Use This Neville Goddard Technique to Manifest Your Desires While You Sleep

Would you like to manifest love? Or is it money that you would like to manifest? Whatever it may be, there’s a very simple (and effective) technique that can help you achieve whatever it is that you desire. 

And this technique comes from no less than Neville Goddard, one of the most sought after and influential spiritual thinkers and teachers of his time. In essence, Goddard believed that imagination is God. He also believed that the imaginary world is the real world whereas the physical is just a shadow of the imaginary one. 

For Neville, creating a mental image of one’s desire and becoming fully invested in that image being their reality (while ignoring any physical evidence to the contrary), the imaginary image would have no choice but to become their physical reality. So how do you go about it?

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Manifesting Your Desires the Neville Goddard Way

Want to learn one of Neville’s most popular ways of bringing desires to life? Amazingly, the technique is very simple yet so powerful. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 01: Start by deciding whatever it is that you want to manifest.

For the technique to work, you need to know what your earnest desire is. In other words, what is it that you truly want? It is important that you are also specific. Don’t just settle for something generic like I want money or I want love. Be very specific. How much money do you want? What would your ideal partner and relationship look like?

Step 02: Create a mental image of your desire that implies it has been fulfilled.

Don’t imagine a static image. Rather, go for a short mental video of a scene where you imagine what you want as if it has manifested. Let’s say you want a promotion at work. You can imagine your boss or loved ones congratulating you. Or you can imagine attending a party celebrating your promotion.

If you want to get married, imagine a wedding ring on your finger or that you are celebrating your wedding anniversary with your significant other. It is also important that the scenes need to be from a first person point of view. In other words, it should be as if you are personally experiencing the scene and not just watching it.

Step 03: Put real emotions in the scenes you are imagining.

Here’s something not many are aware of: what really fuels the method and makes it work is not the images you imagine but the emotions that accompany them. It is crucial that the scenes you create should evoke powerful emotions like happiness, joy, or excitement so the scenes are more realistic.

Taking the examples given earlier: imagine feeling the warm hugs of your loved ones as they congratulate you on your promotion. Hear their laughters as they celebrate the special occasion with you. 

Feel your wedding ring on your finger and the excitement and joy looking at your significant other. If the mental scene you have created does not evoke feelings of excitement, happiness, or joy, keep tinkering with it until it does. 

Step 04: Before you close your eyes, focus on the scene you created and play it in your mind.

Play the scene in your mind and feel all the powerful emotions it invokes. When the scene is over, play it again from the beginning. Repeat the scene as many times as you possibly can, making sure you are feeling the emotions as if your desire has already manifested.

It would be ideal to fall asleep while playing the scene in your mind over and over again. Keep doing the technique until your desire comes to pass. 

Bonus Tip

Don’t limit yourself to doing the meditations just at night. You can also repeat the scenes before your afternoon nap or before you jump out of bed. Don’t think about not having your desire or that it has not manifested yet. Otherwise, you will be offering resistance and you will be delaying (if not hindering) the manifestation.

Every time some form of resistance pops up in your mind, immediately replace it with strong feelings of joy, happiness, and gratitude as if the desire has already manifested in your life. It is important to remember that it will take a moment for physical reality to shift so don’t focus on any physical evidence that your desire has not manifested yet.

Anything that’s currently happening in your physical world is the result of your past thoughts. So the way to manifest your current desire is to focus on your new thoughts and your mental scene and act as if your desire has manifested. Time to put the technique to the test and see for yourself how powerful you truly are!