What Your Moon Signs Mean in Astrology

Moon signs, have you heard about them? While the sun gets the most credit for astrology, feelings and fate are not determined by the sun alone. 

Unknown to many, the moon is an equally significant qualifier in our quest for knowledge.

Although the sun remains in each zodiac for a month, the moon will change every two and a half days.

Along with the rising sun, the moon and the sun make up the holy trinity.

In astrology, they are referred to as the big three.

What Your Moon Sign Means

The moon reveals the need and nourishment you received and did not receive as a child.

Within the birth chart, astrologers will refer to the moon’s shadow to identify your defense mechanisms, survival instincts, and even eating habits.

To identify your moon sign, use a moon sign generator or a trusted birth chart calculator. 

Zodiac Signs Personality Traits

1: Aries Moon

Aries moon individuals are direct when it comes to their needs but is impatient about meeting them.

Their guiding principles are “mine” and “now” and you would never have to ask them how they feel.

Moon in Aries people approach dependence with outward hostility.

Because of this, these people make impassioned activists and protective parents.

Aries moons are prepared for war and love it because it gives them a sense of purpose.

Ever ready to strike or defend, they sometimes imagine threats even if no threats exist.

When lunar Aries allow anger to cause change within them, they become limitless.

2: Taurus Moon

Taurus moons want to be cared for and to care on a very deep level.

They also avoid anything that will pose a threat and very rarely initiate anything unless they are sure it is safe.

Taurus is also not the gambling type and would prefer to protect their finances and themselves by being too cautious.

They also value comfort more than anything.

They also tend to lean heavily into pantry items and home furnishings.

The Taurus moon feels most at ease when its resources are secured.

They also crave to receive abundance but they tend to block or resist it because of a starvation/scarcity mindset.

3: Gemini Moon

Duality is considered a hallmark of Gemini energy and there is a strong disconnect between their public and private selves.

To acquaintances and friends, they are endlessly engaging and they dole out sage life advice and dirty jokes by the bucket.

From an emotional standpoint, they often don’t know what they need or want.

Geminis are incredibly likable and they enjoy writing, talking, reading, listening, and escaping into the world of information and words.

They are the type to feel despondent when they are not stimulated.

While they offer the gift of understanding, they often feel deeply misunderstood.

4: Cancer Moon

Cancers are highly intuitive, intensely nostalgic, and seriously sensitive.

They are drawn to people and places that remind them of their own history and ancestry. 

They often feel valuable when they are able to protect, assist, and meaningfully impact others. 

However, when misdirected, their devotion can express itself as self-pity or cross the line into martyrdom.

Moon in Cancer also suggests a maternal figure and often experiences ever-changing and extreme emotions.

Fortunately, the moon in Cancer child has learned to adapt to the shifting emotional energies and has learned to develop the desire to make things better through their own efforts.

5: Leo Moon

Warm and charismatic, this lunar placement is prone to idealism and impulsivity when it comes to matters of the heart.

They are also the type to fall fast and put their partners on a pedestal.

Leo moons are also vain and optimistic and lazy and creative.

They also feel safe if they feel they are noticed.

In the same manner, they only feel nourished when they are adored.

However, problems can arise when their need for attention becomes insatiable and they constantly look to others to give them the feedback they need.

This need can also manifest as a one-dimensional relationship that’s fuelled by flattery but marked by disappointment.

6: Virgo Moon

While deemed plagued by perfection, there is this low-level anxiety that hums in the lunar Virgo hearts.

Hypercritical, Virgo moon sign people tend to feel compelled to account for the shortcomings and failures of others and themselves.

This habit, when unchecked, will undermine their ability to stay in the present moment and will rob them of joy.

Moon in Virgo wants to be needed and will find emotional fulfillment in the ability to help others change their lives for the better.

This sign shows their affection through practicality.

In other words, they are not the type to buy you flowers because they just die.

They would rather give you a basil plant because it’s a great food source and it is one way for them to put your sense of responsibility to the test.

7: Libra Moon

Lunar Libras feel very safe when they are anointed by favoritism and they feel wanted.

To seek said positions, they put the needs of others on top of their own.

Reflection and solitude are considered necessary medicine for Libras.

The dashed romantic with the perfect and out-of-reach relationship is the mother figure for the lunar Libras.

The lunar placement also makes the Lunar Libras maddeningly indecisive and admirably flexible.

They are also trying to strike a balance between authenticity and adaptability.

They are the type to maintain the misguided belief that what is good must be beautiful and what is beautiful must be good.

8: Scorpio Moon Sign

Spooky and a little psychic, Scorpios are the type of people who can see beyond the surface.

Scorpios pride themselves on their ability to detect weaknesses, opportunities, agendas, and motivations.

Scorpio moon traits mean they will dig into you without consent or blinking.

Their intensity can be downright off-putting or alluring, depending on how the person being emotionally exhumed will see it.

Scorpios are not scared of their own darkness and will draw their emotions into the sunlight of creativity and self-expression.

Lunar Scorpios are afraid of subversion of their power and betrayal.

They can become distant and controlled when paranoia runs high and their feelings run deep.

They are also the type to forgive an insult or forget kindness.

9: Sagittarius Moon

Lunar Saguittarians find security and freedom through personal growth.

Traditional and self-directed education is considered a mark of this moon.

People with the moon in Sagittarius are also kind to play with boundaries and borderlines between the undiscovered and the unknown. 

Their charm, enthusiasm, and humor, make their tendency to exaggerate, obfuscate, and preach the truth forgivably.

These natural storytellers also struggle with the weaponization of their words and blunt-force delivery.

While inherently generous, they are not positioned or conditioned to accept or receive a wound they must work hard to suture.

While lunar Saguittarians are good at having a great time, trouble can arise when they overindulge or go to extreme lengths to keep the party going.

10: Capricorn Moon

For people with the moon in Capricorn, no matter how rough the going gets, you can expect the lunar Capricorn to stay calm, cool, and collected.

These people are the type to harbor so many emotions yet typically block themselves from expressing them.

Capricorns are afraid to let go and they find overt displays of affection and feelings very tacky.

Lunar Capricorns also seek status, security, and the approval of other people.

They are great at organizing things and want to be revered and trusted for this ability.

Since they are the type to tie their self-worth to their achievements, they will take rejection, defeat, and criticism very hard.

The driving force for lunar Capricorns is their desire to create something that has enduring value.

11: Aquarius Moon

This is the domain of anarchists and oddballs.

This Aquarius Moon Sign loves to watch, question, and disrupt.

Acutely different and naturally shy, they often feel like outsiders.

At their highest expression, they like to limit or dismantle harmful social structures.

In romantic relationships, they offer their significant others a great deal of independence and they expect others to do the same.

When it comes to friendships, they cast a weird wide net and they accept the strangeness of others without judgment.

Lunar Aquarians are also known to be emotionally detached. 

Progressive thinking and erratic flakiness are the mother figure associated with this lunate placement.

12: Pisces Moon

Delusional at worst and dreamy at best, the moon in Pisces is the watery home of empaths, geniuses, and those who wear prosthetic fairy ears.

These people are the type in touch with the collective unconscious.

Spaced out and sometimes psychic, this sign is known for its unusual creative process.

They also often play the role of rescuer.

Pisceans can also easily absorb the psychic debris and feelings of others.

This combination can sometimes lead them to seek comfort in substances.

Pisces moon traits is drawn towards scenarios where caretaking is required.

They also look for situations where they can be nurtured and indulgent.

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