Money and the Law Of Attraction

Money is the fundamental necessity of life. Money exerts more power over us than any other single commodity. Money rules our lives.

Manifesting financial abundance is the number one reason most people learn about the law of attraction techniques. While the manifestation tools can be successfully used to attract financial success, obtaining abundance needs dedication, hard work, patience, and persistence.

The universe will start to support your financial dreams when you believe in yourself, become persistent and look for ways to tackle your ambitious goals. When you become obsessed with your goals and do what is necessary.

The journey of financial abundance starts from within. Wealth is a state of mind, and when you learn how to attain that state of mind, your life will change forever.

Do you know that your attitude toward money is the biggest barrier that keeps you from attaining financial freedom?

What separates rich from poor is not just the amount of money they possess, people who are financially successful tend to think differently.

So how to develop the thinking pattern that attracts riches?  We’ll learn it as we move along.

How to Manifest Money

Manifesting money is like setting your house thermostat correctly to make it nice and warm in winter. In this case, it is your financial thermostat that should be set correctly, this is the very first thing you should do if you want to attain an abundance of money.

Many hardworking people fail to do well in life because they live with a financial thermostat setting that they have inherited from their upbringing.

It may seem hard to believe, but according to research, 70 per cent of people who win a lottery end up returning to their original financial state, regardless of the size of their winning.

You’ll only have the amount of money you can comfortably handle. If your financial “thermostat” is set for thousands, no matter how many millions you own by accident, you’ll end up having thousands.

Ask yourself how much money you need to live your dream? If it requires even 1000x as much money as you have now (or more), don’t worry.

Set your financial thermostat for that amount. Whenever you experience a negative thought like, “you don’t deserve that”. Challenge that thought and say,“ Of course I do!” You have to keep enforcing the positive thoughts to break through your limiting money beliefs.

You could use positive affirmations to help you overcome negative money beliefs.

How to Manifest Wealth

People, who don’t maintain a healthy relationship with money hardly have a consistent money strategy. They often spend more than they earn. They view money with fear and frustration instead of treating money like a trusted friend.

This kind of mindset can only lead to an impoverishment of life. Because when you have an unhealthy relationship with money, you will focus your attention on scarcity, rather than abundance.  And according to the law of attraction, if you rest your focus on scarcity, you’ll attract only scarcity.

In order to change your relationship with money, spend some time understanding your own money behavior and your financial self-image.

Forgive yourself for all the money mistakes you made in the past. We all made bad money decisions in the past. If we fail to forgive ourselves, it will be hard for us to make real progress. Let go of your past mistakes and embrace your current financial situation.

Face your money fears. Set aside one hour every week to review your checking and savings accounts and credit card balances.

Affirmations help to cultivate a positive money mindset. Use the following affirmations to improve your relationship with money:

  • The universe is a constant supplier of money for me
  • I love money and money loves me back
  • I’m consciously happy and positive about money
  • There are no limits to the amount of money I can possess
  • My relationship with money is thriving;

Developing Good Money Habits

Almost half of our daily activities are habits and these habits shape our lives far more than we probably realize. Habits can make your rich or poor or keep you stuck in the middle class.

Habits are the basis of your success or downfall. In order to achieve financial abundance, you have to adopt good money habits and drop poor habits.

Draw two columns on a piece of paper. Under column one, list your bad daily habits. Under column two list their opposite habits, which are going to be your new rich habits.

Here is an example:

Bad daily habitsGood daily habits
I don’t exercise regularlyI will exercise for 30 minutes every day.
I go to bed late at night I’ll go to bed between 10 and 10:30 pm every night.
I always leave things to the last minuteI’ll make sure to accomplish every task on my to-do list every day
I use the cell phone before bedtimeI won’t use my cellphone before bedtime
I eat too many junk foodsI’ll cut the junk food from my day and save it as a treat.

Wrap Up

Bringing financial abundance into your life is not difficult when you’re doing it one step at a time. However, shifting the mindset from scarcity to abundance needs some work.

Reset your financial thermostat, improve your relationship with money, develop good money habits and continue to work on your vision— the universe will guide you toward your goal.