Self Care for Zodiac Signs

A crystal healing session, soothing face mask, or a relaxing bubble bath—whatever self-care looks like to you, it is hands down one of the best things you can do for your health. Self-care is the act of looking after your physical and mental health. It all comes down to making time for yourself in a world that is constantly demanding your attention.

For those who are into astrology, aligning their self-care rituals with their zodiac sign makes perfect sense. Many believe by doing so, they will not only bolster their innate healing power, they can also take care of themselves on a deeper and more intrinsic level.

Practicing Self-Care Based on Your Astrological Sign

1: Aries

Even the best of us can surely use some inspirational and motivational pep talk every now and then.

You can’t be at the top of your game when you don’t psych yourself up before a job interview, going out on a date, or before starting work.

That said, you should get into the habit of looking in the mirror and saying your intentions and affirmations before starting each day.

Or you can also say a mantra or anything else that will inspire you to do great and go out there and take on the world.

2: Taurus

Since you are considered the most indulgent sign of the zodiac, you will go places when you add glam to your daily self-care routine.

Experiment with a new makeup style, give yourself a mani or pedi or do activities that allow you to appreciate both your outer and inner beauty.

Looking good is self-adoration.

It is also an effective way to elevate the way you perceive yourself.

You can also take some selfies (for your eyes only!) and see how vibrant, stunning, and fabulous you truly are.

3: Gemini

To avoid your tendency to gossip (one of the few negative Gemini traits), a great escape is required.

In line with this, consider picking up a book of poems, a great political thriller, or a steamy romance novel.

Your intellectual mind would be able to absorb the incredible content and get lost in all the twists and words.

You will also become so consumed with reading that getting involved in any messy drama would be the last thing on your mind.

Said activities can also help expand your imagination by giving you an opportunity to relate to the characters and storyline in each tale.

4: Cancer

Taking a healing bath can help soak away any of your issues.

To cleanse your aura, add a sprinkle of Epsom salt. 

Awaken feelings of self-love and balance your energy by adding your favorite crystals to the mix.

The best time to take a restorative bath would be under the full moon.

This will allow you to be at peace with the universe and elevate your lunar vibes.

For maximum potency, you can also charge the crystals and water under the moon.

After this ritual, your tensions will be alleviated and you will feel reborn.

5: Leo

Leo is considered one of the most creative of the zodiacs.

As such, getting yourself involved in an artistic endeavor would be one of the best forms of self-care you can do.

Try jewelry making, pottery, sketching, and making tie-dye art for starters.

As a general rule of thumb, you can use art to release all your annoyances and frustrations, release tensions and emotions, while creating something unique and special at the same time.

Each time you see your masterpieces, you can smile knowing you poured your all into creating them.

As an added bonus, you will be able to also put your talents on display and get appreciated for your creative flair.

6: Virgo

Virgos, you have the tendency to get all wrapped up in your thoughts.

Unfortunately, left unchecked, this can take the form of anxiety.

If you’re a Virgo, you need to let it all out.

You can speak up or belt it out.

Singing your favorite songs will not only help open up your throat chakra, it also gives you the opportunity to speak your truth.

The process will also help you minimize your stress and help you move towards your vision.

7: Libra

Libras love the good life but they also have the tendency to take those whimsical daily moments for granted.

This should be your cue to start taking note of all the awesome and amazing moments you have enjoyed in your gratitude journal.

Doing so can also help you become grateful for all the blessings you have enjoyed.

When you count your blessings, you will find yourself happier than ever before.

When you also take stock of your life, you can jumpstart positivity, heighten your essence, and elevate your psyche.

8: Scorpio

As a sensitive and highly intuitive sign, you typically carry around the energy of the people around you and even those you come in contact with.

The only way you can combat this would be to cleanse your surroundings with ethically sourced sage, palo santo, and other herbs like rosemary, myrrh, frankincense, and lemon balm. 

Adhering to a spiritual hygiene will not only make you feel better, it can also change how you relate to others.

The practice also allows you to follow your gut feelings and make decisions without hesitation.

9: Sagittarius

You are known to carry a lot of stress in your hips.

Fortunately, you can loosen the tension through dancing.

In particular, belly dancing can be particularly useful and can activate and stimulate your sacral chakra’s focal points.

Opening your hips can also help unlock your sensuality, creativity, and emotional flow.

At the end of your dance party, you will find yourself more balanced in all areas of your life.

10: Capricorn

Since you are known to be a hard worker, it is unlikely that you will take a break from your job.

What this translates to is you often need to play catch up with your friends, to-do-list, sleep, and your life in general.

Allow yourself some time off work.

Don’t hesitate to hit snooze and sleep in when you do.

Get yourself a leisurely cup of coffee while you read the paper.

Make sure to incorporate some R&R during your rest days to relax and rejuvenate.

11: Aquarius

Aquarius, you can breathe some much needed life into your world with a little bit of yoga.

When you set aside time to stretch out our muscles, you will be healing your heart, body, mind, and spirit.

As one of the most mindful zodiac signs, you can connect yourself on a much deeper level through a child’s pose and downward dog.

Yoga will also give you the opportunity to expand your mind so you can stay in the moment rather than focusing on the small stuff. 

Think of yoga as a gift that keeps on giving and your mind, body, and soul will thank you for it.

12: Pisces

To prepare yourself for a good night’s sleep, start an evening ritual.

To deflect any troublesome dreams, place an amethyst crystal by your bed.

To create a calming aroma, put some lavender in your pillowcase.

Lastly, turn off all your electronic devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime.

A good night’s sleep will not only give you plenty of energy throughout the day, it can also help your mind and body recharge.

Over to You

If you are looking for a self-care practice to incorporate in your life this new year, the ideas above should rank high in your list.

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