Neville Goddard’s Core Manifestation Beliefs

If you have used the Law of Attraction or studied manifestation techniques, chances are you have heard of Neville Goddard. 

In a lot of ways, Neville Goddard has pioneered a technique that combines visualization and the Law of Attraction. 

His basic premise: your imagination is what makes you divine and allows you to create the reality you want.

Hailed as the “Godfather of the Secret,” Neville has countless followers and believers who were able to manifest their deepest desires and manifest their dream life through the techniques he taught. 

However, before you give Neville’s powerful techniques a spin, it is ideal that you are aware of his core manifestation beliefs. 

This awareness will enable you to fully understand the power of his techniques.

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Neville’s Core Manifestation Beliefs

Imagination is Awareness

Neville’s techniques revolve around the idea that human imagination is awareness. 

He also believes that human imagination is the infinite intelligence that created all of existence.

Neville also believed that each time you use your imagination, you connect to the creative power of awareness. 

That said, anything you imagine will be manifested outward. 

Goddard also believed that when you use your imagination and powerfully claim your desire using a clear “I Am” statement, you are giving your awareness instructions to bring your desires to life.

Neville also taught that anything attached to “I Am” will become reality. 

He also believed that the imaginal world is the real world.

The physical world on the other hand is only a mere shadow of the one created using the imagination.

Everyone is You Pushed Out

Neville believed the outer world is a reflection of the inner world. 

The awareness that flows through one person is the same awareness that flows through others and every person on the planet. 

For Neville, there is only ONE awareness. 

And you can see that awareness in the eyes of every human being.

In any manifestation, you can witness incidents that will unfold to bring your desires to life. 

If you observe closely, it is likely that you will see other people playing a part to get you what you desire because awareness directs them to do so.

Anything is Possible


Again, anything you can imagine, you can manifest in your life.

When you visualize a reality different from the one you currently have, everything will change to align with the new image you have created in your imagination. 

Everything in the world originated from the imagination.

When your imagination impresses something on your subconscious mind, you can expect it to manifest in your world.

That’s how you can change your world through your imagination.

Live in the End

To “live in the end” means you need to ignore your current reality and live as though your desires have materialised.

Feel as if you have already received whatever it is that you imagined.

Tap into the version of yourself that you desire. 

Live from a point as if your wish has been fulfilled.

As soon as your mood, thoughts, and beliefs match your desires, you can bring your desires to life.

Create Your Dream Life NOW!

Neville’s teachings are truly fascinating. And they do work. Dig deeper into his core beliefs and techniques and you’ll be living your best life in no time!

Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash