The Amazing Morning Ritual That Can Help You Manifest Your Dream Life

There is one crucial element to manifesting not many people know about: you need to start your day with a great manifesting ritual.

Each time you start your day with a manifesting ritual, you are starting your day with intention and purpose and how you want to experience life.

If you don’t start your day with intent, you will get drawn into everything that is going on externally by default.

If you want to manifest amazing things in your life, you need to make a conscious effort to get in alignment with whatever it is that you want.

The Life-Changing Manifesting Ritual That Can Change Your Life

To start your morning accordingly, you need to keep your mind away from things that can distract you.

If you use an alarm, get up right away and don’t press the snooze button.

If you press snooze and get back to sleep, you are likely to feel more groggy when you wake up.

Drink a glass of water to hydrate yourself before doing your manifesting ritual.

One crucial thing: don’t look at your phone. 

This is extremely important so you don’t get distracted.

Don’t check your social media.

Don’t check your emails.

Don’t check the news.

Don’t watch TV or listen to the radio either.

Otherwise, your mind might be drawn into negative things you shouldn’t be thinking.

Morning Ritual #01: Quiet Your Mind 

Meditation is a key part of any morning/manifesting ritual.

Fortunately, with manifestation, even 10 to 20 minutes can already do wonders.

If you are just starting out, even 5 minutes would suffice. 

You can just build your way up as you go along.

It would also be a good idea to find meditation guides online and use them as you build up your meditation practice.

Morning Ritual #02: Count Your Blessings

A simple gratitude exercise can help elevate your emotions or raise your vibration.

The good thing is a gratitude exercise won’t take long: just enough for you to feel positive.

Pick three to five things to be grateful for.

It does not have to be massive or big things.

You can be grateful for the smile you have gotten from a stranger.

Or the warm sunshine you felt when you sat in your beautiful garden.

Spend at least a minute on each of the things you have listed and fully embrace the good and positive feelings.

Morning Ritual #03: Imagine the Life You Will Live

After feeling uplifted by your gratitude exercise, spend time to visualise the desires you want to manifest.

Do a quick review of what you want to manifest: what you want to be, what you want to do, what you want to experience, etc.

Spend a few minutes mentally experiencing a small scene that illustrates your desires have already manifested.

Aim to feel as good as you possibly can during this process.

If you struggle to feel good during your visualisation process, it might be that your mind still does not believe that you can manifest whatever it is that you want.

Morning Ritual #04: Enrich Your Mind by Reading

Reading is something many successful people swear by.

Oprah, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet never let a day go by without reading.

If you spend just 20 to 30 mins each morning reading, you can finish at least 2 books a month.

Besides, you can learn so many powerful insights from reading that can drastically change your life forever.

Morning Ritual #05: Set Your Intention for the Day

Get a pen and paper and list down your top 3 life goals.

Focusing on too many goals might weaken your ability to achieve any of them.

Once you have listed down what you want to manifest, write down all the things you can do to help manifest your goals—any inspired action that would move you forward.

Write down whatever comes to you.

When you write down your action plans for the day, you will be able to keep your goals and desires in mind.

Over to You

Creating a powerful morning ritual can help you manifest your goals and can help you manifest them fast. If you are not a morning person, start by waking up at least 45 minutes earlier than you normally would. It can take a lot of getting used to but a powerful morning ritual can be one of the best things you can ever do.

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