Synchronicity: All You Need to Know About This Amazing Phenomenon

Do you keep seeing the same colors, words, images, or numbers that you ask yourself if you have gone crazy? 

Fortunately, you are not crazy.

You are experiencing an amazing phenomenon known as synchronicity.

What is Synchronicity

Synchronicity is a term coined by world-renowned psychologist Carl Jung.

It refers to the meaningful coincidences that happen in your life.

When you experience this phenomenon, you will have experiences that are too significant to be considered serendipitous encounters.

Some refer to these experiences as “signs from the heavens,” “freak encounters,”  and “guidance from spirit guides.” 

Others call them “miracles.”

Synchronicity can manifest in many forms.

For instance, those who experience synchronicity report hearing or seeing numbers, words, names, or symbols.

The Purpose of Synchronicity

For those who have experienced synchronicity, they see it as a powerful “wink or nod” from the universe telling you that “Yes, you are on the right track.”

For others, synchronicity is seen as a form of guidance from the soul or the higher self—guidance that will show you where you need to go next as you move through your spiritual awakening and journey.

Synchronicity is also experienced by those who are in the path of enlightenment and self-transformation.

Seeing Synchronicity Numbers Everywhere

Are you seeing synchronicity numbers everywhere? Synchronicity can be different for everyone and will depend on your unique desires and needs at any given moment in your life. Some of the most common forms of synchronicity include:

  • Seeing repeated numbers (i.e., 11:11, 2:22, 7:07, 5:55, etc.)
  • Being at the right place at the right time
  • Thinking about something and it mysteriously happens
  • Dreaming about places, animals, and people then seeing them in real life repeatedly
  • Seeing certain symbols repeatedly (i.e., triangle, tree of life, infinity sign, etc.)

Difference Between Synchronicity and Serendipity

Serendipity occurs when something good happens accidentally. 

For example, you need to pay for an unexpected bill and find money in the jacket pocket you just grabbed from your closet.

On the other hand, synchronicity is more than just one experience of good fortune.

It is a string of events that is considered highly meaningful and symbolic in nature.

You can liken serendipity to a bread crumb while synchronicity is the trail that brings you to a new destination.

One example of synchronicity is hearing and seeing a name repeatedly (on TV, in books, in your dreams, and on number plates).

Later on, you will discover that it is the name of the suburb where your dream home is located.

How to Allow and Welcome More Synchronicity Into Your Life

Whether you believe in synchronicity or not, it would be great to be mindful of synchronicities in your own life and see where it leads you.

Welcoming and allowing synchronicity in your life is simple. Start with the following practices and mindset:

  • Be aware and mindful: Be alert and pay attention to the present moment.
  • Be receptive and open: Maintain an open mind about synchronicity. This can enhance your receptibility.
  • Stay humble: At times, what you consider best for yourself is actually detrimental for you. Adapt a very loose hold on your desires so you won’t impose yourself on life. 
  • Be trusting: Trust that you will experience synchronicity to appear in your life. When it does, trust your intuition and see where you are being led. Once you learn to trust yourself, you will also learn how to trust life.
  • Follow your instincts: Listen to what your gut instinct is telling you. You have a limitless and extremely wise subconscious mind. Doors are being opened for you all the time. When you listen to your instincts and follow the guidance you are given, you can clearly see them.

Over to You

Synchronicities are beautiful, mysterious, and mystical occurrences you can experience in your life. They are experiences that can guide you and open your eyes to new things you didn’t know existed.

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