Remove Manifestation Doubt: How to Stop Sabotaging Your Manifestation Process

You have set your intentions, said your affirmations, and visualize your goals. If you are still not manifesting your dreams and seeing results, you could sabotage yourself. So how do you raise your vibration for manifestation?

For easy manifestation, keep in mind the following:

Uncover your blocks.

Stating positive affirmations about wealth, success, or a loving partner will not work if you don’t believe you are worthy deep down inside. 

Ask yourself if there is an unrecognized part of yourself that believes that you subconsciously feel fearful or guilty about money or if you are not good enough to deserve your dreams.

If so, those beliefs are keeping you from manifesting your intentions.

Uncover the blocks keeping you from manifesting your goals; you are halfway to manifesting them.

Focus on your actions rather than your affirmations.

If you like practicing affirmations, limiting it to once or twice a day for at least 10 to 15 minutes would be best.

More than anything, it would be best to focus and bring your full attention to your actions to manifest your goals and intentions.

Don’t adopt the victim mentality.

Adopting the identity of “us vs. them” will fuel separation and block the creative energy of the universe from flowing through you.

While you must stand up to any injustice, it is also crucial that you do not let anything that happened to you define you.

Let go of the victim mentality if you want to manifest the life of your dreams.

Stop complaining.

When a situation you are in can be changed, stop complaining and do something about it instead.

Complaining won’t help you achieve anything.

What complaining achieves is misery for yourself and those who listen to your non-stop complaining.

Complaining also brings you to ego-dominated thinking and blocks all the positive and good energy that wants to flow through you.

Go within, sit still, and examine what is bothering you.

Top Manifestation Tips 

For the manifestation of your dream life, start with these three manifestation tips.

Attract what you are.

Every second, you send out energy, vibrations that match people, opportunities, and things that all vibrate on a similar energy level.

Whether you have a good or bad day, it will all boil down to your vibration.

Once you become aware of the vibration you are sending out, it’s easier for you to cultivate more positive vibes.

You can raise your vibration by doing things that bring you joy—journaling, a healthy meal, a brisk walk, a book, a warm bath, cuddling with your significant other, etc.

You attract what you are by constantly adjusting your vibration to match your intentions and goals.

It will lead you to the next step that will help you bring your dreams to life.

Visualize on a daily basis.

One of the first steps to manifesting your dreams would be to know what your dream life looks like.

Ask yourself what your dream life looks like.

Who are the people with you?

What activities will you be doing?

Where would you live?

What work will you be doing?

Where would you travel?

What car will you be driving?

How will you spend your day?

Here’s a great example:

I live in a beautiful, peaceful modern house near the beach with my family and two healthy dogs.

I love making breakfast in the morning and then doing yoga before working from home.

I inspire women to tap into their power, use their creativity to the fullest, and express themselves.

I only work half a day and spend the second half of the day bonding with the kids and doing things that bring me joy.

I have a few trusted and loyal friends with whom I spend every weekend.

We watch movies, cook, and have meaningful and deep conversations.

I have a very loving, empowering, and great marriage.

I go out on regular dates with my husband each week.

I have an amazing and healthy body and am full of positive energy.

Once you know your dream life, you can easily start a visualization practice that can help you manifest the dreams, people, and opportunities you want.

When visualizing, make sure you tap into your emotions.

The universe will match the positive energy you emit and bring you the desired things.

Shift your mindset from victim to the winner.

While it’s so much easier to play the victim, it won’t bring you anywhere or any closer to the life of your dreams.

Manifesting is about taking action rather than just waiting for the magic to happen.

It is not all about visualizing every day and hoping what you want will just knock on your door.

You have to take action.

You have to make things happen.

When you are doing things right, you will be guided by the universe.

You must also cultivate positive thoughts to help switch your mindset from victim to winner.

When you notice you are starting to adopt the victim mentality, start by telling yourself the following:

“I deserve all the good things in life.”

“I am good enough.”

“Anything I think of is possible for me.”

“I create my reality with my every thought.”


It is reassuring to know that you are fully in control and you have the power to manifest your dream life with your every thought and action. 

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