Sidereal Astrology: Traits of Each Sidereal Sign

If you are from the West, it is likely that you follow the tropical system of astrology and not sidereal astrology.

However, ancient cultures like the Vedics, Egyptians, Persians, and Mayans have always relied on the sidereal system. 

For them, the sidereal is more accurate as it is based on the actual link between a person’s time of birth and the natural world.

In sidereal astrology, your sign is likely different.

According to sidereal astrology:

  • You are an Aries if you are born between April 21 and May 12
  • You are a Taurus if you are born between May 13 and July 19
  • You are a Gemini if you are born between June 20 and July 16
  • You are a Cancer if you are born between July 17 and August 6
  • You are a Leo if you are born between August 7 and September 14
  • You are a Virgo if you are born between September 15 and November 3
  • You are a Libra if you are born between November 4 and November 22
  • You are a Scorpio if you are born between November 23 and December 6
  • You are a Ophiuchus if you are born between December 19 and January 19
  • You are a Capricorn if you are born between January 20 and February 13
  • You are an Aquarius if you are born between February 14 and March 9
  • You are a Pisces if you are born between March 10 and April 20

If you happen to be born within three days of another sign, you are a blend of the two zodiac signs.

Traits of Sidereal Signs 

Here’s a quick rundown of each sign according to sidereal astrology:


You are heroic, energetic, and tenacious.

You can also be aggressive, combative, and impatient.


You are supportive, grounded, and romantic.

You can also be stubborn, vain, and possessive.


You are vibrant, adaptable, and adventurous.

You can also be distracted, deceptive, and superficial.


You are creative, helpful, and caring.

You can also be defensive, uncommunicative, and hypersensitive.


You are helpful, caring, and creative.

You can also be blunt, arrogant, and jealous.


You are entertaining, warm, and generous.

You can also be overwhelmed, reserved, and critical.


You are charming, fair, and social.

You can also be defiant, indecisive, and manipulative.


You are magnetic, passionate, and brave.

You can also be probing, secretive, and obsessive.


You are bold, enthusiastic, and optimistic.

You can also be overconfident, reckless, and irresponsible.


You are ambitious, hardworking, and responsible.

You can also be cold, unforgiving, and pessimistic.


You are open-minded, inventive, and independent.

You can also be irrational, idealistic, and detached.


You are intuitive, sympathetic, and comforting.

You can also be clingy, self-pitying, and gullible.

What Your Sidereal Birth Chart Will Tell You

Any birth chart has three primary components—signs, houses, and planets.


Houses represent those areas of life you consider most important.

For instance, your house might be focused on connectedness and inner peace.

Or it can be linked to anything that relates to healing, transparency, and the depth of life.


Signs represent the quality of your life.

This can mean expressing yourself through playfulness or creativity.

It can also mean building your legacy through perseverance, patience, and discipline.


The planets represent your transient life experiences and personality.

For example, Mercury is linked to interactive learning.

Saturn on the other hand is linked to developing structure while Mars is all about self-determined action.

Over to You

Understandably, there’s much debate about which of the two systems is more accurate. Fortunately, you have the freedom to believe and follow whichever system you think makes the most sense.

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