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Power Of Visualization

Power Of Visualization

“Assume you are what you want to be. Walk in that assumption and it will harden into fact.”
Neville Goddard

What is Visualization 

Neville Goddard was one of the great self-improvement teachers of the 20th century. He was a mystic who had a way of using Biblical quotes that actually seemed to completely agree with the Law of Attraction teachings. He used the power of visualization to travel to Barbados for free. 

Lately, Neville has gone viral in the self-improvement, personal development world. His undervalued work is now suddenly coming to light. People are now starting to see the how the power of visualization can help them. 

And with good reason. His information was ahead of it’s time – way before the movie “The Secret” came out in 2006.

Neville was born in 1905 and died in 1972. And yet, the movie “The Secret” made it seem that the Law of Attraction information was new. It really wasn’t. Neville just called it “the Law.”

There were other teachers too like Napoleon Hill who wrote the book “Think and Grow Rich” who also was way ahead of his time.

Power of Visualization Using Imagery

In addition to Neville’s work, extensive research and books have been written on the subject of visualization.

Another important set of work was created by Charles A. Garfield, Ph.D. He wrote the book “Peak Performance – Mental Training Techniques of the World’s Greatest Athletes.”

This book tells the story of how in the 1976 Olympics, the Russians surprisingly won more gold medals than any other country.

Suspicion arose…

They must have cheated. They must have used drugs…

They were forced to fess up…

What was their big secret?

Power Of Visualization…

Visual Imagery Examples

If you combine the works of Abraham, Goddard and Garfield, which this article will do, you will have the complete power of visualization tool-set.

Here’s the best high level information you can get on the subject…

Be Specific

Before you attempt to do any manifestation meditation, the first step is to think very specifically about what it is that you want. If you want to manifest a new house, for example, see it in great detail and include that detail in your visual imagery meditation.

Don’t Just Think About, Think From

One of Goddard’s main teachings is that whenever you visualize what you want, it’s not enough to just think about it. You have to immerse yourself into the visualization and include action. What would you do if your wishes fulfilled came true? Use the power of visualization to see it. 

Positive Visualization 

Feel It Into Existence

It’s not enough to just use your thoughts. You have to engage your feelings. The Universe responds to how you feel more than what you think. The more passionate you can get about what you want, the better. The more that you can milk the good feeling that you would have if you had what you wanted, then the quicker it will come.

But that leads to our next important point…

Do Visualization For The Pleasure Of It!

Abraham recommends visualizing for the pleasure of visualizing instead of doing it for the sole purpose of manifesting what you want. It’s that ironic, catch-22 situation that most of us fail at! When you do it for fun,  the power of visualization gets more powerful. 

Visualization Techniques

Everything that you want, you want it because you think that when you have it, you’ll feel better. But the way the creative process works is that you have to feel better first, and then you’ll attract what you want.

Visualization is the process to do this.

Visualize Every Day

Just like with prayer, most people don’t use the power of visualization until they are in trouble. They don’t try it until their back is against the wall and they need a miracle.

But visual imagery meditation takes daily practice. But the more you do it, the better you will get. And the better you get, the more you will WANT to do it because it should be pleasurable when you do it right.

Get Caught Doing Daydreaming!

When you were a kid in school, did you ever get caught daydreaming? Good if you have! As it turns out, according to Abraham and others, daydreaming helps to create your reality.

This is why most innovative giants do it…  You can use the following short meditation as your manifestation tool.

Visual Imagery Meditation

In this short example guided meditation, we will use a new home as the specific thing to manifest. Of course, you can replace the home with whatever else you may want to manifest.

The idea is to more fully understand the process of visualizing effectively. You could record the following meditation and then listen to it while you meditate.

Knowing What You Want When You Visualize

The first thing to do would be to see your new home in as much detail as possible. In addition, think about what new situation would you be in if the new home was a reality. Who is there? See this other person or persons as being there.

What would they say? How would they act? See them as congratulating you on your new home.

The Neville Goddard recommendation is to imagine it so clearly that if you were to get up and walk out of the room that you are currently in, you would be in your new home.

He recommends doing this just before bed so that you actually fall asleep, believing that you’re in your new home. Once you have the picture in mind of what you want to manifest, then continue here…

Preparing For Visualization Meditation

Find a comfortable place to sit if you want to do it during the day where you won’t be disturbed for the next 10 minutes or so. Or, lay down in your bed if you want to do it right before bed time as Neville recommends.

Slowly close your eyes and take a deep breath in. And release it slowly. Repeat this process 3 times. Take a deep breath in and release it slowly. One last time…

Take a deep breath in and release it slowly. Now, go back to your normal breathing.

Next, focus your attention on your feet. Notice any tension you may have there in every muscle and ligament and let the tension go.

Now, focus on your ankles and your calf muscles. Notice any tension there too and relax every muscle and ligament.

Now, turn your attention to your upper legs, both quadriceps and hamstrings. Notice any tension there and relax every muscle and ligament. Feel them let go.

Next, turn your attention to your upper body, your back, stomach and chest. Notice any tension there and relax every ligament and every muscle.

Next, turn your attention to your arms, hands, and shoulders. Again, notice any tension and relax. Let it go.

And finally, notice any tension in your neck, face and head. Notice every ligament and muscle. If there is any tension, let it go. Relax. Feel your entire body relax into your chair or bed.

The Visualization Meditation Journey

And now, starting at the number 50, slowly count down to 1. And with every new number, relax deeper and deeper. You are now very relaxed. Feeling very relaxed but aware.

Now, think about the dream home that you want to manifest. Instead of viewing yourself there, imagine you’re currently in your master bedroom in your new home. Imagine it so clearly that if you got up right now, you’d see your new, beautiful master bedroom.

See it through your own eyes. Imagine you’re there now. In your imagination, get up from your bed, and view your room. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you smell?

How does your new bed feel? Now, in your minds eye, get up in your new house, from your new master bedroom. Put your shoes or slippers on because you’re going to take a little walk. Sit on the edge of your bed, admiring everything around you.

This is just as real as your own reality. You are that powerful. Your imagination is God. You are the creator too. So, stand up and walk to the door in your bedroom. From your viewpoint, see your arm reach out and grab the door handle.

Exit your bedroom slowly. What do you see? What do you hear? What does it smell like? How does the doorknob feel? Is it metal? Wood? Brass? Gold? Silver?Move your body out of the bedroom and close the door. What do you see? How do you feel? How magnificent is it? What do you like the most about it? What color is it? 

Milk the feeling right now for a minute.

Now, stroll around your house. Is it 2 stories? 3? Walk to the living room. How big is it? What is there? How many couches? How many chairs? See it.

Immerse yourself into the scene. Feel it as if it were real because it is. You are aligning with your creation. Feel good about it because it feels good to feel good.

Milk the feeling.

Now, stroll around your house for a couple minutes from your own mind’s eye. Do it now for 2 minutes.

Ending The Visualization Meditation Journey

As a final scene, you hear a knock on the front door. This is going to be the person who you wish more than anyone else would see your new creation.

Walk to the door, and open it. See the look of surprise and happiness for you on their face.

How would you act? What would you do?  Excitedly invite them in. See this person look around in awe. Feel the feeling of what that would be like.

Offer this person a drink or food. Walk to your beautiful kitchen, and see yourself serving your guest. Hear the sounds. Smell the smells. Touch the counter-top.

Feel the cool breeze of the refrigerator if you open it. Imagine your scene for a couple minutes. See yourself having a conversation with your guest.

If you are enjoying this, continue on. If you feel like you are done, then see yourself walking your guest to the front door. Hug them if you wish.

Feel the feeling of how proud you are of your new home, and how good it feels to see your guest happy too. 

After saying your goodbyes, close the door from the inside of your home, turn around and look at your new home once again.

Take a deep breath, let it out, and begin to feel yourself come back to your current room. But instead of accepting your current room as your reality,

Feel as if it is the room in your imagination. Hold on to this feeling, and slowly open your eyes if it is day time, or drift off to sleep if it is bedtime.


Your imagination is the most powerful tool you have in order to create your reality. It has been used by professional athletes to kings. In order to get it to work best for you, you have to engage all 5 senses, see it FROM your own eyes, and feel as if it is real.

Neville Goddard recommends that instead of seeing what you want from outside of yourself, you have to see it from your own perspective – from your own eyes.

That is how you get the power of  visualization to work…

And that is how you create your own reality…



I started using the Law of Attraction to make a better life for myself and my family. I tried many methods that did not work. Luckily I stumbled upon a technique which changed my life for the better. I taught me family, friends and decided to teach everyone who is interested in manifesting a new life for themselves. Knowledge is Power.

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