Pisces Zodiac Sign: Dates and Personality

What is a Pisces Zodiac? 

Pisces is the 12th and the final sign of the zodiac.

The Pisces symbol is a pair of fish swimming head to tail in opposite directions.

Referred to as Meena in Vedic astrology, this emotional water sign is about culmination and deals with mystical experiences and dreams.

There are many things to know about the Pisces zodiac, which we will cover as much as possible in this article.

From the basics, like what are Pisces like, what makes Pisces happy, what Pisces likes and dislikes, and what Pisces zodiac traits are, we will tackle it all.


This zodiac sign is ruled by two planets: Neptune and Jupiter.

Pisce’s horoscope dates are from February 19 to March 20.

Its sign, two fishes swimming in opposite directions, symbolizes the sign’s divided attention between fantasy and reality.

Pisces is also a mutable sign, which occurs when the seasons change.

In the Northern hemisphere, the Pisces zodiac season occurs when winter turns to spring, and everything melts—making way for a new life.

Pisces is a water sign like Scorpio and Cancer.

Water signs are known to be nurturing, emotional, and intuitive.

Known to be very passionate about their emotions, they can’t afford to see others suffer.

No wonder they always try to take good care of everyone they encounter.

Pisces will likely take on motherly roles and care for the people they love.

Pisces are also known to be passive, receptive, and feminine.

However, they are uncomfortable revealing too much about themselves or their lives.

Often, they would rather focus on the lives of others.

For them, if they are busy worrying about the lives of others, they won’t have to focus on their own problems.

For Pisces, this is one of the best forms of escapism.

Their mutability also makes Pisces highly adaptable.

Think of the waters and the waves of the ocean, they are symbolic of Pisces—sublime, deep, and filled with wild creatures.

Since the ocean is where life began, many see Pisces in terms of primordial creative energy.

Their first language is that of empathy and emotion.

Since its primary ruler is Neptune and Jupiter, Pisces is known for its creativity, imagination, and dreamy qualities.

No wonder Pisces people have an inclination for magical thinking, the arts, and the spiritual realms.

Otherworldly is a description that fits them to a tee.

Its other ruler Jupiter gives them the gift of emotional understanding and empathy.

Pisces are considered the believers of the zodiac.

Their opposite sign is Virgo, hailed as the zodiac’s skeptical editor.


The Pisces zodiac energy can be summed up as otherworldly and dreamy.

While most people find them hard to understand and define, their psychic energy and natural healers are at heart.

They love taking care of others but oftentimes at their own expense.

If you are a Pisces, you must realize how important self-care is.

After all, others will not be able to fully enjoy their best self if you keep pouring from an empty cup.

You won’t be able to properly care for others if you allow yourself to burn out.

That said, you need to prioritize taking care of yourself if you want to continue to nurture and be there for others.

Pisces Rising Sign

Pisces Man

If your rising sign is Pisces, you are an idealist.

Since you always see the best in others, you expect they will always do the right thing.

When you are being taken advantage of, you are caught by surprise.

You will never understand how others can do that to you or others.

However, you won’t allow anyone to hurt you more than once.

Once your trust is betrayed, the person will never be able to redeem themselves again.

You also have a strong sense of justice and high standards.

In a perfect world, you expect everyone to be kind to each other.

Pisces Woman

If your rising sign is Pisces, you can easily get along with anyone in any situation, whether at home, at social gatherings, or work.

You are very likable because you are so easygoing and laid back.

While you are known to have a temper, you rarely act aggressively.

When you get upset, you are the type to retreat into your shell rather than unleash your emotions.

You also tend to keep things to yourself, and since you can be too quiet, people don’t know how to read you or figure you out.

While you always encourage people to share their deepest, darkest secrets, you find it hard to do the same.

Rising Traits

Your changeability is both a blessing and a curse.

Although your flexibility can help you quickly adapt to new scenarios and situations, you sometimes come across as fake when you change your personality based on the people in the room with you.

You can effortlessly shapeshift because you can easily react to the energy surrounding you. 

Since the feelings of others have an impact on you, you tend to change based on the personalities you are interacting with in nature.

While this can normally come across as putting on an act, you simply go with the flow.

Pisces Zodiac Traits: What is a Pisces Personality Like?

Pisces are considered one of the zodiac’s most empathetic signs.

They are the type to care deeply about others and cannot afford to see others in pain.

However, they can also be closed off at times and extremely moody.

Many also believe that Pisces possess psychic abilities.

Hailed as a mystical oceanic figure (with prophetic creatives like Nat King Cole, Michaelangelo, and Kurt Cobain), Pisces are highly sensitive as much as they are huge dreamers.

They have massive goals and dreams for themselves.

This makes it difficult for them to stay grounded in the material world.

However, they don’t always pursue their big dreams.

At times, you can find them spending more time fantasizing about what they want to accomplish than actually doing something to make it happen.

They also tend to be lazy.

Sometimes, they would rather sleep the entire day and enjoy all the million brilliant ideas they have inside their heads.

Good Traits

Pisces zodiacs are generous, sensitive, and empathetic.

They care deeply about others, even people they don’t know completely or have just met.

Pisces cannot stand seeing people in pain.

If they see someone in pain, they are the type to feel the pain themselves.

Understandably, things are even harder for them to bear when they are the cause of said pain.

They always feel horrible when they upset other people, even if they did not intend to deliberately.

This is why Pisces is very particular about always doing the right thing.

You can also expect them to be there for you when the going gets tough.

They are the first to encourage you to open up about your feelings and remind you that it is okay to be sensitive and to cry.

They don’t want you to feel guilty or embarrassed about being vulnerable.

At times, however, this is considered hypocritical as they are the type to shut down when upset or angry.

Pisces rarely cry because they don’t want to bother others with their emotions.

They always want to be strong for the people around them, even if it means faking it.

Bad Traits

Pisces tend to be impressionable and naive.

If you are wondering, is Pisces honest?

Yes, they are. They tend to be too trusting for their good.

If you lie to a Pisces, they will believe your every word.

They won’t question if someone is stretching the truth or being completely honest with them.

They take the word of others as if it is the truth.

Pisces have very pure intentions they assume everyone around them is just as innocent as they are.

They assume most people think the same way they do.

Pisces are also known to be very gullible because they choose to see the best in people.

They see the world with a silver lining.

However, Pisces is not always sunshine and roses.

They are also known to be extremely moody—they feel extreme emotions, and it can be difficult to deal with negative emotions.

The Pisces zodiac temper is also something else.

When they are in a bad mood, they always have difficulty getting out of it.

These people can mope for hours, days, and even weeks.

Other Things About Pisces You Need to Know


Pisces prefer to go with the flow.

Since they feed off energies, they can easily adapt to anyone.

Since they are deeply intuitive, they won’t have trouble reading other people.

They have an inner sense that helps them sense if something is wrong. 

When they see someone is being treated unfairly, they are not the type to just watch and stay silent.

They would take action.

They are great to be around since they won’t avoid hard conversations.

While they don’t like confrontations, they are always the first to encourage others to face their biggest doubts and fears.

They will push you to open up about your feelings and do everything within their power to make you feel better again.

A Pisces won’t rest until they see you smile again.


Since they tend to be overly sensitive, they can be co-dependent in relationships and friendships.

Pisces don’t have any boundaries, and they won’t understand why others need space.

Pisces can become so attached that they want to spend every waking moment with their loved ones.

At times, their desire to be close to their loved ones and help others can be interpreted as being overprotective and overbearing.

This Pisces zodiac attitude can often rub people the wrong way.


As mentioned earlier, Pisces tends to escapism.

They often watch movies, read, and make up scenarios inside their heads.

Fortunately, they have very vivid and creative imaginations.

However, they also tend to spend too much time in their heads.

Pisceans can come across as quiet because they tend to pay more attention to the imaginary world than the real one.

While this can sometimes strain their relationships, it helps them create new, exceptional, and unique art.

Aside from Kurt Cobain and Michaelangelo, other famous Pisceans include Dakota Fanning, Trevor Noah, Tyler the Creator, Lupita Nyong’o, and Rihanna. 

Pisces can accomplish great things as long as they won’t let their laziness get in the way.


If there is one thing Pisceans hate, it is making huge decisions.

It is their nature to take good care of everyone, so they don’t end up hurting anyone’s feelings.

Understandably, these massive people pleasers will do anything and choose options that work best for everyone.

The downside is they pay so much attention to others that they rarely stop to figure out what they truly want.

Pisceans are willing to sacrifice anything for the sake of their loved ones.

While this can seem like a very selfless thing to do at first glance, this is always not a good thing.

At times, this can put them in a situation that’s not good for them.

While their loved ones won’t ask them to sacrifice their dreams and hope for them, they would feel like they have no other option.

Pisces will put others before themselves, and if their thoughtfulness and kindness are not reciprocated, they will feel taken for granted.


Since Pisceans love to care for others, they can also be extremely generous.

They are also considered one of the most romantic signs in the zodiac.

As they would do for other people, they will readily go out of their way to do romantic things for their partners. 

They will bend backward to ensure their significant others feel extremely loved.

However, a typical Pisces will also find it hard to allow others to care for them. 

They would push and shut down people who want to do something for them.

Aside from being hopeless romantics, Pisces tirelessly serves devotion, pleasure, and love.

They want everyone to be in a great mood at all times, especially their significant other.

Pisceans will do anything to spread happiness and smiles.

The Pisces Zodiac Man

While Pisceans have huge dreams, they often waste too much time wallowing in self-pity and self-doubt.

Whenever their feelings are hurt, they can waste hours and even days just feeling sorry for themselves.

Pisces men also tend to be lazy and can sleep the entire day if you let them.

And while their dreams are grand, their motivation is often lacking.

So, it’s no wonder they find it hard to get started on new projects and see them through.

Pisces men would prefer to talk about what they want to do instead of taking action to make them happen.

This is why they need a partner who can motivate them and push them to pursue their grand dreams and plans.

They can also use an unshakeable and strong support system.

Otherwise, they can end up just daydreaming about the things they want to do and not doing anything about them at all.

The Pisces Woman

Pisceans have a creative, vivid, and amazing imagination.

There is no dull moment when you are with them, as they have an endless supply of fun and fresh ideas for date night.

They also have infinite ideas when it comes to the bedroom.

However, true to their sensitive nature, they care more about establishing an emotional connection than anything else, physical connection included.

It’s safe to assume the Pisces woman would rather have a long, deep, and insightful conversation than spend hours making out with their significant other.

Pisces women are known for their sharp intuition.

They can easily tell if someone is hurting and effortlessly take a hint if people don’t like having them around.

While they can come across as overly trusting, naive, and gullible, they can easily sense if people have poor intentions.

You can’t expect them to forgive and forget, as they are the type to hold grudges.

If someone will take advantage of them, they can get mad for life. 

You can’t also expect them to accept your apologies no matter how sincere, and they won’t give anybody another chance to fool them again.

Attracting a Pisces Man

Pisces are exceptional at relating with others because they are emotionally intelligent.

They are also the kind of people who know how to cheer those struggling.

Since they are also expert communicators, they can easily get their points across and motivate those feeling down.

However, Pisceans are not good at handling confrontations.

They don’t like it when they are screamed at or if others demand answers.

They will either shut down completely or run away if they can no longer stand any arguments.

While they always encourage those around them to be open and vulnerable, Pisces will struggle to do the same.

Attracting a Pisces Woman

Pisces women love to pamper those they love, and they are in nurturing and caretaking roles.

However, this should not be a go-signal for others to let them do all the work in the relationship.

Just like most women, Pisces women crave affection and attention as well. 

As such, you need to shower them with attention, affection, and support.

This is especially recommended when it comes to their creative pursuits.

It would also be great if you remind them to believe in themselves as they believe in others.

If they are neglected, Pisces women tend to brush it off first.

However, I don’t think they are not well aware of how they are being treated.

Ultimately, they can grow resentful and regret putting on a one-sided effort.


Pisces yearn for a deep and strong connection and don’t want to engage in short-term flings.

They want strong relationships that would last a lifetime.

However, they are not the type who will risk getting their heart broken by those they don’t consider right for them.

They only want a relationship if they are sure they are with the right person.

Essentially, Pisces makes a fascinating partner because they are intuitive and emotional.

They also pay close attention to their partners so they can easily see if something is amiss.

Pisces work best with those who also get attached right away.

However, a partnership with Pisces won’t work if a party constantly needs space.

Pisces need constant validation, reassurance, and quality time with their loved ones. 

They hate to be apart, even for just a few hours.

Family and Friendship

Pisces are family-oriented social butterflies who love getting together with their parents, siblings, cousins, grandparents, and extended family. 

The holidays are their favorite time of the year, and they are usually the ones hosting get-togethers.

They also love to clean, cook, and run around doing favors for everyone.

They always want to feel loved, adored, and wanted.

Pisceans also act like therapists for their loved ones.

They are always the first to lend a hand since they genuinely care about other people and their overall well-being.

They also want to know what goes on in other people’s lives and would jump at any opportunity to help others.

Money and Career

As natural-born creatives, Pisces will thrive in careers requiring them to express themselves.

They are typically the emotional and sensitive officemate to confide in and ask advice from. 

Since Neptune rules the musical arts, many Pisces are into the sonorous moments in life and can play an instrument or two.

They also love music of all sorts, even oceanic sounds.

You can also often find them attending festivals, concerts, and other gatherings that involve music and art.

Also considered wise teachers and natural healers, Pisces will thrive in anything involving counseling, dancing, education, art, astrology, dancing, or music.

Also, anything that involves boat travel or the sea is a win for this sensitive water sign.

Since they are committed to going with the flow, they can sometimes forget how important money is.

They are always eager to share their resources, including money, with those who need it.

Whatever it is that they do, they want it to be something that will enrich the lives of others.

Great career options for Pisces involve showcasing their creativity or caring for others.

They can make exceptional nurses, writers, photographers, teachers, counselors, physical therapists, and graphic designers.


Pisces values creativity and generosity, and they are always interested in transcendence, togetherness, and growth.

Regarding friendships and romantic relationships, they are most compatible with their fellow water signs, Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces as they speak the same emotional and flowy language.

Earth signs like Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo can also get along great with Pisces, thanks to their easygoing and grounded nature.

Fire signs like Sagittarius, Leo, Aries, and air signs Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini are not great partners for Pisces as their personalities can clash.


Pisces is a sensitive, caring, compassionate water sign who can make great partners, friends, and co-workers. 

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