Self-Love Rituals: Different Ways to Show Self-Love

For many people, self-love rituals is a part of their normal routine.

Unfortunately, for others, self-love can be a foreign concept. 

When life is great, loving one’s self in abundance is easier.

However, when things go wrong, most people are often the first ones to tear themselves down.

People often talk about self-care (taking care of one’s self) and self-love (loving one’s self) interchangeably.

While self-care can be one of the ways you can love yourself, self-love is a totally different thing.

Self-Love Rituals You Should Consider

If you want to love yourself more, below are some amazing rituals you can look into:


Journals can do so much for you.

Journals can be a safe repository for your fears, doubts, and feelings.

They can also serve as a reminder of all that you have survived when you once felt defeated or uncertain.

They can also offer a space for you to be able to figure out the things that are troubling you.

Journals can also be great self-love tools because they can be used to restore that self-love.

When you are feeling down, unhappy, doubtful, or unloved, you can read back through previous entries when you were happier and loving yourself deeply.

Meditating or Deep Breathing

Meditation is one of the best ways you can show self-love.

Meditating is exactly what you need to do if you want to give your mind and body a break. 

Meditation can give your mind a break from tension, stress, and constantly being on the go.

If you see someone you care about overexerting themselves, you would tell them to take a break.

You should do the same for yourself.

Giving yourself a break even for just 5 minutes is a straightforward and effortless ritual for self-love.

You can do it anytime and anywhere.

Working Out

Taking good care of yourself through exercise is another great way to love yourself. 

Your body is the only one you have and how you treat it is very telling about how you feel about yourself.

If you are not taking care of yourself physically, chances are you don’t love yourself as much as you should.

However, you don’t have to wait for you to feel love for yourself before you take care of yourself.

Self-love can be borne out of taking care of yourself.

Physical workouts don’t have to be complex.

Walking, a simple bike ride, yoga, and some lifting can be great ideas.

Acknowledging Your Accomplishments

At times you can feel like you are bragging when you think about everything you have accomplished.

However, you can’t rely on others to validate you all the time.

You have to recognize and acknowledge the things you have achieved.

Write down all that you have accomplished and give yourself credit for the things you have done right.

Include all the things you can think of—from the seemingly trivial to the huge ones.

From clearing the clutter out of your closet, to quitting stressful jobs, to leaving toxic relationships, those are accomplishments you need to acknowledge.

While you can write down all the things you have achieved in the past, be sure to also find time to write down new accomplishments as they come.

It would also be a good idea to look back over your list of accomplishments every now and then or when you are feeling down.

Don’t limit yourself to just writing down your accomplishments either.

You can also celebrate them.

Pour yourself a glass of champagne, take yourself out to dinner, or buy something that you have always wanted.

Going on a Digital Detox

While unfortunate to note, social media can be one of the biggest things that can drain your self-love.

There are also many websites that have a negative impact on your self-love, with articles telling you you are not good enough and you need to be wealthier, thinner, taller, smaller, smarter, etc.

Going on a digital detox would be the best way to get those unrealistic concepts out of your head.

Set aside time each day to turn off your mobile phone and unplug your laptops.

Whether you spend time alone or with people in real life, it pays to get out of the virtual world for a bit.

Going on a digital detox for as long as possible is considered ideal.

You can even try a full week every month.

Use the time away to do other activities that will encourage self-love such as journaling, reading, meditating, and exercising.

Over to You

There is no shortage of self-love rituals you can do to showcase your love for yourself. Make it a point to incorporate as many love rituals as you can in a day and watch how it changes your life in profound ways.

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