Need a Reboot? Here are 100 Self-Care Ideas You Can Try (Part 2)

In the first instalment, we have provided a list of 50 of the best self-care ideas you can try. 

Here’s another batch of self-care ideas you can look into.

Pick and choose what resonates with you and get to it right away!

Additional Self-Care Ideas

51. Take a relaxing nap.

52. Plan a self-care day.

53. Work on a puzzle.

54. Have fun with an adult coloring book.

55. Think of an activity you enjoy (and makes you happy) and go do it!

56. Put photos of yourself or your loved ones on a scrapbook.

57. Unfollow negative and toxic people on social media.

58. Go an entire day without checking your emails.

59. Spread positivity and kindness to a random stranger.

60. Donate to a worthwhile cause.

61. Read (or better yet write) your favorite poetry.

62. Listen to an inspirational audiobook.

63. Dye your hair your favorite color.

64. Do something creative like draw, paint, or write.

65. Tidy up your workspace.

66. Do something fun with kids.

67. Rearrange the furniture at home.

68. Get a hot and soothing shower.

69. Purchase something you like.

70. Go on a fun bike ride with friends or loved ones.

71. Try a foam roller to increase blood flow.

72. Do something physical for 30 minutes.

73. Bake your favorite treat.

74. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables at the farmer’s market.

75. Sing your favorite songs at the top of your lungs.

76. Visit your favorite cafe and just watch people.

77. Ask someone for help with something you would like to learn.

78. Try a different way of styling your hair or doing your makeup.

79. Create a relaxing and productive night routine.

80. Make yourself a cup of your favorite coffee or a fancy cocktail.

81. Watch the clouds and the stars.

82. Plan a fun family night.

83. Talk to someone you love.

84. Pray.

85. Smell the flowers.

86. Send a surprise card (or package!) to someone.

87. Volunteer for a cause you believe in.

88. Go on a lunch day with a friend and pay for it.

89. Meditate for at least 10 minutes.

90. Enjoy a delicious take out dinner.

91. Talk to someone about something you are having a difficulty with (friend, therapist, significant other).

92. Watch the sunset.

93. Visit a museum.

94. Read your favorite magazine.

95. Plan and go on a picnic.

96. Learn a new skill or board game.

97. Write down things that worry you and get them out of your head.

98. Enjoy a healthy snack.

100. Cuddle with a loved one or your pet.

Over to You

Keep this self-care list on your fridge or on your phone or you can write them on a notecard. The bottom line is to have them ready, in case you can use a quick reboot. Remember: self-care is a necessity and not a luxury. 

So don’t wait until you are too burnt out to do them. Treat self-care activities as non-negotiable appointments you have with yourself. Give yourself the respect you deserve by honouring them.

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash