you will get.

Scientific Basis for Mindfulness Body Scans

Just like meditation and mindfulness techniques, practitioners of the Law of Attraction can attest that body scanning can produce powerful (and tangible) results.

In recent years, scientific evidence has emerged that has added weight to this claim.

Case in point: a prominent study indicated that mindfulness body scanning can alleviate physical discomfort that’s brought about by emotional unrest like anger or sadness.

Another research revealed that chronic pain sufferers experienced relief after a mindfulness body scan.

How to Manifest Goals Through Body Scans

If your manifestation goal is not related to emotional or physical distress, you are probably wondering how body scanning can improve your manifestation prowess.

Scientists have shown that doing body scans can minimize cravings when you are trying to break unwanted habits like unhealthy eating or smoking. 

The findings showed that those who perform mindfulness body scans were able to successfully manifest their goals.

There are also other types of body scanning like white light meditations that are designed to boost your energy frequency level. 

These types of body scanning can also make you feel lighter and therefore help you become more in tune with the vibration of abundance.

How Body Scans Feel

Some people are a bit hesitant to try body scanning

Perhaps, they feel odd about the thought of intensely focusing on parts of themselves.

If anything, body scanning experiences are highly relaxing that some people even fall asleep by accident.

It is important to take note that it will take practice to become good at this manifestation technique.

It can be tricky to calm your thoughts at first and you might find yourself labelling or judging certain sensations.

Just like mindfulness, don’t think any of it and let it go.

Mindfulness Body Scan: Your 12-Step Guide

Here are the basic steps you need to follow to do a mindfulness body scan:

  1. Since you are doing the scan to support your Law of Attraction efforts, it is recommended that you start by spending at least five minutes to reflect on your goal. Do a quick visualisation and imagine all the sounds, feelings, sights, and other sensations associated with manifesting what you want (i.e., a new job, your dream lover, a lot of money, a new house, etc.).
  2. Ensure you are lying or sitting comfortably. The specific position does not really matter as long as you are comfortable and no one can disturb you during the process.
  3. Focus on the very top of your head. Relax the muscles in your temples and scan your hairline.
  4. Next, bring your focus down to your eyes. Deliberately release the muscles of your eyes at the corners.
  5. Let your jaw go slack and pay attention to the tissues in your cheeks. Then let it go.
  6. Swallow once, very slowly, and focus your attention down the line of your throat.
  7. Focus on your breathing. Do not change the rhythm, depth, or speed of your respiration.
  8. Work your way down your shoulders. Imagine a feeling of relaxation and warmth spreading outwards and down your arms. Feel your muscles slackening. Let the warmth go all the way down to the tips of your fingers.
  9. Now focus on your belly and lower back and let go of any tightness that you feel.
  10. Do the same thing on your thighs and buttocks. Feel them supporting you on the surface as you are lying or sitting. Let go of any tension that you feel.
  11. Move your scanning down to your shins, knees, and angles. Then to the tops of your feet. Feel each of those parts becoming loose.
  12. Lastly, allow your toes to go limp and take a moment to experience relaxation in your whole body. Take five deep breaths and inhale from your diaphragm.

Once done, you will feel a sense of emotional and physical calm. From there, you are in a better position to focus on the things you want to do and the goals you want to manifest. 

Over to You

To manifest successfully (and fast!), you need to be holistic about your approach. The mindfulness body scan can help ensure your mind and body are aligned so manifesting what you want comes easier.

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