One of the Best Neville Goddard Techniques: Climbing a Ladder

If you have heard of Neville Goddard, it is likely that you have heard of one of his greatest techniques—climbing a ladder.

Why is this technique considered one of his best? 

The answer is simple: it is Law of Attraction 101.

Climbing the ladder teaches that imaginal acts create or attract the event you want to manifest and bring it into your experience.

A Little About Neville Goddard

Neville Goddard (1905 – 1972) was a well-loved New Thought lecturer and author who taught his students how to manifest things by using various techniques that involve the disciplined use of their imagination.

The imagination techniques Neville taught formed the basis of his teachings which states that human beings are all imagination.

Neville also taught that anything you want can be had.

However, you need to manifest what you want by thinking from the point of view of the wish already fulfilled.

Climbing a Ladder Technique

One of the things Neville stressed is that imagination is the source of your experiences.

He taught that to manifest your desires, you need to recognize the power of habitual thinking. 

You not only need to recognize the power of your thoughts, you also need to change your thoughts to bring your desires into your life.

In other words, you literally have to imagine yourself experiencing your wishes as if they were already fulfilled in the present moment.

This technique has worked for many.

It works because it is based on true mind science principles.

Want to give this amazing Neville Goddard technique a spin? Here’s how:

Step One

When going to sleep, remain more alert than normal so you can do the exercise.

It would help if you lie on the opposite side of the bed than what you are used to when doing this technique.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself climbing a ladder.

Be deliberate about this part and imagine this part as vividly as possible.

Take your time and climb the ladder one step at a time.

Slowly climb the ladder all the way to the top.

Once you reach the top, come back down again.

As you lay in bed with your eyes closed, feel the reality as if it is actually happening.

Continue the exercise until you fall asleep.

Do the exercise for 3 nights in a row.

Step Two

Place notes all over your place where you can clearly see them.

The notes should read “I will not climb a ladder.”

Place them in your car, on your wallet, on your phone screensaver—basically anywhere and everywhere so you will be reminded not to climb a ladder.

Each time you see one of your notes, say with conviction that you will not climb a ladder under any circumstances.

Affirm it and mean it.

Step Three

After you have worked on the exercise for three days in a row, it is time to let it all go.

Discontinue the bedtime exercise and take down all of your notes.

Your work is done.

Your imagination has received your instructions clearly and will take it from there.

From there, forget about the whole idea of climbing a ladder.

Over to You

What has happened for many is the imaginal exercise of climbing a ladder has led them across a series of unrelated events where they are required to climb a ladder in real life. If you find yourself climbing a ladder in real life, keep these three things in mind:

01. Do not be afraid. This power has been working for you your entire life.

02. Things are going to change for you in the best way possible.

03. You could have effortlessly imagined yourself making a million dollars than simply climbing a ladder!